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  1. Did you mean to post Valkenhayn's Theme? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH6e1VuV5y8 Alexandrite sounds more like Mega Man X music to me.
  2. Well, I played what will probably my last game of Calamity Trigger last night online. Going to pick up my Continuum Shift pre-order today! I probably won't be playing online until I get through the story mode. I'm really curious to see if I take to either Tsubaki or Hazama. Hazama's theme is made of awesome.
  3. I personally like the PSN store and am a satisfied customer.
  4. Ok, so are the original NES versions on the CD or no? Because I would really be tempted to get this collection (Castlevania has some of my favorite music ever), but I'm not paying for updated versions of songs.
  5. Won't that mean the music can no longer change on the fly to match the action? I kind of like that. The real question is, will they introduce someone just as cool/cooler than Midna?
  6. Well, since it doesn't fill out the top DS screen, I won't be buying this as I Ebayed the MMZ series last year.
  7. I already own the GBA ones, not sure if I'll get the collection if it doesn't add any awesome bonus material. I'd highly recommend checking out this series! I personally prefer it over the standard MM and MMX series due to the fact that it's actually pretty hard and has a good storyline. Plus, the soundtrack kicks ass.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUVdA9ABzpg
  9. I for one support bringing in King Mickey from Kingdom Hearts. Which would inevitably mean we'd have to bring in Square Enix. Marvel vs. Capcom, meh. Marvel vs Capcom vs Disney vs Square Enix YES!
  10. Did anybody else think this thread was about celebrating the birthday of the HBO show "The Wire"?
  11. Just out of curiosity, what do you need to clean on an NES cart that a cotton swab and alcohol on the contacts won't fix? That's all I've ever needed to clean to get some of my Ebay finds working.
  12. I did always personally find Squall to be the most relatable of the FF protagonists. But that could be because I'm an anti-social jerk who tends to mentally condemn everyone around him.
  13. I for one would declare a victory and withdraw if Square would simply release a re-translated version of FF7.
  14. YES TWEWY. Despite the fact that I earlier defended Square for sticking with mainline Final Fantasy, TWEWY is my FAVORITE. VIDEOGAME. PERIOD.
  15. Personally, I figured the reason they have yet to announce a FF7 remake is out of fear that a current-gen home console remake would cost as much (or more) as a new mainline FF yet being a remake would not draw in the sales that a brand new shiny FF would. This is kind of why I think we might see the FF7 remake on the PSP. I hear rumors about the PSP2 from time to time. If I were Sony and I were planning a PSP2, I'd be doing my damndest to convince Square-Enix to put the FF7 remake on the PSP2. I know I'D buy a PSP2 just for it. Just like I got a Playstation 1 for FF7.
  16. In all this discussion, the one complaint I find odd is people asking for Square-Enix to focus on a new franchise. Why should they bother? Every mainline Final Fantasy has a brand new gameplay system, new setting, new characters, and often a new director and composer now. What would a new brand name bring that Final Fantasy doesn't have already? A game made in a new franchise would have a smaller budget in all likelihood since Square-Enix would anticipate lower sales due to lack of FF brand recognition. I mean, a large budget does not a good game make, but I love how each Final Fantasy is very different from the previous ones AND manages to get 3-4 years of polish, budget, and time.
  17. Some corporate dicks screwed other some other corporate dicks. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  18. Pre-ordering, midnight releasing, annoying the hell out of all my friends with Facebook status updates counting down each day to the release, taking March 9 off from work, probably getting a new stereo system to go along with it. You could say I'm slightly hyped.
  19. Damn straight. There are folks like me who are literally counting the days down until the game (18 as of the time of this post) and will be there for a midnight release. Hell, I'm probably using a vacation day to take the day off from work. It's Final fucking Fantasy. It's like a cosmic event that only happens once every 3-4 years.
  20. People who pay that amount of money for something like this miss the point of life.
  21. I for one am very pissed. If I weren't an impatient bastard I'd be tempted to import the limited edition from Europe. RPG's were hard for me as a kid because I ran away constantly. I wanted to get to the next story sequence not fight random battles. So I was always really underleveled. The last RPG to really give me any trouble was The World Ends with You which lets you configure the difficulty however you want. So I always just played it balls to the walls.
  22. Try out Imogen Heap if you haven't already.
  23. If you get angry about Sonic the Hedgehog 4 at all, just watch this and relax: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_YYL_TQpus
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