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  1. Even on my most depressing days, I know OCR mixes will force me to return to optimism and instill me with inspiration. OCR is very therapeutic for me and, paired with exercise, has changed my life this past year for the better. More recently, I've convinced myself that I should try mixing too. The community here has sped up the learning process considerably and offers great support and encouragement in the meantime. If I had to name off the very top of my list when it comes to who inspires me.. I'd have to say bLinD, DigiE, and zircon. I'm aiming to match them one day or grow old trying
  2. I happen to be making one, but it won't be finished for at least another 2-5 days. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share it yet, but I'll check if you want me to enter. I'll try to attend the viewing party either way.
  3. Dang, you guys had me at Sitar Nation. While I'm not very excited by traditional Koto arrangements, the contemporary possibilities are out of this world. You guys do such a stellar job I don't even feel worthy of commenting XD Any plans for more Nations libraries? There better be.
  4. I do these all the time Let me know if you like my past work.. I'd be honored to make you a video: (old, but my most watched)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVhW6sEVUzc And on a lighter note : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXWSjRSxl3g And an FYI: These are all 1-day projects with little attention to tight detailing. I would work with you to fine tune every second of the video however long it takes Whether you want me to make it or not, I'm curious about the purpose of the video. Is it for OCR?
  5. If you like trance, you like Blind. Simple as that But seriously, I'd check him out if you like electronic/trance at all. So yeah.. I'll be back with more material. Thanks for the pep talk and advice (I really like your idea of charting out the notes) and I'll see you around
  6. I see exactly what you mean. Yeah, it needs to be a full bar. Yup, it's from the Start screen Yeah that's not done at all. I just threw in the notes from the source so they are there to mess with later. I really don't know how to flesh out a source song like everyone suggests. It's something I need to practice intensely along with arranging in general. I'm honestly bored with making this song because I don't find it interesting or fun to play with anymore because it doesn't sound anything like other remixes on this site. My song feels stiff; blind's songs sound dynamic. My song doesn't evoke any sort of emotion; blind's songs overwhelm me with emotion. My song has no subtle elements; blind's songs have hundreds of subtleties. I'm not a natural musician, but I believe it's a latent ability of mine trying to emerge. I can feel what I want to make, but I don't know how to make it, know what I mean? This mix here isn't what I wanted to make, but I hope you guys in the WIP forums will keep commenting on my work until things start going in the right direction I don't give up easily at all so you might as well get used to me Anyway, regarding this mix.. I'm going to go work on some originals to develop my skills then I want to try this source material again from scratch in a few weeks, months, whatever. Thanks for all the feedback.. I feel like I'm being guided effectively
  7. Cool, cool. Not sure if everyone will agree with you, but it's encouraging that someone noticed improvement. I'll finish the song up for my next post and hopefully get some final thoughts. Thanks for listening
  8. Well.. due to college and my recent obsession with Assassin's Creed II, I haven't had the opportunity to finish the arrangement, but I did make quite a few changes to the beginning, including the EQ which I haven't ever messed with in a song until now. Again, the last 30 seconds only has the melody and is not even close to how the final mix will sound. I added a sound bite from the game's Start Screen too Please let me know what's lacking.. the arrangement, samples, balance.. whatever it may be. I like compliments too but I've only been making music for a little over a month so I'm not counting on getting any EDIT: I just noticed that at :42 I didn't put the bass line in yet, so just FYI I plan to add that. http://soundcloud.com/exobyte/work-in-progress-corona-jumper-remix-revision-2
  9. Holy! It's that guy who made that cool DKR mix All 3 of my siblings also loved that mix because it was one of the few games we all played together years ago. Awesome stuff. This new mix is pretty tame in comparison, but I get that you were going for beauty. I'm still new to all this, so I might be missing something wrong with the mix. That said, I love it.. very calming. I envy how quickly you seem to have grasped the art of playing a theme several different ways to keep things fresh. I'm half tempted to ask you for lessons! But yeah, I'll leave this up to the pro's to critique. The only thing I can say for certain was awkward for me were how the harp stringy thing blended together using delay around 1:00. That could just be a "me" thing, though. I'll be following your work, man. Keep it up
  10. Well, I made some revisions: *Link removed* I'm going to stop messing with it now 'cause I really just want to know if this is garbage or worth finishing. EDIT: I'm changing it a lot now.. I'll repost when I'm done with the whole thing and just see how it goes.
  11. Yeah, it's slowed down. The breakneck pace of the source just makes my head spin By 'fresh' I'm guessing you mean it's just not very 'catchy'..and if that's the case extending the song isn't the solution. I'm really not sure what to pinpoint.. maybe someone else will come along. Sorry about your luck with the game. Haha.. I've actually never played past the first chapter because I put in on my PSP and the controls were just too awkward, but I loved what parts I did play. It was like... Goemon and Zelda combined. The whole OST was fantastic too. I wonder if it's on PSN now...
  12. Alright, third attempt at Remixing. I've only gone about a minute into this song (the last thirty seconds is unfinished), but I want to see what people think before I put my heart and soul into it. The source (already awesome): The mix: http://soundcloud.com/exobyte/work-in-progress-corona-jumper-remix Are my samples OK at least? I finally went out and actually bought some (affordable) samples. Thanks for any feedback. EDIT: One thing I already changed was the lead synth's volume. It seemed too loud to me.
  13. The source was always a foot-tapper for me as a kid... well, until it turned to mad stomping because I found DKR so difficult Anyway, I loved this arrangement... so powerful and driving with so much great percussion backing it up. This is my first comment on a Remix, by the way. There's some games I always have to say something about and DKR is one of them. I would love for you to try Hot Top Volcano next.. eh? It's an ethnic-y track too
  14. Totally.. I'm looking around my apartment now to see what I can sell Forgot to mention: "So far we have raised over $23,000 for Friends of the Earth! ... We'll also give 10% of all discounted sales to Friends of the Earth." Tree huggers rejoice!
  15. A few threads down, you'll see Camel Audio did a 'name your price' thing a while back. If you participated in this, they're giving 50% off of all their Alchemy libraries.. Sweet! You have to log in to get the offer. There also seems to be an issue with the cart.. the only way I could get the deal to work was to add something into my cart at full price then scroll down to the drop-down box in the cart for the 50% off libraries. Then I removed the full price item. Methinks I'll get the electronic library. Linkage: http://www.camelaudio.com/index.php
  16. Sweet.. sounds like an enhanced version of the original. I've heard the tune a million times as a past FFXI player, so this is so.. so refreshing. I really don't know what else to say.. as far as arrangements and samples and so forth it sounds good to me as an average listener. Kudos.
  17. I find this extremely catchy... and I find myself tempted to make a music video. Dang, this is catchy XD
  18. OooooOOh! I love this tune! I would go on the airships just to hear it back when I played. After a year of riding airships, it kinda lost its touch but a remix would totally revive the awesomeness. Can't wait to hear your WIP!
  19. Dang, nice.. definitely going in my iTunes folder as 'feel-good, inspiring, funny chill music'. I wish the vocals would come in sooner, but I don't mind anticipating that part of the song as I re-listen I like.
  20. I also like the buildup, especially that sweep thing with the bass at the end. I think that after the buildup there should be more 'oomph' in general though. I also felt like the synth playing on the upbeats was a little static sometimes.. like it didn't move to a different note when I thought it would. That might be how you intended it to be though. Anyway, I really like what you've done so far. The one section you said you had finished (the buildup) was really nice, so I'm sure you're goal is to make the rest of the song match the quality of the buildup. I'll be looking forward to an updated link
  21. Nice, Draco. I'll look out for your work for sure. This is an awesome community so I'm not going anywhere!
  22. Sweet, thanks I'm looking forward to posting more originals here at OCR every now and then. It's kind of a quiet, but fun and super helpful community. Love it!
  23. When I was done with this, I thought to myself that it sounded like it could be background music for a space-themed platformer. Anyone else get that vibe? Feedback would be nice. I'm still a little nublet. P.S. The intro is a little longer than intended so just bear with it if you will http://soundcloud.com/exobyte/platform-futurista I made a comedy video with it if you're interested --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93k44yxeLfw
  24. It should be an instant download after checkout. After paying, it showed me a link to a download page under my account.
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