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  1. Make sure you give me the release date when you have one! Seriously :P

  2. I have to bump this because I found two very good trading card games. You can play competitively online and buy packs just like any other TCG. It's also manageable to play with little or zero budget. It's pretty easy to earn free points by winning. Assassin's Creed: Recollections is the most intense TCG I've ever played. It's a realtime card game where you try to control two of three "regions" on a board. You do this by launching sites, agents, and actions. The UI design is the most beautiful goddam thing I've ever seen, and the gameplay is rock solid. The downside is that Ubisoft's servers are unreliable. They usually go down about once a day for an hour. Shadow Era is your typical TCG akin to Magic and Yugioh. It's more simple to play and understand than Recollections, but it has a great formula. You choose one hero card and base your deck around their traits. If your hero is a Human Mage, you can only use Human ally/item cards or Mage ally/item cards. It makes the matchups pretty dynamic. The lore is a little over-nerdy like Magic, but it's still alright. It's too fun to be written off for that reason alone. My username in all games is darkozl if you guys want to play. You should play.. please..
  3. I'm not so much into FF games as I am the music. It happened when I was playing FFXI Online. In every new area or cutscene there was a song I needed on my iPod. After a while I started to check out music from other FFs, and it just snowballed. So now I need a 3DS for this game because the music is such an every-day part of my life. It's like a hobby of its own.. "listen to FF music." Also, I think I saw "Sanctuary of Zi'Tah" on the song list. Talk about an overlooked gem of a tune.
  4. Oh just school, so much school. Ahh why won't it end? Sometimes I use your music to go into a zenlike state of escapism.

    Anything exciting going on with you?

  5. I've gone through these quite a bit now. I have at least a couple from each that made the iPod 'cut.' Like others have said, Tracer is supremely listenable and The Wave is very interesting. Two god-tier albums. Rhythm and Bits is pretty genius even if the mixing feels a little raw sometimes. That one track, Plotgrid-something, is weird and I love it. Roots has a heck of an imposing and epic sound hnnnghJEEZ. Cloudrace from fakebit is a runaway favorite. Final Blast from zeta force reminds me of my Game Gear days and it's also friggn' good. Everything from Game Genie is arranged nicely, but the purebred chip sound doesn't agree with me. I need... I need reverbs and EQs. S-rank awarded to this bundle!!
  6. Yes, this is Bleck. He is a treasured part of our community.
  7. I'm listening to Good Night and Good Luck a lot. It gives me good feelings. I think it's my favorite.
  8. So this'll be the first Kickstarter I generously fund. Banjo-Threeie!!!
  9. Oh my god I had a dream about Reggie last night, that pic jotted my memory. It was full of awkward moments of me trying to impress him or something? I don't know why we were hanging out.
  10. We could depend on Nintendo being the exception once upon a time. K I'm done being the thread downer
  11. I'm pretty sure I did the opposite of complaining when Paper Mario 1 came out. It was something like OOHOHOO YEAH BABY, MARIO DOES MORE THAN PLATFORMS. And we're just referencing the recent past.. I'm hoping Wii U is more of a Nintendo 64 than a Wii when it's all said and done.
  12. Brushfire I don't know about your other stuff, but I'm with you on this the whole fucking way. Nintendo is like that really cool kid you knew in college, but now he's a humorless bore who "grew up" and works in a cubicle.
  13. Who do you think was confused about upscaling?
  14. To be fair games like Mario Galaxy and MP9 upscaled pretty darn well. In the hands of the right developer, it was basically HD + jaggies. The aliasing was really bad, I'll give you that.
  15. For kids. Seriously I don't see this as a strong launch from a software perspective. Mostly sequels and play-it-safes.
  16. Dude, jesus christ dude JESUS Them leads, them boops, them leads. i love thee.
  17. No it shall stay in the Japanese pit of shame with Megaman and Kingdom Hearts and anything else Westerners love too dearly.
  18. Joyous birthdays to you, ProtOcre Only three more years until the stars align and the celestial fusion may begin.
  19. I dunno why you guys say these things. Kotaku is only bad when they try to form opinions. When they steal 30-day-old articles from various sites, they're pretty good.
  20. Sorry, Bashcroft doesn't like it. EDIT: I guess the GamePad and Pro controller are two different things. I'm perplex.. because a Gamepad is usually an interface similar to a 360 controller in emulators.
  21. Modus

    Borderlands 2

    Gaige is Aika from Skies of Arcadia.
  22. Well Apple is a cultural juggernaut, for better or worse. Sony thinks they are. They have wet dreams about it.
  23. Sony thinks making things prettier is a strong enough selling point on its own. And they're partly right because I bought a Go and loved that thing. Can't trade in used games? Eh ok, I don't have to listen to the UMD screaming on windup, or swap anything out.
  24. Modus

    Borderlands 2

    I'm setting up a 3-way LAN group with my brother because we liked the first game. Actually the first game became way too easy so we lost interest. I hear this one's harder. We argued for months over who would be Zero. I finally gave in when I saw how fast the Mechromancer would be available. Looking 4 tank <.>
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