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  1. Um...maybe the reason that a lot of people think Cartoon Network's programming sucks is because you aren't really the target demographic of their shows anymore besides the Adult Swim block. Assuming there aren't any OCR's posting who are 10. I'm not saying that you are too old for cartoons, I just doubt they care whether teenagers and adults like their daytime programming and therefore those shows may not appeal to you. Most kids I know have pretty low standards when it comes to what entertains them. Blah, I hate how all these niche channels feel the need to grow their market after they've been around for awhile. They pretty much hit their limit in terms of profitability and decide to try to expand their market by diluting the brand. It doesn't matter whether Cartoon Network is a highly profitable business or not. Business people see a business that isn't growing as one that's failing.
  2. I finally tried the online play yesterday as Jin. I had maybe 5 or so matches. Two of the people sort've seemed to know what they were doing. There was one Arakune player who obviously had the basic strategy down, he just couldn't execute it properly. I'm glad that the online play isn't all a bunch of high-tier fighting game players that rape me like the local fighting game tourney guys. I'm happy to remain a mid-tier fighting game person who doesn't want to put forth the time to bump up to the tourney level. BlazBlue seems like it will be a bit easier to be really good at since it doesn't have Force Roman Cancels like Guilty Gear that require 1/60th of a second timing depending on who you main. Also, the characters just have a lot less moves to deal with, thus limiting what you have to practice at. Hilarious shit to do as Jin to piss people off. Keep doing his grab. They'll be frozen each time and totally open. Note that this is trivial to break out of (just shake out of the ice or do a grab cancel), but I love doing bullshit like this to piss my opponent off. I did it 7 times in a row yesterday to someone for a laugh. I like to imagine the guy screaming "GOD JIN IS SO CHEAP!!!!" on the other end, when if he knew what he was doing he could fuck me over in retaliation.
  3. So, I just spent some time the past two days beating Zelda A Link to the Past. I'm planning on replaying Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess in my quest to determine what I think the best (translation: my favorite) Zelda is. A Link to the Past has always been my favorite....except now (I hadn't played it in like 7 years). I ended up finding the dungeons easy and the game a bit on the short side and not quite as epic as Ocarina and Twilight. Now obviously A Link to the Past was great for its time and a necessary step on the path to the newer (and in my opinion better) Zelda's, but it just doesn't hold water for me like it used to now that I've replayed it. So, what games have you all replayed recently that aren't as good as you remembered/thought they were?
  4. BlazBlue is basically the spiritual successor to Guilty Gear. Therefore, this is coming into play: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Expy Something I've been wondering about the current generation of 2D fighters. Street Fighter IV from what I saw of it makes the game pause dramatically everytime a hit lands, which looked like it slowed things down. BlazBlue is definetly slower than GG. Maybe this is a way to make the game more online play friendly to compensate for lag?
  5. I still haven't got my copy yet. Got if for the PS3 because I don't own a 360 and the 360's D-pad sucks huge penis. I pre-ordered at Gamestop's website for the online only artbook and was too cheap to overnight it. Been playing one of my friend's copy though though. As someone who main'ed Ky and used Millia as one of my secondary characters in GG, Jin is definetly an easy fit for me. However, I kind of want to try something different. When my copy comes in with those gameplay videos that explain how to play the characters in depth, I'm going to look into Carl. I expect none of my friends will touch him. Go ahead and friend me though on the PSN. I'm AvatarofJustice. I gotta say, I like the dub to this game. I expected to want it in Japanese, but it is so cool to hear the characters say different things depending on who your opponent is and actually understand them. Although, it sounds like Ragna is saying "Guard my babies!" instead of "Gauntlet Hades" at times.
  6. If I want a good movie with robots fighting each other, I'll keep my $10 and go buy the Terminator 2 Blu-Ray (no joke it's around that price right now). It IS possible to make an exciting action movie with explosions and fighting that also has likable characters and a story that might actually move you. Can't wait till Avatar comes out in December and James Cameron can show everyone how to make an action movie again.
  7. The King of Pop is dead! Long live the King!
  8. Yeah I was driving back home on a trip and put on the Skies of Arcadia OST. I really appreciate how the Skies OST manages to have some orchestrated stuff going on, yet mix it with synth to remind me that I'm playing a video game. These all orchestral soundtracks start to run together in my head. I guess if I were a younger gamer not raised on chiptunes, synthiness wouldn't be associated with games in my head and it wouldn't matter as much. I mean I like FF12's OST (I am a fan of Hitoshi Sakimoto in general and orchestral is his style), but the orchestration does tend to make things run together a bit for me.
  9. I've always heard that Japan has an extreme land shortage. Sounds like they need some people to die. At least, if the US was having an extreme land shortage I'd want some people to die (naturally of course).
  10. If anything Japan needs LESS people. The only reason the leaders care is because the young and able need to be working and spending to support the pensions and taxes of older retired citizens.
  11. I actually think the whole non-materialism thing is pretty cool. I get tired of the "CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME" mantra corporations foist off on us. Sounds like these guys aren't buying fancy cars and necklaces to impress people and only buying things they actually want/need. That's cool. As for the avoiding women thing, as someone who only seriously started trying to get a date after college (although I've always wanted one), women are annoyingly fickle. I can have the same interests as her, not be interested in sleeping with her anytime soon, dress well, and have good hygiene and the girls won't even give me a chance because I'm not Mr. Party Funny Man like other guys. It's honestly easier just go read about some awesome girl and focus on goals I have control over like my writing instead of wasting my time on goals that depend entirely on other people such as achieving a long-term relationship.
  12. Wow, Mistborn is that good, eh? I read his first published novel Elantris and expected Mistborn to be good, if nothing truly exceptional. Currently reading A Cruel Wind by Glen Cook, more specifically the 3rd book of the omnibus, All Darkness Met. I like it ok, I just wish he'd throw in more detail. Next up might be the Mistborn series...
  13. Contra. I sort've stopped after I beat it only using one life, but now I do that for people as a video game party trick. When I was a kid I must've beat Chrono Trigger over 10 times.
  14. I've never really watched the original Star Trek show, so I know the characters names and general personalities and that's about it. I found this movie to be kind of meh. I would've enjoyed seeing Spock and Kirk in the academy more and see them getting some development during their three years of training (or however long Spock was in the academy). The movie was way too balls to the wall action for me. I would've rather stayed home and watched The Wire. At leas tit didn't have any scenes that were cringe worthy like Transformers.
  15. I remember that Zeality guy. When I saw the thing about a fan remake and the words "Chrono Compedium" a little voice in my head said "I wonder if that OCR douche was involved..." Apparently that voice was right.
  16. I think it is in development hell. The original creator of Haruhi is apparently pissed off about whatever little amount of money he made from the show and licenses spawned off the show to the point where the book series has been held up as well.
  17. Yeah, he wasn't in character at all at MAGFest. It was sort've odd, I expected him to act a little bit like the Nerd maybe at the start of his panel, but no, he was just kind of chill the whole time. All my friends and I got our pictures with him!
  18. I buy all my consoles at either Wal-Mart or Target. Personally, I don't want to get into anymore arguments with the guys at Gamestop or Best Buy over faulty screens. I had to take back 5 DS's in order to get a DS that did not have a dead pixel or a dead speaker and fight the guys at Gamestop over it several times. The flunkies at Wal-Mart just accept the product back without question. I don't like Wal-Mart from the standpoint I don't like how they are always crowded, laid out like a warehouse, and their employees are typically less friendly that the self-serve check out terminals. But I honestly don't care about their corporate or employment practices. I'm going to file that under "not my problem." Mom and pop can kiss my ass as can their employees who aren't forced to work there.
  19. He also did the music for the Casshern movie. There's actually a song in Casshern that comes straight out of Bleach.
  20. Alrighty so you are a UC fan. I am SEED fan (it's one of my favorite pieces of fiction ever). I'm not trying to start a flame war I just wanna see if I'm right about something. I know a lot of you UC fans hate SEED (Destiny has problems I'll admit). But do you like UC Gundam primarily for the fights and the mechs, or is it the drama or both? I love SEED because it so dramatic and emotional, but when I watched Zeta I realized that UC's fights were way more tactical and interesting. However, I found the character development severely lacking. And I primarily consume fiction for the emotional drama not the action. I'm just trying to see the other side of things that's all, not antagonize you. Also yeah, I might watch Spice & Wolf 2, although I'll have to catch up on the first season first. Not sure whether to wait for the DVD's to come out and Netflix it or what.
  21. I have to say if it weren't for the donation thread link being in zircon's signature I would've totally missed this donation drive. Go OCR!
  22. I don't know about you guys but I'm not watching anything this season. Nothing has really caught my eye. I sort of forgot about the new FMA, I guess since it isn't really new I didn't get pumped about it. Man, Gundam 00 seemed promising at the end of its first season but ended up a piece of shit. Hey, let's stop developing the characters and make them totally unrelatable and solve all the world's problems with magic mind particle BS. Lame!
  23. Eh, The Pirate Bay posted infringement letters they received and made fun of them. They were openly flouting copyright law. If I were to put things on a scale of purely innocent to purely guilty, I'd put Google on the innocent half of the scale, your average tracker somewhere on the guilty half of the scale, and TPB directly on top of guilty because they openly acknowledged what they did. I guess the reason I really enjoyed seeing the TPB get prosecuted is because it is one thing to assist other in breaking the law and assisting others in breaking the law while you laugh at the law.
  24. My point in all this hasn't been "I've never torrented anything in my life and I'm better than you," it's that excuses for piracy have dried up in the last ten years. The segment of the piracy crowd that pirated because digital piracy was more convenient than buying physical media won with the advent of services like iTunes and Steam. Sadly, I guess that was all smoke and mirrors to disguise a desire to get something for nothing.
  25. As far as the Netflix stuff goes, I would bet that most torrents don't contain those special features and if they do, most people don't watch them anyhow. In this situation Netflix is still a legal alternative to the experience torrenters are already getting. Netflix is a ridiculously cheap way to get movies (I think this month I paid around $1.25 per movie I watched) so it makes sense to me that if you want "special features" you have to pay a premium. Most cheap products have some downside compared to their more expensive alternatives.
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