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  1. Are you familiar with web design? We could use an updated website for the project. We need art submissions for the Album cover, so if you want to submit a cover concept to me over my private message. You can also create some promotional digital flyers or posters to help spread the word on this project. Please PM me with your ideas before submitting them. Thank you.
  2. The deadlines for this project have been added to the first post so check them out.
  3. I'm also trying to do a vocalist collaboration with my Tears of the Moon: A Majora's Mask MusicalSource. I love this idea you have and was wondering if I could use one of my tracks that I'm working on for Tears? I can write lyrics and sing, the only thing I'll need help on is the music. I was thinking of the Mayor's Meeting theme Source
  4. I'm going to be level with everyone. I started this project with the hope of giving singers a chance to shine here on the site. Now I can do all the lyric work if I have to (though I don't want it to come to that) and I can sing like it's nobodies business, but I am still a novice when it comes to making music. I need everyones help here if we are to make this thing work. This is the first time I'm doing something like this and I'm unsure as to how to get things rolling. Please, I need your help.
  5. Usually, though I'm off Friday this week.

  6. Yo Tom, now that Christmas is over, when did you want to get together and work again on the lyrics?

  7. Will there be a need for singers on this album? If so, I'd be very interested in supplying my voice to this project.
  8. Okay everybody. The updated description is now update WITH character parts info to let you know what has and has not been taken. Please read it over and let me know what you think or if you have any questions. We got to get this thing a rolling and I need everyone's help after the holidays are over!
  9. College (and school for that matter) is winding down for me and soon I'll have all the free time at least until I get a real job Expect a new update and a revised description, along with an updated character list with the people that have already gotten a part and what parts are still open for audition. Thank you for your patience everyone
  10. Hey Tom, Just wanted to let you know I'm not dead. I've been busy with school currently. I plan to graduate this December so I can get back to work on OC Remix then. Just thought I'd let you know.

  11. Culdcept, the greatest game that you've never played. The game play is like a combination of Monopoly and Magic the Gathering and it's super addictive! I would love to see someone remix the music to this game. It has a great number of tracks to choose from, this being only a . Again, would love to hear some remixes and enjoy discovering a new game series.
  12. Sorry it has been a while. I'm informing everyone that I am taking a break from the project to finish my schooling. I will be finished by December, so after that I will be doing a massive re-work of the project. The idea I have is to shorten the project and the number of roles that people can play. Multiple roles will be given to a few people, depending on their talents and the time they wish to give for this project. I'm drawing heavy inspiration from the band "Ludo" and their rock opera, "Broken Bride." Check it out when you have the chance. I will still take messages sent to me and any offers for the co-director position. Until then, everyone have fun and I'll see you all in December.
  13. I would be honored to have you aboard Angle. Do you have a skype account?

  14. How good is your organizational skills? Right now I need help getting everyone organized with the Majora's Mask project. Please respond when you get this.

  15. Look, I haven't given up on this project, but it's a lot for one man to do alone.
  16. Are you, by chance, interested in helping with Tears of the Moon?

  17. For anyone that doesn't know, This project is now a extended concept album. Any style is welcomed, please look at the first post for more descriptions. And please join the alternative forum until we get the official status.
  18. Could you help me with composing the Happy Mask Salesman song? I'm looking to turn it into a verse-chorus structure and I wanted something new for the verse part, something a little faster than the main melody.

  19. Looking for someone to do the opening narration for the musical. I'm looking for someone that has a voice like , from Jim Henson's The Storyteller.
  20. Would you be interested in composing a little music for the Happy Mask Salesman song?

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