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  1. Rip-da-da-dip-dip-dip-dip, it's your birthday!
  2. Would the man who defeated Sett-Ra in the Second World to save our dimension, all before attending a charity basketball game, lie?
  3. Check out the .flp files included with FL Studio in the 'Cool stuff' folder to see how expert producers mixed and arranged their tracks. This has been more helpful for me than anything else, and I think I've developed pretty decent production chops.
  4. Yeah, those are reverb reflections. Common practice is to raise the low cut on reverb up to 350-500 Hz. It's not a rule, per se, but it's fitting for most situations. The vocals could probably use some low cut attention, as well. Leaving the low cut on a reverb plugin at the default setting is asking for a muddy mix! edit: As an added benefit, getting rid of the low frequencies in the reverb would emphasize the higher frequencies which would make her voice sound more airy and ethereal, and that seems to be what you're going for.
  5. Wow, that's some beautiful music... This game looks awesome.
  6. There's a lot of free plugins out there which will meet these needs. Magical8bit, Peach, VOPM, Adventure Kid waveforms loaded into 3xOsc, Triforce, Toad, plus any loose NES samples or soundfonts you can find. There's plenty more out there. Plogue's Chipsounds is a great one, too, but it's $100. Speaking of soundfonts... That whole site is worth exploring for chip stuff. For Genesis samples, The Ultimate Megadrive Soundfont is the way to go. You'll need a soundfont player to run those in FL Studio. Google it up. There's several out there. FL Studio comes with one if you pay the $$$ for it. Alex Roe also put out a large collection of awesome SNES samples which run in Kontakt player (free download). And in case you don't know what a sample is, it's just an audio recording of any sound. A soundfont is just a standard format for organizing samples in a playable way. Kontakt is another standard sample player.
  7. Low level birthday speed-run. Nope, the joke isn't old to me yet. Happy birthday, man!
  8. The album really is amazing. Will upped his game yet another notch. Stop it so that I can catch up to you sometime, ok?
  9. I've been working through The Jazz Theory Book -- as mentioned by pretty much everyone else -- for a little while, and it's really solid so far. I've got The Jazz Piano Book, some Aebersold book on jazz ear training, The Real Book, a Berklee book on jazz piano voicings, and uhhh.. some other book on the way for x-mas. I'll let you know what I think of those once I've sat down with them for a while. In the meantime, spend some time working on 7th chords (major, minor, dominant, half-diminished, fully diminished, and melodic minor), common progressions (ii-V-I, ii-V, V-I, V of V, I-vi-ii-V, etc.), and all the modes. Improvise, too. Do everything in every key. Jazz is hard D:
  10. Youtube has a series called "5 Minutes to a Better Mix" which is really helpful for quick mixing tips with excellent explanations. There's another solid video which covers the basic techniques of mastering called "The Ultimate Mastering Formula" or something, by a guy named Rob Williams. "Dance Music Manual" by Rick Snoman is a really solid resource as well for production, acoustic, and synthesis theory. Those were all really, really helpful for me.
  11. You can use TeamViewer remote desktop software to do the same with any DAW as therex and I awesomely discovered last weekend. And it's $free.50.
  12. YES, thank you! I totally forgot about reverb. I desperately need a better one. I've heard good things about Valahalla reverb. Wow, for $200, that seems like a solid deal. I just listened to a bunch of samples, and this should fill this particular gap in my arsenal nicely. I think this one's gonna end up on the short list, too. Thanks, man!
  13. I ended up getting a grant from a dev I'm working with to buy some music software to the tune of about $1000. I've already got Komplete 8 and Omnisphere. Trillian is on the way for x-mas. What would you recommend as the best music purchases to make for under $1000? Just looking for ideas while I shop around. I'm thinking of getting some combo of: Glitch 2 EWQL Complete Composers Collection Stylus RMX Some kind of rock drum library Shreddage II or some other good rhythm guitar sample library Plogue Chipsounds Any feedback on your experiences with any of those things^^?
  14. Thanks a ton, man Now Bob and I have 8.5k to sink into hookers and blow! I love kickstarter!
  15. One hour left on the Kickstarter. Support indie gaming and music, support the forces of good!
  16. Just type in ectogemia and let the hours fly by. Enjoy listening to all the artists whose names share a lot of common letters with mine
  17. My food twin <3 Enjoy your gains, haha. Plenty of protein and then some. Plus, all that shit is delish. In other news, I think I'm gonna hit 170 again by MAGFest! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooop.
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