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  1. I think the PSX RPG's weren't afraid to try something that might fail and were trying to push the boundaries of what kinds of stories games could tell. Like Xenogears ran out of a budget and integrated Gnostic themes and way too much story. But hey they tried. It's not a bad game, just a very experimental one. Chrono Cross had a fuckton of characters and it didn't really didn't work well. But once again, they were just trying something different. I was just saying Radiant Historia LOOKS like Xenogears. It is certainly no Xenogears when it comes to story or attempted scope. Xenogears is probably the most ambitious RPG I've ever seen.
  2. Yeah I tried out the GBA version of Mario Bros. 3 and suddenly Mario was like "LETSA GO!" and I was like "SHUT UP I JUST WANT TO PLAY MARIO BROS. 3 DAMN YOU."
  3. Yeah, we all know that if Nintendo didn't own the rights to these games, we'd probably already have them in our hands. Hell, I might even own a Wii. A lack of solid JRPGs on a console equals me not buying it.
  4. My problem with Mario is that one day I realized I was 26 and a super colorful game with a dinosaur that sounds like a children's cartoon character (Yoshi) and with the same plot over and over with no real character development was no longer really targeted at me. I guess being cool with kid's stuff is really in for this generation of 20-somethings, but I just get bored with Mario for the same reason I get bored with Mickey Mouse. Thanks for the memories, but I no longer feel compelled to play those games. EDIT: Before this enrages a bunch of Mario fans, it's not that I'm saying "You're too old to play Mario." I just don't feel like those games are being designed with older players in mind much anymore and therefore they just no longer appeal to me. If you still enjoy them, good for you, I wish I could.
  5. Atlus seems to be filling this niche these days with their releases. A lot of their DS releases are 2D games, but are actually new games instead of just retro nostalgia throwbacks. Or there is Radiant Historia an RPG that is sprites on 3D (think Xenogears) and is an amazing game.
  6. http://kotaku.com/5816904/nintendo-of-america-hears-you-disgruntled-wii-owners-but-youre-still-not-getting-those-games-you-want Who sucks? Nintendo sucks. Are we really heading back to the days when RPG's aren't localized? I thought that shit ended with FF7.
  7. Valkyria Chronicles' design team had a lot of the same people. It even has Vyse, Aika, and Faina in it as characters you can play as. I consider it the spiritual sequel.
  8. Sega has the worst showing at E3. They didn't announce a US release of Valkyria Chronicles 3.
  9. Square's still got it. Just go play The World Ends With You, my personal favorite video game PERIOD. RPGamer just awarded it favorite DS RPG amongst the RPGamer staff. Their reviews tend to be pretty reliable as they often release reviews weeks to months after the games come out since they play them all to completion.As far as new stuff goes, I heard Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday is really awesome from a friend. Home consoles are just not the place for JRPG's anymore. The HD graphics and voice acting requirement force them to make games that feel small to us players who have been around since the 90's, and they have to appeal to such a broad demo as to fall into lameness. See FF13's long development time and how it tried (poorly) to appeal to a bunch of different bases. See Valkyria Chronicles as a niche home console JRPG that was amazing that nobody bought. There is still life for JRPG's on the portables for the moment though.
  10. A new Chrono Trigger not made by any of the original development team (developers from an entirely different nation at that)? Why would this be anything but incredibly depressing news?
  11. Found it! It's called "Pyramids of Ra." I looked at a complete list of every Gameboy game and did a find for "egypt," "pharaoh," "sphinx," and finally "pyramid." http://www.emuparadise.org/Gameboy/Snaps/Pyramids%20of%20Ra%20(U).png http://www.emuparadise.org/Gameboy/Titles/Pyramids%20of%20Ra%20(U).png
  12. Nah, it was an overhead view. You're looking down on the tiles and you bounce the ball across them.
  13. So, many ages ago I played a regular Game Boy game owned by my neighbor's daughter. It was some sort of a puzzle game involving bouncing a black ball across tiles that would break after the ball left the tile. The goal was to destroy all the tiles in each stage. It had an overhead view and some kind of Egyptian theme. Anybody know what game this is?
  14. I can't play games like that. Poking at walls randomly to find dungeons isn't my idea of fun. Glad they stopped that crap with the NES. So, I'll admit TP is actually my favorite Zelda. The gameplay is solid and there's a lot of badass scenes in it. Like fighting that one dude on the bridge with your horse. And sword fighting Ganon to this music .EDIT: Well, TP is my favorite 3D Zelda. Link's Awakening wins for 2D.
  15. I really need to play MM sometime. It gives me the same "Seems happy and childlike on the surface but is super creepy underneath" vibe that Earthbound does.
  16. I tried replaying Wind Waker last year after replaying Ocarina, ALtP, and Link's Awakening, and I'm going to have to disagree MAJORLY. Ocarina is still a very fun game, even if it does have ugly N64 graphics or whatever. Wind Waker is lame because it punishes you for wanting to explore and find all the side crap because you have to sail your fucking boat everywhere which makes getting around a slow pain in the ass. And Zelda is one of the few series where I actually enjoy doing the side crap (heart containers and what have you). WW is a very pretty game and it serves the Zelda formula well enough where it needs to, but the boat kills it.
  17. Right, my point was that you would probably be better off playing one of the other games in the series rather than shelling out a bunch of money for a 3DS for Ocarina with a new coat of paint.
  18. If I want to play a remake of Ocarina of Time rather than shelling out for a 3DS, I'll go play Twilight Princess. Or A Link to the Past. Or Wind Waker. I still haven't played Spirit Tracks. I bet it follows the formula..... I mean seriously. All those games follow this formula: 1)Complete three dungeons 2)Get new sword 3)Complete 6-8 more dungeons and for each dungeon (order is not always certain) 1)Get map 2)Get compass 3)Get big key 4)Get dungeon item 5)Fight boss, it's weak point being the dungeon item. I love Zelda to death, but these games could be considered remakes of each other gameplay-wise.
  19. I have to say Final Fantasy Type-Zero looks kind of cool. The game is supposed to play something like Crisis Core and the cutscenes feature blood and gore. The story is about some kind of war between four nations I'm excited.
  20. The PSN shit has made me finally get my passwords inline. I'd been using crappy passwords I don't care about across sites I don't care about, but I used the same master password for the PSN, Gmail, Facebook, bank accounts etc. which was just stupid, really. Especially since I use the same username or my email is my username depending. I'm now using a different password for every major website I use that contains sensitive data so that I don't have to go and change every single password I have should one website get compromised. It also prevents my account from all being laid open should one site get hacked. I also cancelled the credit card I had used on the PSN. That wasted a few hours of my day.
  21. I love this game. Any game where I get to kill 5,000 innocent people as a means to gain power deserves my money. Moral ambiguity for the win.
  22. Um....doesn't this defeat the point of Cave Story being retro? LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.
  23. When I started working at a company once, they described typical corporate patent policy as MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Most of the time, they just want to use patents to threaten other companies who infringe upon their patents or piss them off. PS3 ain't gonna get banned.
  24. I play BlazBlue Continuum Shift online pretty heavily. It's on the PS3 so most people don't use mics, including myself. I have someone be a dick once in a blue moon (rage quitting, stupid messages after a loss) , but most of the matches go by without anything happening. I don't believe in "frowned upon tactics." If I can't handle someone's strategy, I deserve to lose. Anything else is whining over your own lack of skill. Sure, some characters have a competitive advantage, but don't blame a player for abusing it. Blame the developers. I really enjoy online play with BBCS. Most of my friends aren't interested in going beyond scrub level play, so online play lets me have serious competition on tap whenever I feel like playing. It's enabled me to become a MUCH better fighting game player so that when real-life tournament time comes around, I'm not afraid to enter. The downside is that I can no longer have fun playing with most of my real-life friends except the one friend I have who is also a serious fighting game player.
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