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  1. I made a track years ago that was critiqued to be unlistenable. The mixing really was terrible, crowded, bass-boomy.. so I found it again but the project file is lost. I attempted to multiband compress and EQ the crap out of the WAV. I'd like to share the result and hear some new critiques. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/modusmusic/attempted-remaster-of-old
  2. My one and two votes got one and two That works out nicely. As for that loop, I wish it would've disqualified me
  3. Well I made.... ... .... .. . something Ran out of time, but I had fun being weird this round.
  4. Maybe they do that so it's accessible to newer generations of gamers? Even so I wish they'd have a "seasoned warrior" mode that lets you skip it. Also OoT, Wind Waker, Majora's Mask (very much so) and to a small extent Twilight were pretty bold changes to the formula. You don't want to stray too far because then you'll lose what made LoZ in the first place. Then you'll have those idiots that complained about Nuts and Bolts make the same comments about Zelda.
  5. On a duel server, I had these long drawn out duels with a guy and kept winning. His solution was to interrupt one of my duels, gore me through the stomach, then ragequit. I was pretty mad. Other than that sort of crap, people seem mostly agreeable. The friendly chatters always outweigh the QQs.
  6. I don't know if I'll have an entry this week. I've been trying for a couple hours to get something going and there's just no spark. Not even pre-spark smoke. Not even.. friction. But I gotta say, every week I look forward to hearing the entries. You guys collectively rock.
  7. I played Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer since release until a few weeks back, when I first played Chivalry. It's my go-to multiplayer game now. It's ridiculously satisfying to get kills and the graphics would be great even for a AAA company (this is indie)
  8. Happy birthday and great performance at MAG!!
  9. 1. I don't care about vote skewing because we're all smart enough to avoid bias 2. Ghetto Lee you have not a thing to worry aboot, give those beautiful groove-making hands a rest.
  10. This is the first round where I have no idea how to vote. 4-way stalemate, gg all.
  11. Yes Neblix you're right, about whatever the argument is.
  12. Even in low-res you can see a marked stylistic difference. Like I said it's cool, but it's surprising how far they went considering WW's graphics hold up even today. I also wish we could vie for OCR's WW mixes to be in the game because they're so good. I was listening to them hours before the announcement which is really eery.
  13. I've been obsessing over the screenshots for Wind Waker HD, and I have such mixed feelings. The colors are so saturated and unrealistic while the original looks more earthy and relaxing. I feel like they've lost something from the original while still making it look great, in a different way.
  14. I'm eyeballing FF2's Main Theme. There's a few good picks from FF2, because I have a weird preference for somber themes.
  15. What's stopping you from opening the piano roll and deleting it?
  16. Before 1990.. before I was born.. were there games? Guess I'll find out.
  17. LOL.. I used boobass :[ It's truly terrible. Other entries made crazy good basslines with 3x Osc. Then there's DDRKirby who used extract of awesome.
  18. For those of us with rejection pains? Like a support group? Call it the pleb forum, all lowercase. I'd go for that.
  19. sweet entry d[ -.o]

  20. I'm visiting my friend's next weekend just to do my entry.. mixing computer is there. I'm going to figure out what makes you guys so fucking good.
  21. ... I'm taking Young Adult Literature this semester. I mean, I mean Ethics and Nuclear Physics as Hidden Subtexts in Young Adult Literature... II.
  22. Round 1 - 32 MB Round 2 - 25 MB Round 3 - 154 MB Excuse me, I need to strap myself in for this round.
  23. 232 stars in Sonic Allstars Racing Transformed. Ahm done. DO NOT ATTEMPT TRAFFIC ATTACK ON THE PANZER DRAGOON STAGE ON EXPERT. ITS NOT HEALTHY.
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