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  1. I'm digging this one back up from the depths of forum purgatory to post . Koji Kondo was clearly inspired by this when writing the Zelda soundtrack, especially with the dungeon theme pretty blatantly using the riff at 2:00. I'm also getting a bit of a Link to the Past "Hyrule Castle" vibe during the orchestral break.Of course, this just makes me want to hear a Deep Purple-inspired remix of the Zelda theme now.
  2. Droppin' this a little early to get some hype going! NGI is going on break for a few weeks, but when we come back on April 6th, it'll be a doozy: we're doing a SHELL SHOCKED pre-release listening party! GET READY. "Shell Shocked: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" OC ReMix Album PRE-RELEASE party! on Facebook
  3. Hell, I may even do this. You accept joke entries, right? Because if it involves me singing, it's very likely a joke. (yes i saw that you do but i still had to get a little self-deprecation in there)
  4. The 250th episode of NGI is tomorrow, and to celebrate, we're doing it ! We're going to premiere a brand new KNGI Records release, give away of tons of digital game codes, and of course give you plenty of sweet VGM remixes to listen to. See you there!
  5. He did, actually. I met him in Long Beach a few years ago. I didn't know he moved until I saw it on the map.
  6. Just merge her pin with mine. I mean, we do live in the same house and all.
  7. Man, where were all you Arizona people when I still lived there?
  8. Niiiiice, though I admit I am a little disappointed at the lack of 'Technodrome: Let's Kick Shell' here. MrBulbamike is probably my favorite guy on YouTube doing this stuff. For some great examples, check out his arrangements of , , , , And just for fun, here's .
  9. We are LIVE with the Audio Engineering listening party!
  10. Yes, I can. It was in the first post of the thread, even.
  11. All right, I figured it was time to start maintaining this thread a bit more closely again, starting with the announcement that I will be hosting a GameFuel listening party for OCR's latest album Audio Engineering this Sunday at 6 PM US Eastern Time! Check out the event page for more information, including scheduling for your time zone.
  12. Nice work, folks! Good to see this one released. I'm curious, though: what is the significance of this album having an "OCRI" album number?
  13. Wow, it's been nearly 5 years since SoS was released, and almost 9 years since its inception. while there are a number of of things I do wish I could go back and change, I'm still proud of what we were able to accomplish with a project of this magnitude. I came across the SEMO review of the album recently, and it made me reflect on the album as a whole as well as the process of directing it. I won't disagree with anything Quintin said at all, and I actually found it rather nice to get some honest critique and feedback. It's an interesting read, for sure. This album was a learning experience for myself and I'm sure for the others involved as well, and in spite of its flaws in retrospect, I still stand by SoS as a great achievement. If you're still enjoying the album, or even just discovering it after 5 years, thank you.
  14. The next part will drop when Half-Life 3 does.
  15. Yeah, I think so. He was even Punxsutawney Groundhog King one year. Not sure who that guy could possibly be, though... PRO TIP: It's Walan.
  16. It's fun, the music is catchy, and Mario gettin' down with his bad self is adorable. Hardly a mistake.
  17. I say all of this as a huge fan of the F-Zero franchise: I'm actually not sure we'll be seeing any F-Zero characters or stages this time. The series hasn't been relevant since the GameCube, and Nintendo was so disinterested that SEGA had to develop that one.
  18. Holy crap, I want that cake. Thanks, guys!
  19. Yeah, the cheap Thompson disc drives that Microsoft used in a lot of earlier manufacturing runs of the system was complete shit. Mine originally came with a drive that never read CD-Rs and died completely within two years. Eventually they started using Philips and Samsung drives that fared much better, but they can be pretty hard to find.
  20. So much hype for an album that doesn't even exist.
  21. This seriously needs to be on the OCR front page.
  22. I just couldn't say no when Mega Beardo came to me with that title. It's too damn good!