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  1. I can sympathize with how hard it is to find both a good piano AND decent recording equipment in the same place. Which is why I'm lucky to have friends with awesome SoundFonts.
  2. As soon as someone decides to re-render the MIDI I posted.
  3. Haha...you know we love you, Larry. Oh, and thanks for the pimp last week.
  4. Wow, direct post, congrats. I'm jealous...bah, I'll get it one of these days. Although I don't think a piano solo has ever been direct-posted...not even Trial in Concert or Live from the Yggdrasil. I'm really starting to wonder if it's actually possible...
  5. Hey, thanks for the comments, everyone! Dunno what's up with the hiss...might've been an encoding glitch or something. If anyone wants to take a shot at cleaning it up, here's the original source MIDI. (Right-click, Save As...) Knock yourself out.
  6. Not to threadjack the review, but comments like these make me doubt all the "this site is illegal" comments I sometimes see here. Well, Romero didn't compose Keen's music. Although in this case, it's okay anyway because Bobby Prince doesn't mind, therefore implying consent (but it'd still be safer to get it in writing). However, just because one guy is okay with other people messing with his compositions doesn't mean everybody else will.
  7. It's not often a remix gives me actual chills. Congratulations on successfully doing so, DD.
  8. Time for reruns on Ormgas!
  9. You made Emmanuel cry. You're a bad mens, Larry!
  10. You know, when the last post in the ReViews forum is by djpretzel, that's supposed to mean there's a new ReMix up. Curse you, djp, for getting my hopes up.
  12. Isn't the point of solos supposed to be that they're improvised? But yes...amazing arrangement. It's been forever since I've actually heard a real bass solo. They should be proud of what they've done here.
  13. You're playing both vocal songs? Sweet. If you woulda told me you had room for two, I woulda sent you the Pray version of the Prelude instead. It's a lot less obnoxious than the one in Love Will Grow.
  14. Holy. FREAK. This is gonna be Jeremy Soule all over again. (Must remix more EWJ2).
  15. Actually, he reminds me more of the "Come on down!" person from The Price is Right.
  16. I never knew Jeremy Soule sounded like the announcer dude.
  17. Uhhh...no. It takes a lot more than you think to get into Juilliard.
  18. I request Final Fantasy: Pray - Toki no Hourousha (aka "Wanderer of Time).
  19. Yeah, there are two official Final Fantasy vocal collections: "Pray" and "Love Will Grow," both phenomenal albums. "Long Distance" is the first track on "Love Will Grow" and it's an arrangement of the same original song as this remix, so that's why they sound so similar.
  20. You said you'd play my Cowboy Bebop mix after the originals show, Larry. ;_; I think it'd be especially appropriate this week, with the grand re-opening of Anime Remix and all...
  21. This mix has a very cool feel, even though it doesn't offer a whole lot in the arrangement department. Very nice synth programming. Worth the download.
  22. I'm gonna have to agree with zircon here...this mix doesn't really offer a lot besides a little cool sitar work near the end. This is forgivable though, since it's one of the earlier mixes on the site. I've come to expect much more unique and interesting things from Mazedude. He's learned to take a lot more risks than he did with this mix.
  23. I think this qualifies as a case of "too little, too late." Like others have mentioned, the actual arrangement doesn't even come in until around 1:50. Unfortunately, at this point the piece is already more than half over, and the remaining time isn't enough to allow the arrangement to fully develop. On the other hand, I'm not sure I understand where this controversial "dissonance" is that everyone's talking about. Do you guys mean the pedalpoint at the beginning? I don't see how people can even be arguing about that. And I do have to commend you on your performance technique...very clean and articulate. Those countless hours in the studio were not spent in vain! Well played, and congratulations on your first OCR posting!
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