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  1. Gonna side with Gario on the EQ comment. That choir/pad thing you've got going for most of the song is especially an issue. You might want to cut that back a lot, both knocking out some of the lower frequencies and just turning it down in volume, because it's pretty much washing over the rest of the mix for the whole song. This is definitely a big step up, though.
  2. Aesthetically, yeah, Dream Land 3 was miles ahead of Super Star, I thought, but I went back and played Super Star so, *so* much more. And personally, I'm kind of curious to see what Nintendo does with all these yarn tricks. I'm not afraid of them letting Kirby abandon his trademark technique - it could be a refreshing change of pace.
  3. I'll second both Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. Very solid series. FLCL (or "Fooly Cooly", as I've generally heard it called) is definitely right out if you're looking for mature characters. The thing is basically a farce of itself until the very end. If you're not afraid to think, Ghost in the Shell (both the movie and the two anime series) is good, but it waxes philosophical a lot, and there are some pretty hammy voice actors (namely, the Tachikoma).
  4. If I recall, a lot of people are still giving Mario Bros. 2 a lot of crap for being so different from the rest of the series...
  5. I'm pretty sure just about anyone who's ever played any of the Donkey Kong Country games almost wet themselves seeing this announcement... Or maybe just me... Anyway, it's been *way* too long since a straight, no gimmicks, no Konga DK game was made. I was worried Nintendo was going to abandon him ever since they lost Rare. Very glad to see this come about.
  6. Yeah, the whole glasses on top of glasses thing gets pretty old pretty quickly Hopefully Nintendo will do some work on this autostereoscopy thing to make sure people with bad eyes aren't too adversely affected. The last thing they need is another Virtual Boy...
  7. I know right off the bat that people are going to suggest that you do something to humanize the piano/strings/choir deal going on at the beginning. The sounds themselves are probably pretty workable, but need some velocity editing so that the playing comes out more expressive. The ending leaves the piano even more exposed, so you'll definitely need to work at that. You might want to do something about the drums. Every time they come in, it's the same 1-bar pattern - occasionally with a crash falling on the first beat. Um... I dunno. This is just a taste thing, really, but I feel like everything is drenched in a bit too much reverb. It's kind of like ordering a nice salad only to find the bowl is overflowing with ranch dressing. You might want to turn that down a bit. That's my stance on it.
  8. Wow. I haven't wanted a music game this badly since DDRMAX2.
  9. I'm not gonna try and call myself a Pendulum fan or anything, but from what I've heard of Hold Your Colour, I can definitely see where you're coming from with the Pendulum-like comment on the drums. This is almost the exact same beat they used in like every other song by them I've heard... only with more fills/variations XP That said, what I think gives Pendulum a bit of an edge in this regard is that they tend to have a lot more energy behind their tracks. I'm not really sure what exactly is missing from your mix, but I feel like they just come with a heavier sound from their other instruments to match their drums. I'm not saying I dislike your approach, but I feel it just needs a fuller, more aggressive edge to everything that's not a drum. But I'm far from an expert in production, myself, so take my words with a grain of salt. I just know what I like XD
  10. Dude. Power Stone was the bomb. Had I the money at the time, I would have bought a Dreamcast for that alone XD
  11. Maybe I just haven't a solid enough hold on my theory, but I'm not really sure how using a whole-tone scale superimposed over anything will get you a half-diminished chord. There are two many minor thirds, which a whole tone scale wouldn't allow. An octatonic scale would allow for either fully- or half-diminished chords, but only the fully-diminished variety would come from stacking thirds. I think. I don't have a piano keyboard at hand to work this out right now. Slightly more on-topic: screwing with the modality of popular melodies is always good fun.
  12. Glad it's finally over. Dragged on *much* longer than necessary, really fun at first, got boring about a third of the way in, anti-climactic and unsatisfactory finish. But at least it's done. ... You know, I once dated a girl like that once.
  13. Definitely enjoyed this one, especially the solo sections. Did anyone else catch the similarities between the EP's chords at 0:58 and the chord progression from the Gran Turismo 3 A-spec song that Anthony Lofton and Joshua Morse remixed a while back? Not only are the chords very similar, but their voicing is almost identical, too... I don't know if that was intentional, but if it was, good on you guys
  14. This is seriously impressive. Not gonna lie; I can barely beat this game with a proper controller. But then, I also kind of suck at all these old-school games XP
  15. I dunno. I didn't think it was all that bad. Pretty much the exact way I'd expect a major film company to do it, just on a lower budget. I agree with whoever said they liked Wily's actor. He seemed to be the most engaged in every scene.
  16. I was working on a track back when I had just started making electronic music. I showed the WIP to my good friend, and when I got to the chorus she just started laughing. Now, the song was a pretty serious thing for me. I had worked on it for about 3 days by then, and wasn't exactly pleased with her mocking my hard work. When I asked her what she found so funny, she told me straight up that the chorus sounded exactly liked the chorus from "I Kissed A Girl." Did an A/B comparison and haven't been able to resume work on that one since...
  17. New v3: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/udfv I noodled around with the mixing a bit again, and changed the melody of the breakdown section.
  18. Okay, so I made a few changes and have a newer version uploaded. Still not too confident about the mixing - I'm not entirely certain what exactly I'm listening for, and cheap headphones certainly don't help - but I switched some of the sounds around and made a short breakdown section that may or may not stay in the final mix. Tell me what you think. http://www.tindeck.com/listen/nues
  19. 1) You guessed right. I'm working in Reason, and mostly just tweaking presets rather than designing new patches. I'm not that great at sound design, sadly. 2) Is there a sort of compression tutorial you could recommend for me? I had a feeling that was the direction that most of the critique would be headed, but I only just learned what a compressor was about a month ago, and only what exactly they do about a week and a half ago XP Thanks for the critique though. The ending is definitely something that I'm planning on revising. I'm also working on a softer section in the middle that will hopefully ease some of the tension. The input is greatly appreciated
  20. Thanks for the feedback. Anybody else have something to contribute?
  21. Hey, guys. I'm new to the OCR community, but I've been listening for years now, and thought I'd take a shot at my own submission. I've only been doing electronic music for about three months now, so I've still got a lot to learn, but I figured I'd just post this up here and see what kind of critique I could get from people. Original Source Tune: Megaman Battle Network 4 - Battle Pressure Didn't see even one submission accepted for the Megaman Battle Network series, so I decided to take a stab at one of my favorite songs from the games. Sadly, this song didn't leave me with much to work with melodically, so I kind of had to run with it. My take on it: Program Advanced http://tindeck.com/listen/xfwx Again, I'm still pretty new to music production in general - mixing and mastering, especially - so all constructive critique would be appreciated. Despite having so little to work with, I think I'm off to a decent start, so whatever ideas you guys might have, don't hesitate to make a suggestion. Thanks a bunch!
  22. Huh. I'm not a big country guy, but this was really cool. Like everyone else said, the piano part is really nice. Makes me wish I could bring myself to play more often XD
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