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  1. Hehe.. see you all there. or just.. the ones I recognize. Anything to get out of the snow. anything. oh boy, it's going to follow us probably :[
  2. I was gonna make a post similar to this, so..
  3. I love the timing of this.. Majora's Mask is like the definitive "end of the world" video game (to me)
  4. OK thanks. I'll try these fixes out when I get the chance!
  5. Here's the sequence of events: 1. Upgrade to Win8 2. Re-install FL10 3. Re-install plugins in different hard drives 4. Open old projects made in FL9 These project files say my plugins aren't installed. The plugins load fine on their own. I have no way of fixing this if the plugins don't properly open when the project file is first opened. Totally stumped. Thanks for any ideas.
  6. I already had someone onboard then THEY recruited a third before you got back to me :[ I'll keep you posted in case one of them falls through and a spot opens.

  7. Someday that XI number will be a little higher. Some.. day...
  8. Team up for FL Remix Gauntlet?

  9. Modus

    Did you see the FL Studio Remix Gauntlet competition? Is that something you might wanna do?

  10. Naw, I'm still asking around

  11. wanna team ^ for FL gauntlet?

  12. Uh, just want to say I'm a huge fan in a very concise, unobtrusive way. I can also vouch for XPRTNovice's sick sax skills. He helped me with a song earlier this year and killed it. Hope you find what you need mayn. Sometimes I guess you need a little more kick than a Kazoo.
  13. Oh my god dude.. I just watched your chicken episode on a whim and I effing love you. Seriously I never expected to be so entertained by that. Please make more and I'll promote it to my friends and family. seriously, that ending..

  14. Good job conquering digital natural selection, not many can claim that. HAPPY HAPPY 13TH
  15. I've got name ideas too: Halcyon Rage Force Feedback Torpedo Burrito Latchkey Kids Meat Mithkabobs
  16. That makes sense. I hadn't considered Xelebes' point. Never heard the Civ 4 theme either. Never played a Civ game.. heard it's a little too similar to crack.
  17. I forgot why I came here after seeing Brandon's visitor message, because I died laughing.

  18. The first barrier for me was understanding that individual instruments really mean nothing.. gotta hear the mix as a single entity. So individual instruments might sound really weak or boring on their own but help the mix overall. I came from a non-musical background so all my energy is poured into developing my ear, not so much "techniques". Technical skills come easy to me, and most other people once you just sit down and do it.
  19. A big part of what makes a score so impactful is how it compliments the story. A really good score usually drives the story. So you can see how they sort of tie in together and depend on each other to become "grammy-worthy" It's not a written rule obviously, but to judge a score by itself when it was tied to visuals would be strange.
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