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  1. Whoever makes that argument needs beaten with the blunt end of Stevo's beard. The market for artistic, story-driven games is so small that a separate category won't have enough nominees to be taken seriously. The dream is for video games to grow up, but we're not there yet.
  2. Can Journey beat Trent Reznor and Hans Zimmer? I don't know, but I love Journey. Favorite game of this entire generation.
  3. DEN ATTA DEN!! Seriously, that's super cool :D

  4. DEN ATTA DEN!! Seriously, that's super cool :D

  5. Are the grumps your friend on Miiverse? I has no Wii U yet.

  6. Honestly the older you get, the harder it is to get friends together, unless you have a huge circle of friends who happen to love the same type of games. Which I uh... nope. Living in rural areas is not helpful either.
  7. I would care much more about online gaming if it was with a group of friends. The fun factor is only limited with strangers. Imagine a cooperative RPG with people that don't shank you for loot. Heavenly..
  8. If you guys haven't seen the Wii U Game Grumps episodes on YouTube,
  9. Yeah, this is pretty good. No love? Chips on the way out? I dunno. I like all the trancey tracks. bLiNd's, halc's, and DJ Cutman's stand out for me. Nice work.
  10. Dunno about you, but I laughed last. His last name was Butts.
  11. By "humble bundle" THQ really means liquidation of digital assets. Ah.. yes. That makes sense. I stand by it.
  12. I made the same argument to him, but the specs say different on paper. I dunno.
  13. My friend got this and threw me his Saints Row code because his computer is meh Yes, I just came here to brag
  14. I guess he only reviews the biggest of the big anymore. I miss the reviews for terrible, obscure games.
  15. I've never played a Silent Hill, Resident Evil, nothing.. but ZombiU is going to be my first game. I've heard nothing but good things about it.
  16. I'm still not getting the "but the design is pretty cool" idea. Does the texture and shape of the plastic not resemble those ugly boxes Kinekts were sold in? It's really a throwback to 90s kids' toy design. It's that nasty bumpy texture.. heugh
  17. Looks like a container for colored pencils.
  18. Oooohhhh, IT'S BLIND!! Sign my briefs!!
  19. That looks good enough for me. Thanks.
  20. No, I said donate. I just want them somewhere where people actually look for loops. OK, but no one will ever find it unless I promote it, and I don't want to promote. That's why Soundcloud is not ideal. I just want it "out there." I just thought there would be a big, popular place for free beats, not full compositions, but maybe not. Loops can be used in the background to compliment video or whatever, not just producing,
  21. Soundcloud isn't a very good platform for getting discovered though. Plus I already have a Soundcloud and my subscribers, however few, expect full tracks when I post things. I wish Freesound was less lame and allowed these sort of things :/
  22. Is there a certain popular site people go to for uploading loops? I have a few I want to 'donate' to the internet. Something clean and accessible like Freesound but for loops?
  23. Even after 2 years of using FL I feel like I'm fighting with the program. It's not intelligently designed, but it works well once you pin down the 1,647 quirks. "Quirks" being a euphemism for "stupid design choices." Wait WAIT. This thread isn't about DAWs. Nebby, you fooled us again!
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