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  1. Wait, seriously? I haven't even tried it because the developer says it doesn't work with Android 4.2. Sonofa...
  2. Dhsu

    Nintendo Wii U

    I'm with you. I don't think it looks terrible, but it kinda defeats the point of making them look cartoony in the first place.
  3. Yeah, I kind of don't understand why emulators still do the fixed d-pad instead of the thing where the pad is wherever you touch first. It pretty much sucks to play anything that's not turn-based. And Wiimote Controller doesn't work with Jellybean. :'[[[
  4. Hm, possibly, but I think I'll wait until you get to the point where you actually need my track. Feel free to send me a PM.
  5. Well it might be a while before you get to Corel Prison but you have permission to use my track. Good luck and here's hoping for no C&Ds!
  6. Dhsu

    Resume or not?

    If you have to ask us, then no, because you're doing it for the wrong reasons.
  7. Dhsu


    I think that sounds awesome.
  8. Dhsu

    Japanese Remixes

    It also helps that it just straight up has an amazing soundtrack. Edit: Found the first EP too (first link): http://www.zephyr-cradle.info/dear_ff5/ <3 <3 <3 <3 Meine Meinung
  9. Dhsu

    Japanese Remixes

    ZOMG FFV BATTLE EP http://www.zephyr-cradle.info/db/index.php/Dear_FFV-2
  10. Yeah, it'll be way too tedious to enter all the games I need to play, but I'm glad the site is still around.
  11. I am interested in finding out how you accomplished this.
  12. So...OUYA on steroids. I'm with Modus, I think pricing and streaming quality are going to be the dealmaker/breaker here, because otherwise it's a small tablet with a non-detachable controller. The only other selling point is Tegra 4, which I guess they could leverage if they manage to coordinate with devs on a release title or two.
  13. Super big thanks to Kizyr for organizing this and getting me and ShinnyMetal and Andy to the airport afterwards. It was great to finally do post-MAG brunch with you guys!
  14. I need to take this oath too...
  15. Just tried ChiDogO and wasn't too impressed by the Chicago dog. Their Italian beef sandwich might be better though (UPDATE: It is). That statue is awesome by the way.
  16. Dhsu

    Dota 2

    So yeah, The Greeviling is way more fun than it should be.
  17. That's what rooting is for. And speaking of rooting, Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega are $4! Also Final Fantasy is $5, and Chrono Trigger and FF II are $7.
  18. I never cease to be blown away by not only the quantity but the also the quality of these orchestrations. Bravo!
  19. Apparently the physics is accurate to the point that one of my friends is literally using rocket science equations to build his spacecraft.
  20. I'm gonna go with #3 being the main reason. I'm guessing all the old-timers are over at remix.kwed.org.
  21. Dhsu


    Whoa, born on 12-12-12? SUPER LUCKY! Congrats!
  22. OCRAPS, I forgot to check the forums yesterday! Thanks you guys! :DDD And this bubble tea is delicious. :3
  23. Dhsu


    Kaijin actually did a of that song. BTW for future reference, don't just Google "red rocket."
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