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  1. I'm holding out for the Sonic's Schoolhouse album.
  2. My body is ready. Maybe. Oh hell, ain't nobody's body ready.
  3. Me too, although they already did with CarboHydroM. Dude has dozens of songs that aren't on OCR, and I don't think the episode spotlighted anything by him that's been posted here.
  4. Take it easy and get well, Shariq! We can hold off until later. I should be available anytime tomorrow, but I have NGI and a DoD listening party to host on Sunday, so I wouldn't be available for that unless it's sometime in the morning PST.
  5. As far as I know, me and The Shell Shockers are gonna be commandeering the show tonight.
  6. Shell Shocked show NEXT WEEK. PREPARE THYSELF.
  7. I think he meant the original TMNT arcade game, which is represented in Washudoll's remix.
  8. Hey dudes, remember when OCR released a TMNT album? That was pretty swell. Remember how it came in high-quality FLAC and not-as-high-quality-but-still-pretty-awesome MP3s? That was cool. Remember how the quality of encoding didn't really matter because the songs were so good that they blew your face off and melted your brains regardless? Yeah, me too.
  9. Hey folks, a bit of an announcement here that I will be appearing live on 8bitX this Wednesday at 9PM Eastern to chat up the album with Will & Co. Should be an awesome time!
  10. And that was the day starly396 learned to never doubt Prince uf Darkness.
  11. I agree, and ideally Rexy's original vision wouldn't be compromised. My thinking was that it's taken so long and Dragon Quest isn't hugely popular within our community that it might be easier to focus on and recruit for the most iconic game in the series (the first one.) With a focused reboot though, I think it may work. As for co-directing with you: it's tempting, but I'll have to think about it. I'm a little burnt out on projects (I've been at this project thing for almost 9 years straight at this point!) I stepped off of VROOM because of that as well as time constraints, so I don't want to just go hop on another project and abandon them now that TMNT is out.
  12. At this point, I would just look for people to cover the soundtrack to the first game as it's the most iconic, drop everything else from the other two games that isn't finished (or nearly finished, if the remixers can wrap it up quickly), and release it as is.
  13. Honestly, I don't really care for 320kbps MP3s. The quality doesn't make up for the file size difference, and it seems a little redundant to have near-lossless 320kbps MP3s right next to truly lossless FLACs. But hey, at least with FLAC you can make the album any MP3 bitrate you want! I'm actually kind of interested in taking a listen to the album at 32kbps now...
  14. After this, I think it's time to pull some stuff off the back burner that I've been prepping for awhile. I'm excited!
  15. So, how about that Mega Man final smash?
  16. That would be kinda weird since Independence Day was by Roland Emmerich, but I'll pass it by Michael and see what he thinks. He will probably be down with it. A haiku does not necessarily need to be in sev'-five-sev'
  17. Yeah, turns out the album was too good for OCR, so they decided they couldn't release it. I've been shopping it around and it looks like it will be picked up by Michael Bay. We'll have to add samples of explosions and moaning women, and rename every song to something stupidly racist, but I think it will be nothing but a major improvement.
  18. Website: Torrent: Trailer: KICK SOME SHELL! Shell Shocked is now available. Grab the album and let us know what you think! -------------------------------------------------------- Shell Shocked around the web! ReMixer & Director Stuff Nitro Game Injection Listening Party: KNGI Records Press Release: CarboHydroM: DusK's tracks on YouTube: and Chernabogue's track on YouTube: DusK's Tumblr: NGI Playthrough of Turtles in Time & Hyperstone Heist w/ Shell Shocked music: Podcasts TotalBiscuit's Content Patch feat. "Star Turtles II": The SML Podcast: The Arsenal Podcast: Reviews News Articles Nubuwo: GoNintendo: Destructoid: G3AR: Reset Mexico: The Punk Effect: ColeMono: Forums /r/gamemusic subreddit: /r/TMNT subreddit: The Shizz: Dwelling of Duels: GoNintendo: TheColi: Mugen Fighters Guild: DreamerRO: Blogs Shiryu on Kotaku TAY: Living Myth: Spinning Piledriver: Treon's Realm: Nitouhei's VGM Blog: Fighting-Games-Elite on DeviantART: Octorock: PopulationGO: Gameplay: Lost in the Music: artiom-shorohov: Dorkly: Miscellaneous VGMdb: MusicBrainz: OCR Facebook:
  19. Oh hey, I remember this thread. Sorry we aren't using your cover art or anything, StigtriX, but thank you for planting the seed in my mind to get a Turtles in Time album going! It's finally coming out REALLY SOON.
  20. If you wanna catch the album in full BEFORE it comes out, it will be featured on the Nitro Game Injection VGM livestream on Arecibo Radio TOMORROW, hosted by myself and Liontamer! More info here:
  21. Where the heck is Larry in this group? I need my random screams of "MCRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIB!"