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  1. Listening to the soundtrack on Youtube, I was pretty disappointed. It just sounds like generic Hollywood over-epic music done with some electronic instrumentation. I was hoping for a movie full of four on the floor dance beats. Basically, Interstella 5555 Part 2. Derezzed is honestly the only track that is what I wanted.
  2. Earthbound has my favorite anti-piracy measure. http://starmen.net/mother2/gameinfo/antipiracy/ SUMMARY: The enemy encounter rates go way up and as you start the last boss fights in the game, the game freezes and all your saves get deleted.
  3. I'm going to throw in yet another vote for The World Ends With You. First off, it's Urban Fantasy which is a nice change from the typical medieval-esque JRPG setting. Secondly, it's doesn't suffer from a major problem a lot of JRPG's tend to have, namely a poor difficulty curve.. For example, most JRPG's if you fight too much you'll level yourself to the point where the game is no longer difficult, but you wanna fight if the combat system is fun right? In TWEWY this is hard to do since the difficulty is totally configurable. Things getting too easy? Turn up the difficulty. Plus, I grinded myself up a lot to handle the super secret ultimate boss, and he still kicked my ass until I picked the right partner and improved my reaction times to his bullshit. So, it requires some action gaming skills. But if the game gets too hard for you, you can just turn the difficulty down at any time. I wish more JRPG's did this. Third, awesome techno/rock/hip-hop soundtrack.
  4. I second this. I will one up Anti-Syne, however, and say it's my favorite video game period. Because it is.
  5. People bitch about Japanese characters being white haired pretty boys, then they change it and people get mad. What do people want exactly?
  6. 265k compared to the 20 million copies of Modern Warfare 2 sold on the PS3 and 360. Who gives a shit about selling to hundreds of thousands when you can sell tens of millions? This Kudo guy is a businessman. His statement shows that he's acting/thinking like one. Not sure why this makes people mad. Yeah and Valve isn't making a dime off of those Counter-Strike people once they buy their copy. In fact, Valve just loses money by providing them the infrastructure to play the same game for over a decade. And I kind of doubt Counter-Strike's longevity draws in a lot of new blood to offset these costs. Most people I know make fun of Counter-Strike because if you try to play it as a newbie you die hard because you have to contend with guys who have been playing it for so long. I guess my "gripe" is that gamers take offense to remarks like this and then try to argue with a businessman using gamer logic instead of businessman logic.
  7. I actually wish more series would do reboots and get off the canon's teat. Canon and lack of reboots is why comic books suck. And a lot of video games.
  8. This sort of undermines the whole idea of creative vision though. I personally want a work of art to be whatever the creator wants it to be, not what I or the fans want it to be. If I end up not liking it, that's my problem, not his (beyond that whole money making business). Using fan feedback and demographic checks tends to water products down and make them much less risky and innovative. Sure, Other M's risks don't seem to be terribly popular. But a game like Resident Evil 4 broke from the traditional RE mold and ended up being a really great game. Just looking at fan sentiment, if we went by the fans, Metroid would simply become continual level add-ons for Super Metroid. I for one, despite liking Super Metroid, would not buy those.
  9. I just don't buy into the need to make the PS3 capable of homebrew code. There are plenty of things that are more portable, have microchips, and easily allow a user to run whatever code they want. Like, a laptop. If you've got the time and inclination to hack on a video game console, surely you've already got a regular computer. Why not go hack on those? I see my video game console as a black box appliance that lets me play BlazBlue online through voodoo mysticism. For me, hacking it to make it run homebrew is like hacking a microwave to run homebrew or hacking a blender to run homebrew. I'm tired of hackers acting like if something has a micro processor in it it's their God-given right to run whatever code they feel like on it. When Apple sells you an iPhone, they don't intend to sell you a regular computer, they are selling you a magic phone box that runs what apps they say it can. If you don't like that, don't buy it, and go buy something that suits your needs more. Like an Android or a general purpose computer.
  10. I personally just want a box that plays video games and am annoyed with these super hackers who keep "liberating" consoles. It allows piracy, which hurts games' sales, which hurts all of us. Not to mention, it allows game hacking and cheaters online. If you want to run Linux, go buy a computer and leave game boxes alone.
  11. It's out on iTunes/Amazon now, so I hope people pay for it rather than pirate it. It would be awesome if Anamanaguchi gets to come to a MAGFest someday.
  12. Does anyone have any recommendations when it comes to emulators for PSX, NES, SNES, and GBA on the Mac. I just switched and most of the sites seem really out of date and make the Mac emulator scene sound really crappy.
  13. Yeah, they really need to explain some terms and the multiple timelines makes everything extra confusing. Good characters though.
  14. I bought a 1TB external drive from newegg.com as a backup drive and as a drive to transfer data back and forth between computers. However, it failed after a few days. Unfortunately, it failed AFTER I had copied every single piece of data I've ever had/created on to it. My question is, does anyone know what will happen to the drive when I return it? I don't really like the thought of it being refurbished and suddenly all my data is mailed off to a total stranger. Should I just try contacting the manufactuer (Western Digital) directly? Maybe they have better procedures for this kind of thing?
  15. I saw a review complain that that scene was "trying too hard" to appeal to geeks. The funny thing is, it was in the original comic book as well.
  16. Saw it loved it. I was expecting insane action scenes, but the way the movie itself was glued together was insane. It mostly operated under dream logic. Anyone remotely interested in old games or anime style ridiculousness needs to see this.
  17. Got some proof for this? Sounds like bogus pseudo-science to me.
  18. Yeah, that's why I always pre-order ArcSys games and other such niche titles. You actually need to in order to get your hands on the damn game. Gamestop is pretty much the only place that carries them around here. My friend who works at Gamestop said they got TWO non-reserve copies of Continuum Shift.
  19. Makoto's out, along with a bunch of other DLC (unlimited characters, color packs etc.) I like her, (she's all offense and rushdown which suits my style), I just don't like how timing specific she is due to how her drive works.
  20. I use one of these with my PS2 controller http://tinyurl.com/28xqrrg
  21. Yeah, except you can't play it with anyone because it has no online play.
  22. 36/50. I got most of the casual Nintendo Wii ones (forgot about Nintendogs), just forgot obvious stuff like Modern Warfare. And WoW.
  23. Currently playing through Story Mode, so I haven't really gotten around to messing with Hazama and Tsubaki yet. I played a few matches online and there's all sorts of small physics tweaks that make the game feel different. I already noticed some changes to Hell's Fang that sort of screw up some of the bullshit I do with Ragna a lot. Probably a good thing as I use Hell's Fang way too much as it is. I really like the Challenges mode that teach you combos. Now that I have that in hand, I might bother to learn Noel or Jin. Maybe some of my friends who refuse to learn combos (and thus don't provide any competition) might learn them now that the game will just straight up teach you.
  24. My roomie played it last year. I imagine people around here would love it, as it reminded me of the creepier parts of Earthbound for the most part.
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