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  1. Damn, it's pretty amazing what people will pay for things. The preorder bonuses are cool but not THAT cool. Heh, had people known I guess all the preorders would've gotten preordered up by Ebayers. Question: What's the plastic block that comes with preorder besides a plastic block with "Castlevania 20th anniversary" written on it? Anything?
  2. This mix reminds me a lot of the Gundam SEED Soundtrack. They were huge fans of the distortion technique (hope that's the correct way to describe how it sounds) used on the piano in this song. I love it!
  3. Three cheers for this remix! A number of piano versions of songs on this site are just that...piano versions. But this mix goes beyond the source material in a very moving way. Especially love the stuff between 3:05 and 3:30.
  4. Depends on if you're trying to totally max out the license board. I wish I'd focused on level more, since I'm restricting characters to certain kinds of weapons/armor/abilities. I've been buying the licenses with my extra points for a bunch of armor I'll never equip.
  5. I should probably get those experience * 2 accessories. This is what I get for not paying much attention to the accesories in shops....
  6. Did anyone else think the Pharos at Ridorna was the most ridiculously long dungeon ever in a game? I just realized last night that with an average part level of 53, I might not be able to just walk into all the last hunts, Ultima, and last Esper and own them. Not sure how much time I want to spend leveling to face them though.
  7. I'm trying to do the marks as I go, as opposed to waiting till the end and just totally obliterating most of the marks. It is amazing in FF12 how long you can do shit that doesn't advance the plot whatsoever and still have fun.
  8. I waited until I was around level 30 and easily kicked his ass. I don't think you're really supposed to beat him when you first encounter him. You can probably beat him earlier with quickenings, but I avoid using them in the name of cheapness.
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before, but does anyone know if the Wii version of Twilight Princess offers anything more than Wii controls (i.e. better graphics or a better framerate)? I may go with the Gamecube version since I'm not really prepared to fight for a Wii over one game.
  10. Sweet! I hadn't thought of that ability. Too bad a lot of emulators for Linux (ZSNES, ePSXE) are wrote with code specific to x86 machines that won't work on the PS3
  11. So...that begs the quesiton...how long before EA starts charging for patches?
  12. Whatever happened to youth rioting AGAINST corporate America: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEPdRPxR_i0
  13. So what exactly does the Wifi part of the game allow you to do? Is it more than just a glorified IM service?
  14. So, I hear FF12's release has been delayed in Europe. Out of curiosity, could someone illuminate my ignorant American ass on European releases of games. Do they typically fully localize the game for the plethora of languages in Europe? Which ones exactly? And do they rerecord a dub for the various languages as well? The reason I ask is that it sounds like it would be pretty expensive to do a European release of a game....
  15. Example of one that you don't find yawn-inducing?
  16. In FFT there is a healthy amount of discussion about the ancient times when airships ruled the sky, and technology was prevalent before some cataclysm.
  17. It's taken me a few days, but I'm starting to really see that I need to specialize my characters if I'm going to use the license system correctly. I think I'll go make some people behave like the old FF classes or something. Basch seems like a likely candidate for Paladin.
  18. After FF12, FF3 is going to be the most boring RPG I'd ever play. I was on the fence about passing on it for a while, but now I'm certain that missing FF3 will be no loss at all. Any reason why? Besides predisposition against FF in general?
  19. I was excited about FF3 DS until I found its going to be $40. Won't be buying it until it goes <=$35 Screw you Square-Enix. If anyone sees somewhere online selling it for an ACCEPTABLE high-profile DS game price, let me know.
  20. Well, Sony said it was a privledge to be able to only pay $600 for a PS3, so now with less available units at launch it'll be even MORE of a priveledge. Thank you Sony for letting us have such a great privledge! We truly are not worthy.
  21. I just want Opera for DS so I can login to my school's wifi network, (requires a web browser) then pop in Mario Kart and play. My DS should stay authenticated for awhile.
  22. Wish I had read this post before ordering, cause my order seems to be languishing as well. Are higher-ups even reading this thread?
  23. I consider this song the original Collapse of Time theme as it should've been. The original was jazzy, and that was okay, but this edition of the song is non-jazzy and maintains the feel and point of the original.
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