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  1. My seven man posse and I will be there. We might go rob a stage coach while we're at it.
  2. http://www.theprotomen.com Their newest CD has a first half that is Western music in the tradition of Sergio Leone, whereas the 2nd half is 1980's rock. With a transition song in the middle of the CD to get you there.
  3. If you guessed that I liked Kajiura from my Location, you are officially the first person to get that reference in the 5 years I've had it up which makes you even more awesome than you were at the meetup.

  4. Yeah, had a great time meeting everyone. I'm a bit sad that I didn't know the names attached to some of the remixes you all had done, especially you audio fidelity, as The Might of Baron is one of the most badass things ever. I loved the spontaneous Mario 64 Bowser stage theme jam session. And hey, I can play a mean egg shaker. At the next meetup, we need more ladies, especially ladies who can swing dance moves that may/may not result in death.
  5. Alright, so I am definitely coming to this. Taucer, you only live one minute from me (I live at Sumter Square Apartments), so that sort of obligates me. My roommate would probably like to come as well, if too many people aren't already coming. I might just bring a pizza or something if that's cool, rather than cooking. I might be able to get a friend to come as well who is a pretty good bassist, I just don't want to bring too many people.
  6. This is basically true for every genre of entertainment. Look at television, books, movies, music, and video games. It's almost all garbage. Anime is no better or worse.
  7. Are there any other big Protomen fans headed for the Nashville Act II release show on Friday (Sep 25)? Also, if you don't know who The Protomen are and you're on OCR, you really need to check them out.
  8. So, I'm almost done rewatching Gundam SEED Destiny and I have to ask, can someone remind why we're supposed to hate it so much? I've found it to only be pure awesome the second go around, as opposed to being dissatisfied with it the first time.
  9. When I was at MAGFest last year, I didn't bother to try to find any OCR board people even though I went to the OCR panel. I was with 3 of my real life friends and this MAGFest I'll be 6 of them, so I don't really need to hang out with strangers to have people to do stuff with. I met up with some Internet people in my city from the DustLoop forums and they freaked me out, so I've been sort've leery of meeting up with Internet people again. You guys seem to know each other better than it seems like you could through a message board. Do you all just AIM each or something? I used to hang on the OCR IRC when I was at work but got bored.
  10. It's kind of hard to be subtle about religion in a story when the focal character is her world's version of a priestess. I mean, are they just never supposed to tell a story about a religious character? I thought it was brave of them to put religion in a story, since video game universes tend to forget about it and the fact that it actually influences people. The story's message applies just as well to a less religious society like Japan as well as American society. Yuna is willing to sacrifice her own life for the greater good of the people of Spira and that's portrayed as a negative. I've noticed that less religious societies such as Japan tend to instead teach their citizens to put society as the forefront of their concerns, rather than God (like Western religion), or themselves. The message of FFX still works, religious society or no.
  11. This was the best part of Final Fantasy X: I have a save file right before this scene so I can watch it again and again. Favorite quotes from it: Wakka: "But if we atone for our crimes, Sin will stop coming back, ya? Someday it'll be gone, ya?" Yunalesca: "Will humanity ever obtain such purity?" Auron: "Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!" I'm sorry, but I think Tidus is the shit for sticking up for his woman.
  12. I've never really understood why everyone hates Tidus. He was the first character in story, besides Auron, who called everyone on their religious bullshit and refused to let Yuna be a martyr. I thinks that's pretty awesome. As for Yuna, she's determined, nice, cute, and quiet. What's not to like? She develops out of her martyrdom, her one real character flaw.
  13. You don't read a lot of books told from first-person perspective, do you?
  14. That was YOUR paper? I have the PDF on my hard drive (somebody linked me to it years ago), as it introduced me to the term Gesamtkuntswerk, something I now bring up quite a bit in my artsy fartsy discussions with friends. Um...thanks for teaching me what Gesamtkuntswerk is?
  15. Heh, I used to work at Red Hat (and use Gentoo on my home PC), and even I didn't even bother to install Linux on my PS3. I wonder what the size of the Linux PS3 user base is.
  16. I have to say, I am hopeful that the PS3 will now have brighter prospects. With the price drop, holdouts will hopefully jump on board, and with FF13 coming out in Japan and rumors saying some Japanese RPG makers have been holding back waiting for it (as they expect FF13 to spur Japanese PS3 sales and increase their market), I am hoping that nichey games will live once again on the home consoles instead of winding up on the DS. Hopefully, Konami will announce Suikoden VI soonish.
  17. Heh, I think Lucy's breasts attest to the fact that she isn't a loli. It actually is a pretty intelligent show with thoughtful things to say about nature vs. nurture.
  18. I've read a synopsis for the manga, and I'd recommend against it. It doesn't seem to have the nature vs. nurture themes of the TV show, Kouta isn't the super-forgiving nice guy of the TV show, and it has a lot of extra senseless violence. But then, I don't know if you like Elfen Lied for the same reasons I do.
  19. Nope. I have the component cables and an old PlayStation 2 and they worked together fine until the PlayStation 2 decided to stop playing PS2 games, and I had to get a slim PS2. I pondered selling my 40GB PS3 and getting a slim (lower power consumption for the win), but I figure I'll get a slim PS3 when my PS3 inevitably fucks up.
  20. I'm currently rewatching Tylor with my new roommate. God, I love Andressen and Cryburn. Also rewatching Gundam SEED. It's funny, but damn if SEED doesn't have some crappy animation compared to Tylor.
  21. Check out The Place Promised in Our Early Days. It's a very very beautiful anime movie and one of my favorite movies period. It deals with themes of longing, loss, and betraying the dreams of childhood as you grow into adulthood.
  22. Yes, but copyrights are obviously more important than human lives. Obviously.
  23. I would like to play this. Unfortunately between BlazBlue and a friend and I agreeing to play Knights in the Nightmare at the same time, I will be murdered if I don't play KitN. Maybe next month!
  24. What? She was the only one who pretty much remained loyal to Lelouch and held out hope that he wasn't a total bastard who had used the Black Knights for nefarious ends. Her kiss certainly didn't say "I HATE YOU!" to me. Code Geass 2nd season dragged a bit (China arc I'm looking at you), but I loved it overall. Lelouch is one of two male characters that I would be gay for (the other being Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica). The fact that you can't really pin him down into any archetype besides Magnificent Bastard makes him totally awesome.
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