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  1. As a Russian person, I can say that the last sentence looks really funny to me, because it actually asks the administrator himself to send some Sonic 3 stuff and whatnot
  2. This track is now in my top 50 of most-played tracks in my music player (and I have tons of music, actually). I guess that's saying something You've done an amazing job blending these 2 amazing sources and throwing in some groovy chips, beats and bass!
  3. Well, all of Sixto's masterpieces are certainly soooo good, but this track is something else! I can't stop jammin'! Typical ace guitar work comes along with some sweet piano licks, etheral and sunny woodwinds, and nice drums (that breakdown at 2:02 gives me chills every time, damn!). The next thing worth mentioning is the part at 2:32 when all the instrumentation finally blends into a single flow. And the last thing that just strikes me every times is an epic solo at 3:12. Man, each listen is simply like a little journey!
  4. Yeah, the brass/orchestral elements surely sound quite cheesy and that vocal-ish lead may throw some people off, but I honestly think they work pretty fine with the rest of instrumentation, so I'm definitely getting some cool old-school synthwave vibes from this one Really love the slightly melancholic yet heroic and even sci-fi atmosphere of this track!
  5. Most teacho/trance remixes way from the past tend to show their age quite easily, and they just are kinda "meh" to my taste, but ths one is pretty darn sweet! It's got a very cool bouncy yet floating and dreamy vibe. Highly recommended It's a bummer Rellik doesn't do stuff nowdays, though. Certainly would love to see him back one day!
  6. Holy crap, those drums are absolutely insane! And it's just a pretty cool tune overall! Nice job here
  7. Dang, what a badass track right here! I think I can agree that it certainly needs a sort of relaxing breakdown, but it's still prety well-crafted anyways! Kudos to Mr. OA for this killer stuff!
  8. Been a huge fan of this one for a long time, actually! The first listen didn't grab my attention, though, but then every new listen made me appreciate this gem a bit more I absolutely love the soothing blend of organic and electronic instrumentation, and this unusual approach to the source definitely deserves much more love. My favorite moments are certainly the lead change at 1:42, when the chorus kicks in, and the mellow synth solo at 2:32 - it really makes the jungle-y vibe a bit different, and this touch is welcome too! Oh, and I also forgot to mention the moody intro - those strings are very cool! And I guess the varied percussion deserves to be mentioned as well! Really good and creative work here, highly recommended!
  9. Man, everything about this remix is absolutely perfect. From the light build-up where Noel blended glassy, shiny ivories with mellow, soothing synts to the purely genius usage of in-game sfx (1:48 gives me goosebumps every time, dang!) evry little thing, every detail shines here. I can't help but smile whenever this song plays in my music player. The sources are already gems, but this approach takes them to the whole new level. Mad props for this track!
  10. Mind - blown, jaw - dropped, heart - yours Seriously, though, loved this track so much, especially the anthemic chorus. And the lyrics are quite clever in general. The instrumental is very good as well! OCR needs your stuff, guys!
  11. Holy crap, this is certainly one of the most epic hybrid pieces out there! Certainly dig the piano breakdown at 1:48 as well as the all the following parts, including small synth solo at 2:04, the seamless interplay with electric guitar at 2:10, badass comeback of the fuller soundscape at 2:20 and, of course, the piano ending! Oh, and that flute soloing was a nice touch too! Damn, I really really really love this track, thanks man!
  12. What a wonderful track indeed! Reminds me of Shnabubula's works from "NES Jams" It would be really cool if you submit it, but looks like you don't want to. Welp, gonna enjoy it on your Soundcloud
  13. Guys, thanks for cheering me up with this beatiful song Really love light and sunny tunes like this one.
  14. Man, I'm so addicted to this track It's so calm and soothing. Especially love that super mellow lead and some subtle glitching shenanigans at around 1-minute mark. The tasty hip-hop beat and chippy bits thrown in here and there are pretty neat as well. Also dat solo at 3:13! Really cool tune, something WillRock and Mr. Baranowsky could possibly put together, I think
  15. Yep, totally agree with Gario - everyone did a great job here. I was listening to this track a lot when this album came out. And I still love to listen to it from time to time Badass stuf indeed!
  16. I've discovered the book a couple of years ago, then immidiately watched the film. They're both really great and I keep coming back to them from time to time Now, on to the mix. It's pretty cool how Mazedude built its structure here: it starts off pretty slow, with some nice minimalist aesthetics, and then, very slowly, bit by bit, new elemnts are introduced, and eventually you get a chill and soothing combo of industrial-ish percussion, mallets, sweet bass, classic Mazedude synths, and whatnot. Sometimes you get a cool little break, with a touch of Chris' quirk, but then all the instruments are back together for your listening pleasure And that contrast between such parts makes the whole thing just perfect. So yeah, now this is a song that hooked me for some reason, and I listen to it several times every day
  17. Of all Prot's DKC2 tracks on OCR this one is easily my favorite! The blend of crunchy industrial percussion, dynamic orchestral elements (gotta love those intense string attacks!) and sweet synths is just incredibly hot. The song is almost 7 minutes long, but it always stays fresh and interesting with all the clever transitions and tempo shifts. Especially love the section starting at 3:56 - nothing but pure face-melting awesomeness! I guess this song is now stuck forever in in my head... and in the top-50 of all songs in my player Mind-blowing stuff right here!
  18. Oh... Woooooow, guys, this is super dope. Such folk tunes are always love-or-hate for me, and this one is certainly what I can listen, listen and listen repeatedly for a loooong time Very beatiful stuff with a smooth soothing vibe. Nailed it!
  19. Could be a bit longer, though, but that's my only complaint here. Really love the original, and you did an awesome job!
  20. Downloaded this one... and listened to it 5 or 6 times in a row Jorito's stuff is always pure joy, and this track may be one of my personal favorites. Especially love how he managed throw in some sweet percussive elements besides typical swingy-bouncy glitch-hop beats - they really made the groove even more killer. Awesome job here!
  21. Yo, this is a suuuuper sick track Booster Tower is one of my favorite locations from this game, and the music there is no less awesome. This song sounds like a combination of your Chrono Cross collab and "Pyroclastic Tides" by SuperiorX & C7. I really love what you did here: the touch of melancholy and sadness from the original is still here. But now it's all blended with very lush, chill, yet slightly bouncy/glitchy electronica and an exceptionally amazing trumpet solo! Awesome stuff right here!
  22. Oh, I've always loved this one! Listening to this track puts a little smile on my face no matter what shit is happenning in my life Thanks for this atmospheric chill jam!
  23. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... His FF9 track is incredibly deep and touching and here... It's just... Jeez. You made me weep. Again! Juuust a tiny bit Jaw-dropping beauty right here! Download it everyone, don't even hesitate!