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  1. I'm sorry dude. I'm gonna have to step down on doing the art, I'm just too busy with my own project and everything else in my live. Sorry it took so long to inform you.

  2. Saw the promo on facebook. Looks pretty epic!

  3. Hey man, I wondering if you could help me. I want to know all there is to know about getting into audio book work.

  4. I'm trying to figure out what size you want the art. Do you want something to have at the bottom of your messages like I've seen other people have? What size do you want the art piece to be and in what format? Once I've got that figured out I can get to the real work. So far I've just been practicing the art style of Fire Emblem, to get a better handle of it. Sorry it's been taking so long.

  5. What's the news on the ending song?

  6. Currently working on the new track list, but wanted to get some suggestions on one thing: Should we cover the Romani Ranch section of Majora's Mask for the Musical?
  7. After talking a bit with Damashii!! I've decided to re-work the project again to only cover at least 10 songs covering the major points in the game. Still working out which songs they will be, but one idea was to have a medley of themes for each song. One example could be taking the tracks from Clock Town and stringing them together in one or two songs. More tracks can be added to the project as more people participate, but for now we need to pick which songs to cover. Any genre is welcome, as long as there are lyrics. After all, that's the whole reason I started this project to begin with. I will update the first post as soon as I figure out which 10 songs we should cover. I am open to suggestions so please feel free to ask.
  8. Sorry it's going to be a bit longer on the picture. Been busy getting ready for Easter holiday with my family. I'll try to get it to you by the end of next week.

  9. Your facebook link doesn't work. Do you have another way to contact you or a better facebook link?

  10. That is okay man. I finally heard back from one of my people and he has come up with some wicked cool ideas! Can I still count on you to lend your talents when needed?

  11. A lot of things popped up but don't worry, I'll have a rough finished by Thursday.

  12. I'm trying to think of different ways to go about this project, any idea's?

  13. Maybe we need a thread for manga?
  14. I've had a sold 6 years of acting under my belt and I'm looking into getting a career as a voice actor. A few weeks ago I had lessons from a old pro in the field Spike Spencer. I can do a pretty mean gruff voice as well. Hit me up on skype, my username is mangamand. I live in Wisconsin and have free time in the evenings usually after 9pm over here or early mornings before 2pm. I have a few examples on youtube, such as my impersonation of Inspector Zenigatta . If you want to see more of my range skype me up!
  15. Oh, Ho. A fellow Battle Angel Alita fan! Always glad to find another person that's become enthralled by this wonderful manga ( it is perhaps my favorite one!). It's interesting that you call her Gally, her original Japanese name, and not Alita, her American name. I take it you've read it online then? What really strikes me about this is that she has another name as well, Yoko, which was her name before she lost her memory. What I love about the copies of manga I have is that in volume nine of the original series, in a dream sequence of sorts, Prof. Nova names her by her Japanese name Gally, which I felt was a clever nod to her original nam:) Makes me wonder what it was like in the Japanese verison, if they used the name Alita in the same way to make a nod to her english name.
  16. I've been a huge Fire Emblem fan for a while now and it saddens me that there are very little remixes of its music. I've been listening to Fire Emblem Gaiden (the second game in the series) sound track and it has a lot of great songs begging for a remix. and the ( go to 0:42 Alm) are just two of many great tracks that I'd love to see somebody do in a similar style as the music from the : Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!
  17. I have read your thoughts on the art and would like to try my hand at it. I'm thinking about making a painting for this one, if not then maybe a digital piece. I'll see if I can get a sketch done by next weekend to show you.
  18. Hey everyone. If we want this project to get anywhere, I need everyone's help. I can't do this by myself even if I wanted to. Now we got plenty of singers on board (though I still need more female vocalists) and that's great, but it doesn't mean anything until we get some form of composers or remixers. One idea that someone suggested was to work on each song in parts, one person would do the drums, another piano, and so one. Then we'd someone to put it all together. It could be tricky though, since I've never done anything like that before and I don't know how. If anyone else has any other suggestions let me know. And as all of you may not be aware of, all of the old schedule times are past due with no progress. I'm going to be posting new times in the first post, so please this time try to keep with the schedule.
  19. Thanks for contacting me. If we are going to make this album happen, I'm going to need everyones help. Thinking about Swifthom's project made me think of some different ways to handle the songs. I'll post a message on the main tears of the moon post. Firstly I'd like to know your availability and how much you want to contribute. I could really use your talents to have a base for all the songs.

  20. Fire Emblem is one of my favorite series of games of all time! I am totally on board for this! Though I am not gifted with musical instruments I am an excellent singer with superior range! I can sing all three men parts (Bass, Baratone, Tenor) and I can try my luck on acapella for one of the tracks if need be. I am also a talented artist and can help design artwork for the albums or website. I excel in character art and have made my own title cards for my review show on blip.tv. It's been awhile since I updated this but it should have most of my singing work and should give you a good idea of what I am capable of. Can't wait to here back from you guys!
  21. Hey Tom, hows the song coming? Are we ready for the next step?

  22. Too all those interested, Auditions have started. While we are doing auditions for all the parts now, I wanted to mentions something things about the Skull Kid audition. We are looking for a person with a wide range but mostly for tenor. Someone who can capture the immature traits of a child.
  23. Hello it's been a long time. I was wondering how that Memories song I had you work on was coming along? Contact me when you get this, I have something I'd like your help on.

  24. That's fine. If you want to audition, please PM what part you are interested in as well as a sample of your latest work.
  25. I didn't run off. Still here and looking for singers and remixers.
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