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  1. How is your novel going? Is there anything I could still read and help out with? I read halfway with the script you gave me then life caught up :[

  2. I think the truth is LPing has a bad connotation attached and people like PBG don't want this "pleb art" associated with themselves. Personally I still think they're Let's Plays, just very good ones who know how to fill in lulls between gameplay monotony.
  3. How is Grumps not a Let's Play? I can't think of a single reason it isn't.
  4. If the host is funny, it's like watching anything else that is funny. It's even better relating it to a shared passion like video games. Problem is that even the ones that aren't funny get a lot of views. I don't get that.
  5. You absolutely must finish this. The setting and graphics are incredible.
  6. Not my fault his story arc is boooring, but I haven't read far enough tbh. I probably said something terrible and he dies or something.
  7. It's seriously good! I'd be surprised if a GRRM fan didn't appreciate the adaptation. Its only obvious flaw is how fast it moves, and how Bran won't stfu.
  8. I still think the TV adaptation is the most potent guy-geared media ever created. They made me like Theon Greyjoy's character. THEON!
  9. I don't know any of y'all but I'm going to the OCR server. Didn't play 1.0 so I'm not obligated to any past server. I will be Lalafell. I will cast nuclear bomb meteorites and they will call me Galcien. Or Galcienn, if necessary. Shall we go to Tonberry or does it smell like galka?
  10. Take as much time as you need man. Pancreatitus is pretty serious, thought I had it once but turned out it was a kidney stone. The upside is that you no longer fear death, because short of spontaneous de-limbing, nothing could be more painful. Besides, we'll have lots to vote on this next round cause of the delay. No more three-entry rounds yey
  11. 5800 on High with 46 average framerate. Says I'm good to go but the shadows look terrible on anything but maximum. The moogle was cute.
  12. Any hints on next week's theme? I have a rare chance to work on mine for more than 2 days.
  13. Between a f2p MMO and subbed one, the differences are glaring. Guild Wars is fun but man did it get stale, doing the same crap for 3 years. FFXI was so huge, and the updates never seemed to stop because the devs had reliable revenue. I complain about not being able to pay but that's because I'm poor. I'd erupt if FF14 went f2p. The devs need a reason to keep things stable and fresh. f2p tempts them to offer gimmicks, to get bursts in revenue instead of maintaining a steady stream, and differences in personal income would affect poorer players no matter what.
  14. I agree, it's just hard to justify paying a month-to-month subscription even if you're the tiniest bit busy. The Legacy deal would've been super helpful. Alas, I am asshat.
  15. Right.. well, I understand everything is on a situation by situation basis. Thanks again.
  16. Yay, I learned things. I'll tell you the huge things I took away from your mixing tips: - controlled delay, cutting off the tail, something I actually was doing but not in the context of uncrowding elements - your arranging does most of the talking, which was an underlying question for me. I wasn't sure if the "drive" was coming from clever EQ or something else. Now I know. - I always had this all-or-nothing thing about EQ. I'd either roll it off all the way or barely cut it but I can see how going halfway helps, because some instruments lose their feel if you cut too much - droning elements like pads are best kept subtle which uh.. I use a lot of drones in my stuff so that's a nice tip - it's always more simple than I expect! Thanks for doing these. Most artists go on about their VSTs in tuts but never talk about achieving a style, the big picture.
  17. Legacy is dumb, doesn't acknowledge multi-year FFXI subbers. /asshat
  18. Signed up for a non-guaranteed beta and haven't received notice. They didn't give me one for the initial FF14 release either :[ You're treating an old FFXI vet like a criminal, Squeenix! I will piss and moan vehemently.
  19. Let me finish! After pigs fly and.. we get an official gender-bender Zelda. *self-satisfied smile*
  20. I buy Nintendo consoles to play Zelda and Pikmin. I personally couldn't care less what 3rd party stuff is going on. In fact, my eternal wish is for Nintendo to become a software-only company, when pigs fly.
  21. 2:19 from Welcome to my Kastle, as well as the beginning to that section. You've got that lead layered 3-fold and it sounds like butter. Really any tips for that "commercial aesthetic" is what I'm going for. It's not just how you separate the elements but how they work as an ensemble.
  22. Thanks, I'm all over these. Filling out your soundscape is something I'm curious about if you can get around to it. You have a lot going on in your music but all the elements stay separated.
  23. That's a good idea because it stays out of the main map, letting Nintendo keep the overworld "streamlined." I'd wish for a dungeon-maker instead of this being decorative, but it just doesn't seem like something Nintendo would do.
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