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  1. This was the 19th mix to ever be posted. Give the guys some slack here.
  2. It would've been nice if this mix had dynamics. ;_; Still, very good arrangement, XenoCross. Congratulations on your first posted remix on OCR!
  3. Actually...that wasn't Suteki da Ne from FFX. That was some completely different Japanese song, probably with the same name. I still thought it was decent, though. :/
  4. http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/video/tokyo_breakfast.php Watching this will forever make you immune to the "n-word." (If those don't work, try http://www.pinwire.com/downloads-file-18.html )
  5. Haha...looks like you didn't miss much, nem.
  6. Hm....I never noticed that he didn't actually use the entire theme. No wonder it was so short. Anyway...no offense, but your dixieland-waltz-salsa suggestion doesn't seem to be too practical. Just because the song is short doesn't mean he has to leapfrog between half a dozen styles. I think Jeremy's done an excellent job of expanding on the theme each time he repeats it without becoming repetitive or monotonous, and he ends it at exactly the right time in order to avoid making it so. Just because he's consistent doesn't mean he's boring.
  7. Ha...sounds like someone's a little jealous. But I do admit this might be getting more hype than it deserves. Celebrity or fame shouldn't be the only reason for praise...in fact, I think it tends to attract a lot of criticism. Still, I think Jeremy did us all a great service with this wonderful arrangement. My hat goes off to him.
  8. Could someone provide a link to the recording/transcript of the Feb. 7 show? I seem to have missed it...
  9. Actually...the meaning of the word "eros" is more akin to the "lust," referring to the physical or sexual aspect of attraction. I believe "phileo" is closer to the romantic connotation of love. But...whatever works.
  10. Actually, Dhsu = first initial + last name. Pretty boring, actually. Although I kinda like what you came up with. Anyway, glad you liked the song. I will be doing more as soon as I get a chance.
  11. If this sounds even slightly abstract to you...you really need to expand your musical tastes past the 18th century. Or listen to something besides John Tesh and Yanni once in a while.
  12. I like this. Although...the one melodic change you made to Auron's Theme makes me uneasy. It just doesn't feel the same. In general, though, although the samples might not be the best, it has it where it counts. Arrangement. Emotion. These things a true ReMixer seeks. Congrats, and nice work, Sal.
  13. "Another Fair" is great song to play when you go out with your girlfriend. "Waltz of Pain" is perfect after she breaks up with you.
  14. Haha, that's AWESOME! Man, Blak should really be proud of himself.
  15. Haha...sorry, that was a booboo. I was so excited at actually not making any mistakes up to that point, and I didn't want to mess it up. ;; I do appreciate your pickiness, Jon. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. And Drakalu...you're welcome.
  16. ...I really can't think of anything special about this mix. It just sounds so WIP-ish, compared to most of the other mixes on the site. No real direction, minimal dynamic variation, some off-key-sounding segments, and an unresolved ending for no apparent reason to top it all off. Even a fadeout would have alleviated the incomplete feeling a little. I think my favorite part, though, was the pitch bends at :27 and other similar places. Those were pretty cool. Other than that, it was pretty neat, although not completely groundbreaking. I recommend Secret of Mana fans give it a listen or two.
  17. Thanks, all. Means a lot to get reviews from people I respect so much.
  18. It isn't Nanaki's Theme. It's the song you hear on the boat to Costa del Sol ("It's Difficult to Stand on Two Feet, Isn't It?"). He just decided to give it that name because it was in a more contemplative style.
  19. Lovin' the bassline. I like this mix...gots that funky Oriental FLAVA. Like a good bowl of Ramen. Mmmm...Ramen...
  20. So I got excommunicated for nothing?! Curse you, analoq!
  21. Man, I don't even know how to begin to describe this piece. It's like...a twisted hybrid of ska, electronica and that "crazy inventor" music you always hear in cartoons. One thing's for sure...you can always expect the unexpected from Quinn Fox. Definitely check this one out if you're feeling adventurous.
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