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  1. did you end up getting Absynth? If not theres always the thanksgiving sale !

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    2. Esperado


      Zebra 2 does sound nice. Omnisphere seems like overkill unless you need to do soundtracks or something. But at the end of the day, its worth whatever enjoyment and use you get out of it! I just got komplete 10 + maschine so this summer should be great for my Mnp game. 

    3. HoboKa


      Nice, nice can't wait to hear your epic musacs

    4. Esperado


      You as well! 

    1. HoboKa


      Mmm....maybe.  I suck at those mash-up compos.  

    2. Esperado


      Only way to not suck is keep at em! I suck at em too but sometimes they're a lot of fun. This one is solo too so there no worry about bringin your team down or anything 

  2. Cash, We need you for the castlevania remix compo! It'll give you something a little different to flex your music muscles! http://ocremix.org/community/topic/42341-castlevania-cacophony-of-incarnation-2016/?page=2#comment-800191

  3. Trism, I know you love a good compo! Come join the castlevania remix competition! http://ocremix.org/community/topic/42341-castlevania-cacophony-of-incarnation-2016/?page=2#comment-800191

    1. Trism


      I considered it briefly but I've never had much of an interest in the Castlevania series to be honest. Also I've not been too good with committing to competitions lately haha.

    2. Esperado


      Understandable! It's rough during the holiday season and with it being winter and all. 

  4. Hey Yami! You should sign up for the castlevania remix competition! It's gonna be a lot of fun! 

    1. Yami


      You know I already signed up? I was the first one :-P

    2. Esperado


      Oh, I spaced it! You were the one who picked SotN tracks weren't you? well glad you're in then!


    3. Yami


      Yes, that was me :-D

  5. Congrats on the front page post! I really liked how tripped out the mix was. 

    1. YoshiBlade


      Thank you, Thank you! I was inspired to put my feelings and story in word over at the OCR Birthday Congrats...I hope I post it... 

  6. hello nemesis :) good luck in the compo!

    1. shadow24


      Oh wow, I never felt like I was good enough to get a nemesis lol :) you honor me. Best of luck to you as well. I should have waited on both you and Gar to join for a team.

      PS: I have at least learned to create the timbre of the track (make some custom synths) and do some mixing and mastering before rounds to save time. Tell wildfire I said "hi" too

  7. sorry i missed the artist appreciation signups! i thought they ran later into january. ill definitely keep an eye on the compo though!

  8. Yea! That's why it's hard, there's a lot of resources that either go too deep to fast or take forever to get past the basics. Thanks for the helps though!

  9. cool thanks! its good to get some nice examples.

  10. thanks for the kind words!

  11. Someday! You would not be disappointed if you came.

  12. thanks for the birthday greeting! you goin to magfest this year?

  13. I totally get it, it's a lot of money too for the ticket and room and such. I hope you can figure something out either way!

  14. are you still gonna do mag then? hope so! I can understand with bills and all though, that stuff adds up pretty quick!

  15. Come to Gamers Rhapsody!! you know you want to!

  16. If you have any questions about ableton, I use it as well so feel free to ask! Koan Sounds also makes some really swanky glitch hop, so they might be worth a listen.

  17. Lemme know when you get a source picked out. I can help with whatever you might need. :)

  18. Figures its minidizi, apparently its PC only so i never got to try it. lucky!

    most of the time i use Zebralette(free) for leads and sometimes sfx. the free kontakt player for the few (but good) ethnic instruments it has, and the piano font i bought. the rest is pretty much just layers of ableton presets, or custom patches on the built in synth. i should probably upgrade and see what i can do with nicer quality sounds.

  19. haha yea, just gotta talk a little trash ;) glad to see the round went will for you!

  20. Will do! I've heard there's some good stuff coming out of the compo so far

  21. dont get one of those tascam interfaces i mentioned! i just bought one and then found out that theres horrible crosstalk issues. meaning that when you try to monitor whatever youre recording, it feeds back the signal thats going into your headphones back into the recording.

  22. sweet! thanks for that, i had almost forgotten. this weekend was such a blast! i can hardly remember it all! It was great hitting the arcade. sorry i didnt get back to you for that rematch at tekken though! haha, next year!

  23. Umma let you pick this week . It's just not coming to me and I work till 6 but I don't wanna hold up the compo any longer

  24. It's nice to have options each week on what to remix! Thanks for hosting it!

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