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  1. Hi there!

    Just wanted to say - awesome job on your Round 2 entry!

    A quick question, if I may - would you happen to be a fan of the soundtrack from Wario Land: Shake It?

    Because your mix... it could be dropped right into the game.

    Edit: It made me think of

  2. Mr. L

    Hey man!

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I really enjoyed Sephiroth's Sunny Vacation! Great job, and I really like the instrumentation.

    And, also, a belated 'best of luck' in the B4C2 competition - can't wait to hear what you've come up with for Marble Zone! :)

  3. Hey man, just wanted to say Happy Birthday! :D

    Have a good one!

  4. Hi!

    You mentioned in the B4C2 competition thread that you were looking for some solo violin / cello soundfonts.

    Roland Violin Solo

    ^ It's about halfway down the page (3.17 MB, .sfpack format file). I've read good things about this one.

    Cello Solo

    ^ 3rd one down the page (4.5 MB, .sf2 format file, I believe). Haven't heard this one.

    For the third link, I was wondering if you've ever used the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra library? It's a large collection of orchestral soundfonts (archived in .sfz format).

    Here's the official demo

    (YouTube video)

    Here's where you can download it

    ^ It's a fairly large download (~440 MB).

    Hope some of this helps! And best of luck to you! :)

  5. Hey there!

    Thanks for the welcome to the Blue Blur team! :)

    About my avatar: Tails is one of my favorite characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, so I'll always pick him when I'm in a 'Sonic mood'! :D

    By the way, I really like Aquatic Base! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and best of luck to you! :)

  6. For everlasting peace, you must mix Clown Man's theme... the world's counting on you. television voice>

    It's great to see you entering man; best of luck, buddy. :)

  7. Just wanted to say 'Happy Birthday!' :D

    Have a good one, man!

  8. Mr. L

    Thank you for the compliment!

    I enjoy these competitions and see them as a chance for everyone to just enjoy some music and, additionally, to get feedback / comments from everyone and to improve abilities, even just a bit at a time. Win / lose, it's still fun!

    I appreciate your comments and the compliment; thank you! :)

  9. Hey man, I just wanted to drop by and say you did one heck of an awesome job on your entry this week! :D

    I swear, your song could be put right into Metroid Prime...

    To be honest, I initially was going to attempt to use 'Snow Wood Boarding School' from EarthBound or 'Eight Ringing Bells' from Secret of Mana within my entry, but I couldn't quite get them to work out. :(

    How in the heck do you mix in so many sources so seamlessly? :o

    Either way, awesome job man!

  10. Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for your comment on my entry a few days back. :)

  11. Sorry that Mixcraft crashed on 'ya man (FL Studio did the same thing to me earlier last week -- had a decent idea going to...), but thanks for sending in what you had!

    Looking forward to hearing what you have, and, if time (and program) permits, the finished version someday! :)

  12. Mr. L

    Hey man!

    I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the comments on my entry! I noticed you took an interest in the beginning -- the 'deep-sounding' pad I used there, if you're curious, comes from the VST called 'Zebralette', and the preset is called 'HS Atlantic Swell'; it sounds lovely at the C4-ish range. :)

    Also, I'm glad you liked the 'atmosphere'! That was my main focus this time. :D

    Finally, I just wanted to say that I really liked your mix as well. It gave me the feeling like I was in a desert -- watching an ostrich really fly over a crescent moon. Well done! (Sorry, not really good at reviews - yet).

  13. Just wanted to drop by and say that I am looking forward to teh metullzation of Spike Rosered / Toxic Seahorse! Best of luck to you and can't wait to hear what you and ProjectSpam come up with! :D

  14. Hey; just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the comment on 'Blizzard'. :)

    I always appreciate any and all comments, so thanks!

    Also, kudos to you for picking Wire Sponge! I'm looking forward to hearing what you've come up with! :D

  15. Sounds great, man! :D

  16. Haha, that's fine -- his song is ridiculously catchy. I cannot stop listening to it, dang it. :(

    And thanks man, great to hear from 'ya too!

  17. 'Grats on leveling up to Red Mage! I, the lowely Dan Hibiki, approve of this. :-P

    (Hey, what's up? Been 8 months since last random chatter... I try to keep spa-- messages to everyone on my 'bud list! :-D)

  18. Hey man, just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the comments on the Mrs.' mix. :-P

    I really wanted to make the ambience front-and-center this time, so I'm glad 'ya liked it! :-D

    Also, Zero the Master of the Bracket, I am looking forward to what you come up with for Infinity Mijinion's theme!

  19. Haha, that would be cool! :D

    That way, we'd pretty much be having that match we talked about in the last message (last year), except in an 'official' competition!

    Either way, I'm looking forward to the match-ups and remixing! :)

  20. Hey man, how's it going? :D

    It's great to see you again and also in the competition!

    And I see you have listed Crush Crawfish as your first pick (which happens to be my favorite theme from Mega Man X3); awesome!

    Anyway, just wanted to say 'hi', and wish you the best of luck! :D

    EDIT: I haven't really improved either, to tell you the truth; so, we're in the same boat there.

  21. AWESOME! */end caps*

    Great to see you back and in the competition, my friend! :D

    Looking forward to what you come up with, and best of luck to you. :)

  22. Haha.

    I was just about to leave a visitor message for pixelwave to sign up so he can get in if DarkeSword allows 24 mixers... and I see a message from you. :P

    You read my mind. :o

  23. Hey! What's up?

    Long time, no visitor chatter! :D

    I was wondering if you wanted to join the Grand Maverick Remix Battle!

    DarkeSword's going to have 16 or up to 32 remixers... right now, there's 15 more slots open until 32 mixers are on board! :D

    Just wanted to let you know. :D

    Edit: Good grief, I sound like the recruiter for a brand new guild on the old Battle.net Clan Hall forums. Wasn't intentional, I swear. :P

  24. Hey!


    * Does Force wave* Sign up for this, man. :P

    There's one slot left until it reaches 16 people!

  25. Mr. L

    Hey! Long time, no visitor chatter! :D

    Sorry. :(

    Anyway, I saw that you signed up for the Grand Maverick Remix Battle! I'm looking forward to what you come up with, and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck! :D

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