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  1. Definitely a big difference/improvement from the previous version...I like the "family time" movie sound you've got going there. Also, that's gotta be a world record for the number of times someone's typed "Newman" in a single paragraph. As for 1:38, in any other context I would find it perfectly acceptable. However, in this case, it's right in the middle of three minutes of saccharine harmonies. Sticking something like that in the arrangement just makes it sound completely random and awkward. There's nothing to lead up to it, and nothing to follow it up. It's as if he's pretending it never happened. Of course, if this actually were a movie score, and there was an appropriate visual cue to accompany the anomaly, then it'd be understandable. But otherwise, I'll have to agree with the "drunk harpist" theory.
  2. A frickin' Fighting of the Spirit mix by frickin' house. This project is already worth it.
  3. Only when she acts like Larry's mom. Mmm...got milf?
  4. "Daba daba" dude 4 judge!
  5. It took me no less than four hours to beat Cerberus in DMC3. Now that I've figured it out, he's not that hard anymore, but that's probably the longest time I've ever spent on a boss. Besides Sephiroth.
  6. Good stuff. Congrats on your first OC ReMix.
  7. A little light on the arrangement side, but still delightfully cheesy. Keep the SotN mixes coming, people!
  8. The key word being "spoken" Japanese. A lot of inflection/pitch qualities of a language are lost when singing it. Although, of course, there are still plenty of little nuances left over to make it a considerable accomplishment. Hm...interesting. I guess that would explain why "Simple and Clean" sounds so natural. And be quick about it! Hyah!
  9. Actually, a good artist would gracefully show gratitude to people who put time into giving critiques. Do you think Jill spends so much time and money for vocal lessons to hear her teacher rave for an hour about how perfect her voice is and how there's nothing to be improved? Get a life? For some people, being good at pointing out faults is how they make a living.
  10. Actually, I have more of an issue with the C#. It's probably not even anything on your part...I'm not sure if it's the effect of acoustics or the presence of unexpected overtones due to the self-harmony or even if it's possible that the original track is the one that's actually out of tune. But there's just an additional amount of dissonance that wasn't in the original. Whatever the reason, you don't have to automatically assume everyone else is wrong. Have a little more faith in your critics and give them the benefit of the doubt once in a while, eh?
  11. Mmm...these are American Indian tribal dance songs. I think you might be stretching the comparison a bit. Sounds more like something that might fit in an anime, or perhaps a Zelda vocal collection album. Maybe that's part of the reason djp took such a liking to it.
  12. It does get a little screwed up around 3:40, but she's imitating the synth in the game. And ridiculously well. If you can drag your mind bag to 1998, it sounds almostly precisely as the effect in the forest temple. I think "almostly" [sic] is the key word here. In music, "almost" isn't enough. A quarter of a semi-tone is all it takes to turn consonance into dissonance. Or I guess in this case, pleasant dissonance into unpleasant dissonance. The marimba was also in the original track, along with the "oh-eh"s. In fact, I believe those are the only two elements that distinguish this as a Zelda64 "arrangement" and even then they are reproduced virtually verbatim. Like several others, I found the vocals slightly gratuitous, however pleasant they were to listen to. However, I feel this song would be more at home in an "originals" section on her site, considering the new lyrics and composition were obviously and heavily in the majority of the piece. I believe djp direct-posted this for a reason, as he knew not everyone would share his perspective. And that's entirely within his rights and power. I trust his judgment enough to believe that "omg bewbs!" was not the deciding factor.
  13. And reviews of it as a whole should go in the Site Projects forum.
  14. Sorry I couldn't make it, Larry...was busy signing albums. I have to say though, you're a cruel, cruel person. Iggy's gonna be heartbroken.
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