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  1. My favorite Pokemon is Garbador. I see Garbador parades on my road every Thursday night.
  2. That's cute, Gabe. Very cute. Is this a niche of a niche sort of thing? How many niches deep can one travel before they find heaven or hell?
  3. bLiNd's set Ikaruga with a proper vertical monitor was amazing
  4. Sold, if price is < 250 Otherwise I just want it really fucking bad.
  5. I missed the OCR panel but the concert with Deia, Steve-O, OA, and diotrans was one of the highlights of the whole convention for me! bLiNd and Virt blew me away too. My small group had a ton of fun. Goodbye MAGfest :]
  6. I used blocks because I didn't know what that "upper portion" of the timeline even was. Took me a year until I stumbled into it. wut r instruction book?
  7. But the challenges are multiplayer too. Lots of co-op shenanigans await, trust me. Yes.
  8. I'm so glad they included DANICKA PATRICK. Gamers are well-known progressive NASCAR fans and boy do we love our immersion-breaking characters. On another note, this is easily my favorite Wii U game. I love trying to do the challenges on expert. I've been able to power through except for the traffic challenges. Those are only possible on Hard.. that's what I choose to believe. It's also nice that everyone has their own screen in 2-player races.
  9. we can finally get a live performance of this .. or some sort of approximation
  10. Is that a badge to get in? We have someone coming who didn't pre-register on time and we're praying they have badges at the door.
  11. Do you guys play Chivalry as a group? I'd like a group that communicates for the scenario-based modes

  12. For 3 days my health is of no concern, but I still want delicious foods. I'll check out CVS and see if they have an Aldi's or something.
  13. What's the most economic place to eat in the area? I was about to pack mountains of ramen but...
  14. If someone buys a 4-pack, I have two people (including myself) ready to go in on it. EDIT: 3 people nao EDIT: IT HATH BEEN DONE. TO THE BATTLEFIELD.
  15. I was just looking this game up today randomly, then this.. will download after MAGfest, not breaking into the magfund!!
  16. Your remix for the FL compo was great man. I'm still listening to it :]

  17. You guys need to get Sega Allstars Transformed. It's only 40 bucks. It's also the Mario Kart killer, just with less inspiring characters. They need to do Sega vs Nintendo Allstars Racing next.
  18. So long as we're sharing, I picked the for Game Gear. It was the first game I ever got hooked on and definitely the reason my childhood was 80% gaming.
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