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  1. I am excite. TWEWY is pretty much my favorite game ever. It's the only JRPG I know of where you can grind and grind for items (and the fun as shit battle system) and not over level yourself to the point where the game is a total fucking joke difficulty-wise. And, of course, the awesome music, art design, story, and characters.
  2. Am I wrong in assuming that part of the "rationing" of the mixes is a combination of lack of time to do write-up's plus the fact that it gives each mix its time in the limelight and increases the perception that OCR is a place that is about high quality mixes not about a high quantity of mixes (i.e. YouTube)?
  3. I enjoyed this movie, I did have a hard time understanding a lot of the dialogue because the sound system was SO FUCKING LOUD. I didn't see a lot of movies in 2011 (possibly nothing besides the Lion King rerelease, can't remember). I've seen 3 movies in 2012 at 2 different theaters, and they were all ear hurtingly loud. Is this the new trend for movies? They really need to turn things the fuck down so that I can hear the goddamn dialogue over the music.
  4. Yeah, I was talking to my girlfriend (who works for a nonprofit) about nonprofits and apparently it's a real pain in the ass. OCR would have to be registered in every single state in order to legally solicit donations as a nonprofit. So, I totally get the "MOST of my time" thing now.
  5. Is OCR a registered nonprofit? Is OCR any kind of registered entity beyond a registered website? With all this money being donated to Kickstarter, it would be nice for people to know these kinds of things. Being a nonprofit guarantees a certain level of transparency so people could say "Oh, 85% of OCR's income is used for the website." As opposed to "Oh, 15% of OCR's income is used for the website and 85% is used for strippers." Also seems useful for the long-term viability of an OCR that could survive should something happen to djp.
  6. I cried in MGS4 when I thought Snake had shot himself. I was also disturbed by his crawl through the microwave machine in Act V. I've never seen anything quite like that scence in video games. I replayed FF7 for the first time in a decade a few years back and had a weird reaction to seeing Aeris's death. It felt...sacred. Like, I guess that's how religious people feel at church or something. The whole scene has been so elevated in my mind that I get a religious feeling from it.
  7. So, after having a bad day a few weeks ago, I needed some comforting music to calm me down. I found the most effective comfort music to be the soundtrack to Final Fantasy IV. FF4 evokes a lot of good feelings for me due to the associations with childhood and for it being one of the first games where I really paid attention to the music. I was curious what video game music other people turn to on the not so great days and why you think it works as your comfort music.
  8. Has anyone else stopped watching new anime because of the havoc moe has wreaked on anime's art style? I've decided anime is going to be unwatchable for me until a decade or so has passed and a new generation of artists comes in and reacts against moe. I feel like anime went from this: http://www.imfdb.org/w/images/thumb/c/c5/BrandonHeatGungrave.jpg/500px-BrandonHeatGungrave.jpg to this: http://www.chucksanimeshrine.com/animeblog/uploaded_images/Moe-Monday_k-on-bikini-767513.jpg I stopped going to anime cons because I no longer could recognize the shows people were cos playing. Last brand new show I watched was Code Geass.
  9. Were you a fan of Diablo 2? All your complaints make it sound like you have no idea what Diablo 3's daddy was like. I'm guessing fans of Diablo 2 who are looking forward to Diablo 3 aren't looking for revolutionary gameplay, they just wanted Diablo 2 with new classes, new levels, more story. Diablo 3 seems prepared to provide that experience.
  10. You missed out because the end is fucking hilarious The part about dropping the bass kills me.
  11. There is a completely rational reason. That's what the market will bear.
  12. I find it interesting that a lot of the go-to examples of stupidly sexualized women are Japanese games. Whereas HL2 woman and Beyond Good and Evil woman are Western games. Maybe this says a lot more about Japan than the West?
  13. I dunno, if she's got a suit that can turn her into a ball without crushing her, you'd think it could magically make it so that she could wear something other than a skin tight suit. Why not a white t-shirt and some pants?
  14. I find that my feminist girlfriend is much more worried about things like -if a man doesn't want kids no one thinks much about it, if a woman doesn't want children she's stigmatized -Most people who volunteer/work for non-profits are women but the vat majority of non-profit CEO's are men -Most politicians are men -Most of the people arguing over abortion/birth control are old men rather than trivial bullshit like door opening. This thread needs more lady opinions.
  15. I was talking to my girlfriend about this one. The guys grabbing flowers at the last minute and such. She was judging them. BUT, flowers last maybe 5 or 6 days tops so if you want to maximize the life of the flowers, you've gotta buy them on Valentine's Day. Every day you buy them earlier is one less day the girl is going to get to enjoy them. So, buying them at the last minute is the most efficient way to handle it.
  16. Best part about Valentine's Day is all the emo FB updates. I was bitterly single last year (not this year yay), and I still got a kick out of that shit. I'll just post here what I posted on FB last year: "Year 70 of the Cosmic Era. Due to the Bloody Valentine Tragedy tensions between Earth and the ZAFT Organization suddenly developed into a full scale war. It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Earth forces with its superior numbers would prove victorious, but these initial assessments proved to be false. Almost eleven months have passed since the conflict began, with no end in sight."
  17. I thought the reason we didn't want game companies to "sell out" was because it leads to crappy games. If selling out leads to a totally badass awesome fucking game, I would want all game companies to immediately sell out.
  18. Following that logic, we need a Xenogears remake more than anything else, haha.
  19. Well in the case of the FFX remake, I imagine on the Vita it'll look pretty high quality just because of the smaller screen real estate. PS1 games look great on a PSP for example.
  20. I'm looking for a Wiki for my own personal use for outlining some novels I'm working on. Does anyone know of a good wiki that isn't too complicated to install? MediaWiki has all these dependencies and crap I don't want to deal with (I'm a Linux burn-out who switched to Mac).
  21. Finally, they put a cosplayer in a video game.
  22. Yeah, you don't get Gundam. Gundam isn't about beamspam and cool mech fights, it's about humans fighting wars with humans and how people on both sides aren't all good or all bad. You throw aliens into the mix and that suddenly all goes out the window. And I don't want to watch it anymore because I don't relate to the emotional problems of aliens. Gundam in a nutshell:
  23. Things from my childhood are controlled by soulless corporate entities.....WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME?!
  24. Eva is a deconstruction of the monster of the week mecha show. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Deconstruction Basically it is a response to the tired formula. It makes no sense without taking that into consideration. It's like how Final Fantasy VII is a deconstruction of the RPG formula of a hero on a quest pursuing a bad guy. It is no coincidence FFVII came out within a year of Eva.
  25. I vote for The World Ends With You, Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 12, Shadow of the Colossus, BlazBlue, and Valkyria Chronicles.
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