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  1. Heh...seems the pixie tracks are getting a lot of attention. I personally think they're great too, but there were some issues with pronunciation that were distracting to me. Particularly the pronunciation of combination vowels as a single syllable. When singing in Japanese, each vowel is pronounced individually over separate syllables. The same goes for ending n's. So "chiheisen" would be sung "chi-he-e-se-n," in five beats, not three. In addition, in the case of doubled consonants, the preceding vowel is extended by a beat. So "ikkai" would be sung "i-i-ka-i," over four beats instead of two. Check out this helpful page if you want more info (or if you just want to make sure I'm not pulling your leg ). Great job with the project in general though. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who participated!
  2. Difficulty is not the issue, but my time comes at a premium. Why else would I spend all day posting on OCR?!
  3. Whups, must've missed that one. But why is it on Animescores.com??
  4. Thanks Christian. The first thread has been updated again. I'm wondering if I should re-organize it, perhaps by game or filetype. Would either of those be more convenient, or should I just leave it the way it is?
  5. For now, I'd just post them in the ReView thread, but you can go ahead and send a copy to Larry as well. In the future, when sheet music is integrated into the OCR database, I would assume including it with your submission would be preferable. Liontamer edit: If it's in, then I'd say post here and your ReView thread and that's all set. But yeah, once it can be integrated into the database, you should include that in the submission letter in the future. Otherwise wait till it's posted.
  6. Alright, updated the first post. I haven't put up the links to kLuTz's MIDIs yet because none of them seem to work at the moment. Anyway, thanks for the help everyone! We're off to a good start. And thanks to Larry for the sticky.
  7. Sheet music now available (.MUS format). Thanks to Andrew Owen for the much-needed assistance! PDF will be coming later. Edit: PDF is now up.
  8. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a central location to provide sheet music or tablatures for applicable OCR arrangements. If you have made sheets or tabs for any of the ReMixes on the site, please post them here, as well as in their respective ReView threads. If you are a ReMixer and have not made sheets and do not plan to in the future, you may also state so here. And the rest of you...enjoy. NOTES: You will need the latest Finale notation software in order to view .MUS files, Adobe Reader to view .PDF files, and the Sibelius Scorch plugin to view Scorch sheets. You can open MIDIs in notation software like Finale, Sibelius, Noteworthy Composer, or Anvil Studio, but if they are recorded performances, i.e. not manually sequenced, and have not been quantized, they will just look like a jumble of notes (you can figure out the notes, but all the rhythms will be off.) Bladiator Kirby's Dream Land "Chopinesque Kirby" (PDF) Super Mario World "Grand Valse Mario" (PDF) Yoshi's Story "Oh, Say Can Yoshi" (PDF) Blak_Omen Final Fantasy IX "Hunter's Etude-Scherzo" (PDF) - Chase of the Hunter (original version of "Hunter's Etude Scherzo") Super Mario RPG "Waltz of Pain" (original arrangement, not the same as OCR version) BogusRed Final Fantasy VII "Beyond Midgar" (MIDI) Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Into the the Golden Sunset" (MIDI) Dhsu Castlevania III "A Clockwork Vampire" (PDF - MUS - MIDI) Chrono Trigger "Another Fair" (MIDI) EarthBound "Nirvana" (MIDI) Final Fantasy VII "A Life Without Parole" (MIDI) Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Nayru's Love" (MIDI) Mario Kart 64 "Rainbow Snowland" (MIDI) Super Mario World "Koopa vs. Kefka" (MIDI) Tales of Phantasia "Sweet Dreams" (MIDI) Dr. Fruitcake Super Mario RPG "Mario's Tropical Paradise" (MIDI) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Party in the Shop" (MIDI) Fishy Final Fantasy VII "Aire Tam Break" (PDF) Game Over Punch-Out!! "Little Mac's Confession" (tabs: rhythm guitar / solo guitar) Hale-Bopp Star Ocean "Summertime" (chord listing) Kevin Stephens, trickwaters Fire Emblem "Etude for Piano in F# Minor" (TIF) kLuTz Chrono Trigger "600 A.D. in Piano" - Nana's version (PDF) Final Fantasy IV "Tale in Piano" (PDF) MC Castlevania: Symphony of the Night "Scriabin's Long Library" (TIF) Chrono Cross "Dream Shore Fantasie-Sonata" (PDF) McVaffe Mega Man "Cut Man Sonata" (PDF) Neil Benjamin Chrono Trigger "To Far Away Memories" (tab) Noir Final Fantasy VII "Jenova for Classical Piano" (PDF) posu yan Wild Arms "Adlehyde Castle Flow" (MIDI) Mega Man 3 "crystal potion" (MIDI) Rexy Sonic & Knuckles "Tomorrow's Wake" (page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4) Reuben Kee Chrono Trigger "The Place We Knew" (PDF) Street Fighter II "Ryu for Four Pianos" (PDF) - Arrangement for 3 pianos (PDF) Tepid Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "A Rose for Zelda" (tab) The Wingless Silent Hill 2 "There Was a Hole Here" (PDF) zylance Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "A Link to the Piano" BROKEN LINKS Abadoss Chrono Trigger "At the End of All Things" (Finale 2006) - broken Benjamin Briggs Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Anthem of a Misguided Youth" (tab - karaoke) - broken Christian Pacaud Secret of Mana "On the Day the World Changed..." (PDF) - broken lightwarmth Final Fantasy IX "Messenger in the Key of Black" (Scorch) - broken ----------------------------------------------------- Liontamer Edit: Yeah, good call David. I was literally mentioning to the judges earlier that I was going to start this myself after seeing you post sheet music in the "Clockwork Vampire" ReView thread. I should stress that we should only accept sheet music, tabs and MIDIs written or verified by the ReMixers themselves. We'll try to gather as much as possible, especially for older tracks, so that we can host them for their respective ReMixes, as per my pending proposal to djp. I'm sure it'll be alright, so thanks for getting the ball rolling. Requests for known transcriptions (please provide a copy here): Kevin Stephens has sheet music and a MIDI for Fire Emblem "Etude for Piano in F# Minor" - contact him via email: artemisjaeger@gmail.comREMIX
  9. You love that synth entirely way too much, Shna. Great work.
  10. I just friggin' beat the Savato archetype in Trauma Center. Not the hardest boss ever, but definitely one of the most frustrating. It's a 10-minute operation, and if you mess up at the very end, you have to do the WHOLE FRIGGIN' THING all over again. Gahhhhhhh....
  11. I just listened to VGDJ #26...when did Prince Azuzu turn into The Terminator?
  12. The background is a bit repetitive, but it's a very nice acoustic rendition of two great and under-represented tracks. Congrats, guys.
  13. So if Joe Cam is Ness... D-Lux is Poo... And Flik is Jeff... Does that make myf...Paula??
  14. Haha. BTW, what was the bonus question again?
  15. To be fair, I was talking about the bonus question, not Hemophiliac.
  16. Mmm...yes. The E-MU shakahuchi might grate on some, but I gots no probs wit it, because it will forever remind me of Ibuki's stage in 3rd Strike. Anyway, congrats, DistantJ! Great treatment of the original. Can never have enough good Marble Zone mixes.
  17. I suppose I neglected to mention that Nayru is the goddess of wisdom in the Zelda universe, as well as the Oracle of Ages in Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Nayru's Love is a spell in OoT that makes you impervious to damage for a short period of time. I thought it'd be a clever way to reference both games with the same title. Sil: A lot of people have mentioned the Gymnopedie resemblence...I can only assume that Kondo had Satie on the brain as well when he composed the OoT title theme. Thanks for all the comments, guys! Vig...I had no idea.
  18. Larry ended a show on time. In other news, the world is coming to an end.
  19. To our resident Japanese-studiers here...would it technically be "MEE-ts-da" as opposed to "mit-SU-da"? I've said it and have heard other people say it the second way the whole time, but when I think about it and from what I know of Japanese pronunciation (which is not a whole lot, granted), the first one would make more sense.
  20. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO MORE SINGING! Anytime I hear a new mix start off fine, only to find that it has vocals in it, I just think 'Why? Why did you ruin this promising piece with vocals?' And I immediately stop listening and never listen to it again. "Good" singing already sounds terrible enough. Don't encourage people with even less training to ruin their songs. Uh...thank goodness you're in the minority.
  21. Love the update, wangless. Splash screen is Korea-tastic. Kinda miss the old MP3 player, but the new one's cool enough. A bit disappointed the click-wheel has no actual functionality, though. And The Deeplands is amazing. Love what you got going there...now all you need are pictures and little movies that teleport you to different islands when you touch them.
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