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  1. I got Shadow of the Colossus/ICO HD Collection and Mistborn: The Alloy of Law. I haven't tried out ICO, but Shadow of the Colossus in HD is totally worth it. Letting my girlfriend coordinate gifts for me was a good move!
  2. Yeah, you can't gift Indie Humble Bundle games you already have when you use the Steam codes their website generates. Kind of lame, but oh well.
  3. Key sent Fishy. A cheap way to get these two games and more here: http://www.humblebundle.com/ I already owned Cave Story and didn't want GSB so I thought I'd give away the key I got here to someone who wanted them. No, I am not a paid shill.
  4. Here's your key: xxxxx. Enjoy! It's for both GSB and Cave Story, I can't separate the two out sadly.

  5. I laugh when I see VH1's "The Metal Show," and they only talk about the American metal stuff from 20 years ago. Europe is where it is at. Love me some Epica. Where else can I find a band singing about socialism and quantum physics? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqtfrj0PtRA
  6. Ok, THIS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKBld76VVqk&feature=related This song alone just sold me on this game. I need less video game soundtracks that are generic orchestral bullshit and more video game soundtracks that are techno pop music. Damnit Japan, why does your game industry have to be on the decline when we can finally have games with music like this.
  7. You know, you were kidding with the whole "text box" thing, but I find I like a lot of Japanese games BETTER without the voice acting. All that anime dialogue isn't so bad if it is just text that you read. Take Vanille from FF13. Damn, that bitch is super annoying. If I didn't have to listen to her goofy voice and could just hurriedly read through her lines at my own pace, I bet I could tolerate her. On a more serious note, FF was better back in the day as the series was pushing the boundaries of what games could do with story. It's not really doing that anymore and games are so expensive to make now the entire game industry has had to cut back the scope of what they can offer with a single game. I guess this is why everything is some trilogy where they eke out the plot slowly. That's why I don't have much traffic with modern big budget games. My expectations were set by the SNES and PSX era. I expect to more bang for my buck than the game industry can currently offer.
  8. So what if fighting games are the same as they were 10 years ago? Chess hasn't changed in a few hundred years. Is that a problem too? Video game producers act like they have to be constantly changing things for some kind of moral reason, when the real reason is they just need us to go buy a $60 game from them every few years so they can put their kids through college.
  9. Considering how Kojima makes trailers for his games purposefully misleading (Snake as the main character of MGS2, repeated shots of Old Snake putting a gun in his mouth in the MIddle East for MGS4), I wonder how much truth there is to the trailer. I mean, it was over the top in a very self-aware fashion. It is kind of hard to a trailer that says "Revegeance" seriously.
  10. THIS. THIS. THIS. As a pure consumer of OCR tracks (I don't know anything about composition), I don't listen to the more genrish tracks and my good friend who loves game music has acquired a distaste of OCR in general because of this phenomenon. I know at some point you guys are artists doing what you do for free, but unless its just masturbation I'm assuming you guys care somewhat what the consumers think.
  11. It's at 1:58. Features some kind of who turns into a fireball with 8000 in the corner. Thanks!
  12. I was never crazy about this game. The game seems to do its best to prevent you from running really fast for sustained periods of time due to the time travel mechanic relying upon it. Kind of defeats the point of a Sonic game for me.
  13. How do people know the soundtrack to brand new games far enough in advance to release a remix of a track within a few days of a game coming out? Just kind of curious.
  14. I was disappointed that the Castlevania III prologue theme wasn't #1, but I can settle for #24. The Famicom version is AMAZING
  15. I'd say popularizing the PC, mp3 player, and smartphone is a pretty good life's work. RIP to the coolest CEO.
  16. Something worth noting is the difference between how Western games and Japanese games handle music. Western games tend to go for more low-key ambient soundtracks that don't dominate the action. Japanese games on the other hand tend to go for the loud melodic stuff. Since Japanese games are on the decline and Western games are king more game soundtracks are the low-key stuff. Personally, I think the Mega Man Zero and ZX soundtracks are just as good as the Mega Man OST's. Other newer games with good OST's include BlazBlue, Radiant Historia, and Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday, and The World Ends With You. I'm not sure I agree with your thesis honestly. But then, I've never been head over heels in love with Zelda or Mario (MARIO ESPECIALLY)'s music.
  17. I've done it twice on an original NES. Once for a group of friends.
  18. Contra: Beat the game without dying.
  19. Maybe Capcom should slap Nintendo for not selling more 3DS's. A lot of 3DS games have been cancelled recently besides MML3. Now it all makes now that I know that the 3DS hasn't been moving units.
  20. I'm just sad they haven't announced a new Mega Man Zero/ZX game.
  21. Yeah, I got an R4 to play Mother 3 on my DS. Which now means I can just pirate DS games in general. But now that I can try them out for free, I've actually been buying more games since I can try before I buy.
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