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  1. I never even saw a SNES in person until this last MAGfest. All my old friends had Genesis, then Playstation, then PS2. One friend had an N64 but only to play GoldenEye. I was the weird kid who played Nintendo for something other than Pokemon. Also, LttP was released in '91 when I was 1 years old.
  2. I never played LttP so this will be doubly novel for me. Really today's whole Nintendo Direct had my brains blowing out left and right.
  3. I loved loved the short stories in that game. Didn't like the actual game but those stories were excellent. ITT we depress each other with nostalgia and fantasy.. I wanna play FFXIV.
  4. I know what video that is and you can't make me cry anymore :[ Also I have the soundtrack and I can't listen to the Windurst tracks because I will literally die of nostalgia.
  5. Say, does anyone have footage from their FFXI days? I refound the last remnant of my taru, his Shadow Lord Fight. It's a pretty good fight but the chat is better. We were working on that dungeon for hours and I was in deep crap and had to finish up quick. Isn't that FFXI in a nutshell? Share screenies or footage if you have it. I need held over because I still don't have time for FF14 and possibly never will. I'm jelly of all yoo.
  6. Modus


    That name doesn't have nearly enough vowels! Congrats man.
  7. Well after having this discussion I looked into re-buying Lite, but I only see two tiers now: Pro and Pro Unlimited. Plebeian Pro seems to be the same cost as Lite was, so I'm assuming it has the same features, or maybe even more. Cool.
  8. Same issue with fake followers right here, so probably not related events. I like Soundcloud Lite because I can replace tracks with updated versions and use the Spotlight feature. Analytics are ok too. I think Lite is a good value for active musicians.
  9. You don't want to ride that? It would be like piloting the Death Star.
  10. How does one even use 24GB of RAM unless split between setups
  11. I'd rather have a Shiva mount ifyouknowwhatisay hermf hermf hermf SMN should be able to mount their summons. I want to ride Bahamut. I want a lot of things.
  12. Network, extort, release impressive album, participate in competitions. Extort.
  13. Well literally my first encounter when I joined was with Bleck so it's essentially a rite of passage. It made me the man I am today. Jon the EuroNerd I'm sorry for the digression. It's the humidity today..
  14. Jon the EuroNerd, welcome. OCR is essentially the FL Studio supah club so you're in the right place. I hope to see Jon the EuroNerd on my radar because ever since JonTron, I like everyone named Jon. Thank your mother. I'll see you around, Jon the EuroNerd! Say hi to Bleck when you get the chance too. If you don't, you won't understand the 'crying sticks of butter' meme that we regard as a pillar of our community.
  15. Happy birthday. Also, if everyone suddenly dies then Team Goat Rotisserie has dibs on first. Or we'll just take second next to a deceased team, just anything really, anything.
  16. lol that fucking burn on Bleck

  17. I learned about gate cutoffs combined with heavy reverb and such for a controlled but massive snare, kick, etc. That was thanks to Ecto's question. "Evil tails" Hehe, nice stream Flex, thanks again.
  18. If starting off well means making a grown man cry for Tyrion.. ysz. It was only for like a couple seconds though.. I didn't.. I was just, dusting shelves..
  19. I just assumed everyone here was a pirate I actually caught it at my parents' house over break. My sister kept asking questions about the plot, my brother was cussing out the female characters every two seconds and my dad walked into the room to make silly comments. It was a nightmare but several scenes were worth it. And now I'm screwed on campus. No HBO.
  20. Why are we not talking about Season 3? Poor fucking Samwell (and Tyrion)
  21. halc and proto should play, with Jon Jafari on vocals. I'd probably hitchhike with some ex-convict vagrants just to see that.
  22. Or maybe without the 'nearly ruining Super Mario 64 for me' thingy. In any case, what you said made me laugh. 'Stupid water thingee' lol
  23. I think the extended cut is just an addition to the ending, not a rewrite. I might be wrong, but I didn't get ME3 until after the new ending came out. My non-spoiler opinion is as follows: the ending was totally fine. I choked back tears. Whatever the extended cut added/changed, it must've worked.
  24. Mass Effect SPOILERS: The Normandy is agile, state-of-the-art, so it can escape pursuit. Also if you use the scanner just like twice they'll chase you down. Shepard is very mobile, so it makes sense (to me) that they can't really nab him in those massive ships of theirs. Plus they have a galaxy-wide takedown to worry about. They can't obsess over one guy completely, but they did underestimate Shepard's influence. Remember they tried to destroy the Catalyst every cycle. They thought they succeeded each time, but organics are just a bit too clever for their VI-based intelligence. Where I agree with you, is that Shepard definitely should've had more close calls. It was a perfect opportunity to let the player do some ship-dodging.. it would've been a cool action sequence to control, fleeing the reapers and keeping that "right behind you, Shepard..." tension. ME3 was too obsessed with making the player feel empowered. Those Asari witch things almost made up for it, almost. In the off-chance you actually read all that, I'm just really passionate about Mass Effect's story. I love love discussing Bioware games.. can't.. stop..
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