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    Dota 2

    Loving the titles for their in-game stats info boxes. There was one about Iceiceice's Sunstrike accuracy called "A Song of Iceiceice and Fire." Speaking of stats, I'm pretty sure this Bruno guy they have as stats analyst is just constantly hammered.
  2. Wow I didn't know about all the caveats...that plan is just all kinds of terrible. Hopefully they'll come to their senses after literally nobody takes them up on it.
  3. C'mon now, these kinds of figures mean nothing without context. What's the percentage of people who have paid for an app among mobile phone users in general, after owning one for barely a month? Also, from their previous article they linked: That's who wants to develop for the system. Who knows if it's enough to sustain the console (probably not), but it's not "nobody" like you say, and it's what people have been saying in this thread all along. Also notice they said "Ouya ports aren't making a lot of money." Towerfall is the first exclusive that's actually worth playing, and it's doing quite well.
  4. Enjoyed! Dunno if you plan on submitting, but you'd probably have to extend it a bit to have it pass.
  5. I friggin' JUMPED on that when I saw it as a flash deal. Don't worry though... Winter sale is coming.
  6. Mind adding me, Lyrai? I'm [OCR] Dhsu.
  7. What, badges have levels? Do you have to craft them multiple times or something? Anyway... Have: Tomb Raider, Bioshock Need: Chivalry, Dead Island, Kerbal, Reus, Skyrim, Torchlight II Edit: Apparently you can buy all ten cards for under $2. Kinda feels like way too much trouble to get them the regular way now. :/
  8. What new art is in the reprint? I might have to pick up a copy muhself...
  9. LOL, true. Actually, I suggested it because the PS2 version is kind of buggy, and there are some cool graphical effects and shadows in the DC version that are missing in the PS2 port. Also there's slowdown in a few places and framerate isn't going to be as smooth. And this isn't necessarily a downside, but they did replace the real-time cutscenes with more cinematic pre-rendered ones (same low-poly models though). Wild ARMS is great, but 100% super anime.
  10. I'm so sorry, I don't have sheet music for anything except for my Castlevania track. The best I can do is give you a MIDI of my recording. If you think that might be good enough, it's here: http://dhsu.vgpiano.com/midi/eb.mid.

  11. Dhsu

    What a Deal!

    Just pulled the trigger on this Haswell combo: http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/97390/newegg-intel-core-i5-4670k-3.4ghz-lga-1150-quadcore-desktop-cpu-asrock-z87-extreme6-hdmi-usb-3.0-atx-motherboard-grid-2-game-tshirt Anyone interested in a Grid 2 code and shirt?
  12. Wonderful stuff, Lukas. What piano VST are you using, if I may ask?
  13. From what I'm hearing, it sounds like Xbox is going to fit your needs the best. TV is a big emphasis of the Xbox One, so that will probably be your best bet in terms of probability of being able to watch CBS.com shows. The Kinect will also allow for lots of cool voice and gesture-based commands so you don't have to fiddle with a remote for your media. Dead Rising 3, D4, and Forza 5 will be exclusive to Xbox, but the only game that looks to be a system-seller for most people seems to be TitanFall, and that's being released for PC as well. Everything else - Destiny, CoD: Ghosts, Mirror's Edge 2, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts - will be cross-platform. The One itself will not affect the worth of your 360, as it is not backwards-compatible (at least with disc-based games). However, they will be releasing a new version of the 360, which might affect the resell value of older models. As for what your friends are going to be choosing...well, probably the best thing to do is ask them. The Internet in general though seems to be trending towards PS4.
  14. Dhsu

    Removed post

    Heh, I was just thinking earlier when the yearly Balamb Garden plug would show up.
  15. Final Fantasy III? Oh yeah, and Game Dev Story. Edit: Plants vs. Zombies, Swords vs Soldiers, Eufloria, and World of Goo are also funtimes.
  16. Is free a requirement? Because Canabalt and Sword & Sworcery are friggin' great. Anyway I'm having a decent amount of fun with Punch Quest these days.
  17. Dhsu


    M-moe~ Also hi Binjovi!
  18. I made the mistake of ordering a special edition. Supposedly they start shipping this week though.
  19. Nice! I know some cyclists who might be interested in this. Shame about Big Blue...I think it comes down to the art not looking that great and people (who didn't play Ecco) not seeing how a game like this would be much fun. To be honest, I sort of fall in that camp myself...I kinda wish they'd split off the soundtrack as its own Kickstarter. With Spencer Nilsen *and* Bear McCreary, it would be funded in no time.
  20. For my part, FF V is one of my favorite games and soundtracks; however, I have no experience with electronic music. If someone wanted to handle that part, I would be more than happy to come up with the other half.
  21. Return it and buy Dan's for cheaper?
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