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  1. There's this new wave of asynchronous multiplayer games I'm really getting into. Almost none of them have a "quick play" option so I have to wait hours for someone to take their turn. Please stop torturing me. Add quick play (to Hero Academy and Galactic Reign)
  2. Valkyria Chronicles isn't close enough to a Skies spiritual successor. Great game, but why won't they touch SoA? I know sales were tepid but they didnt exactly market that masterpiece at all. The random battles were the only glaring fault. Skies is my alltime favorite game. I've gone through three copies and three playthroughs. They can't even throw us a portable spinoff? C'mon, Kickstarter that right now SEGA.
  3. Really agree there.. that game was just an odd mess.
  4. The infamous bass-thumpin' ATH-M50s.
  5. Hopefully it's more of a game than an art show this time, because I'm hyped for this cyberpunk wave.
  6. I've had similar problems. You probably want to get a large box and pack it -tight- with peanuts. It needs inches of space and very snug cushioning because shipping companies handle things very, very roughly. It needs to be insulated from moisture, closing all gaps with tape. If it's not insulated and warm, cold air may also condensate/freeze moisture and ruin boards. Bring it to a storefront (UPS?) and tell them to stamp 'fragile' all over the box and warn the clerk there's sensitive electronics inside. They put all that info into the computer and it's metadata on the shipping label's barcode. edit: Pink anti-static peanuts. Static bad.
  7. I tried to repaint my Dreamcast red and black a long time ago. It looks nice, except I didn't let the paint dry quite enough :[ I also took it to school and went to the theater supply room looking for a glossy finish spray. After spraying the shite it turned out to be some gold sparkle stuff, but it looked fabulous. Then I threw in a blue LED by the fan to "be that guy" and called it a day.
  8. I took it as literal my first watch, then symbolic after that. But yes she killed the city. And there was a neat butt shot somewhere in there.
  9. For reasons I can't articulate, this animoo-related music video is soothing and awesome: https://vimeo.com/61813841 cause lovin' you is easy.
  10. Aw crap, you said Nintendo, so I guess Sega smells don't count. SEGA do smell pretty weird tbh.
  11. The smell of a musty garage, when it's just right, reminds me of Road Rash for the Game Gear.
  12. Impossible shapes are infuriating, nice sig

  13. La breithe sona duit! Happy Gaelic birthday!
  14. Well the Chicago port didn't do much for me. I expected more than shops and restaurants and random solicitations, for some reason. Edit: Fuck PROTO! You made that joke. That is sincerely frustrating.
  15. Maybe it's not the darkest trope, but it's a pattern worth noticing. At the end of the day, I see her videos as less about academia or entertainment and more about simply standing up for an idea. Who is her audience? That's a question we have to ask. Is it those who disagree, agree, or the yet to be convinced? To be realistic, people have already picked sides. She's just showing resilience in the face of controversy. I like that, but I want her to go beyond recognizing patterns. The follow-up video might do that. For now, the very existence of these videos is a nice statement. As a side note on damsels, is the idea of a kidnapped but powerful 'damsel' not exciting itself? From a pure gameplay point of view, I loved it in Paper Mario with Peach's segments. We got the villain's point of view, and there's opportunity for the hero and damsel to cooperate. It's a cool plot device if damsel stories aren't to be ditched.
  16. It would cost you a ton of time. Time has money value. All that HD footage, motion graphics, sound design, even the acting looks deceptively simple. That's the point of good production though. You don't even notice it, but it adds to the message. You can shut me up by doing that in a week though. It would put a serious strain on my time for sure, even as a production student.
  17. Their goal was $6,000 and they probably would've broke even on that. Nearly half-hour episodes take a ton of scriptwriting time and research. They obviously have a motion graphics artist and sound designer as well. Putting all these elements together takes more time and money than people expect. Nobody really gets how much of a time sink video production is. That said, their format is "I talk at you" and could use a little infotainment spruce-up. The solid background thing for youtube talk shows is getting pretty old. "Sets" aren't passe. The content was interesting to me, but as a person already for their cause, I didn't learn much. I was hoping to come around to a new perspective or something.
  18. What a silly name. I'm glad they localized it as such, ecto jemima. Lufia.. it's fun to say.
  19. ecto.. how... did you do Lufia if your name is ecto? I'm clearly missing something.
  20. Gotta say, pretty disappointed our team didn't come up with an entry. Don't forget to pass off the round or recruit teamies if the deadline is just too overwhelming.
  21. UGHUGH I can't stand even motivated gore. I was freaking out worse than the audience.
  22. Sorry about the rejection but I'm glad you're staying optimistic, as you should. Yes, definitely send it my way when the time comes. It might actually be mutual because I've been working on a fantasy novel too. We could exchange both ways if the timing ends up right. Feel free to chat any time, later!

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