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    I absolutely love video game music :D. From Sonic (especially), Mario, Zelda, Blinx: The Time Sweeper 1&2 (which I plan to remix one day), Frogger's Journey: The Forgotten Relic, and so many others games.

    I know how to play the cello (played for about 6+ years), and the piano as well.
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  1. Cosmic Prism

    (Recruiting Album Director) The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    ************************UPDATE: SEARCHING FOR A NEW ALBUM DIRECTOR************************ Things have gotten increasingly busy in my life, and I realize I will no longer be able to provide this project with the attention it needs to flourish towards completion. So effective immediately, I'm searching for someone to take over as Album Director. Once chosen: All mp3 & wav files will be transferred over to them so they have an up-to-date status & file content for the album. I'll also be moving down as a Co-Director for the album (I could provide better assistance in that format). There are a few requirements for the search, and they are: 1. Have at least 5 songs posted here on OCR. or 2. Directed or Co-Directed an OC Remix Album in the past. (First dibs do go to the current Co-Directors of the album, but by all means still get in touch with me if you are interested ).
  2. I think you're right. The quality of the String Samples is more important than the expedition of the process. And after thinking about it, there's a subtle intricacy in doing it click-by-click lmao. So I can put that on the backburner for a bit and focus mainly on sample quality @AngelCityOutlaw & @PRYZM I checked both of those out when I read your message, and those are Fantastic libraries! But my main concern is the price tbh. I did get advice from someone to check out E/W Composer Cloud, and they gave me this link for a review: I think I'm going to try E/W Composer Cloud and give it a try? I still have some doubts because it almost sounds 'too good to be true' tbh lol.
  3. Cosmic Prism

    Advice on Channeling Creativity from Anxiety

    This hits home man. The "I've finally realized is that I was so worried about being successful that I didn't let myself make the kind of music that I love" and "having unrealistically high expectations" mindset can be hell to work through sometimes (hence my other post lol). I mean, it's good to set a standard and expectation for oneself, but when does that go too far into an over-expectation & being unrealistic. I'm still trying to find that balance and make it a habit over time, but as @SquareWave is saying. Go through as many compositions as you can (without burning yourself out), there's always going to be discarded works for sure.
  4. It did lol. I've been trying to take my own advice that I give to people about forming an instant reactive opinion online to things that may sting a little. and actually taking time to actually Think about it. Because everyone took time out of their day to reply and give advice, and since I'm serious about growing in this field and from experiences, I listened with an open-mind to everyone here . So yeah, pretty much a complete 180 to the right question I should've been asking all along lol. What controls are essential for a midi piano to have for a composer? Would this be a good midi piano? (I'm not sure how far the 'you get what you pay for' concept I've learned in life goes in applying it to midi pianos): And damn, noticed that deal expired too, but yeah it still pales in comparison to what I was projecting. Which is definitely a good thing like @Phonetic Hero was saying.
  5. I'm definitely checking out those links! And that's really encouraging tbh. Seeing everyone's reply's calms down that "I'm going to lose time in my life and fall behind by not having them, and starting that learning curve now" feeling I've been having when thinking of my future in music. So it all helps It feels like the world is progressing so fast now, and there's this lingering feeling of being left behind if I don't evolve and grow with it.
  6. On the contrary actually, I don't think your advice is overly elite or anything. It made me Think for the longest. Bluntness is how we learn. I've been asking Film Composers and Video Game Composers what software they recommend as a good string vsti. And the common recommendations are eastwest, kontact full, and a few others in the same price range. And I'm told that I'll need to spend money in it, in order to have a sample quality that matches my composition quality. So my thinking I needed that price range was more of a culmination of advice I've been getting recently. So it was more of a mistake on taking advice from professionals on my part? I'm actually confused about this tbh. (Edit: I thought about it, and it's like a businessman saying you need 10k to start a business, he's viewing it from his perspective of where he is in life. Whereas you could easily start one with less and still succeed. I think that analogy is what you're getting at. I can still progress incrementally along the way) . And as for 'can't make it financially work'. I guess I asked this out of, almost a desperation I guess. I came from a very abusive household, and when I was 20 and left, I experienced homelessness for 6 months (while still completing 2 programming courses at college). 3 years later I'm now I'm able to support myself on my own fully (rent, utilities, etc), but just barely. But when several professionals tell me it'll cost that much, there's this wave of helplessness and depression, and it starts to feel abysmally unobtainable. I'm a good composer, but I don't have a midi piano (and am told I need one to do it professionally). I got the wrong estimates I guess, and I didn't know. I don't know what reasonably priced midi pianos or string vsti's are considered good quality enough for doing it professionally. I appreciate everyone's feedback !! I'm going to shut down the gofundme and remove the link. But I'm keeping this tread open because the question has changed. What midi pianos and string vsti's are of good quality for orchestral string expressions? (I'm still checking out the links provided). And what's a good price range for them so I can come up with a plan over time to work towards them.
  7. Edited Question: What midi pianos and string vsti's are of good quality for orchestral string expressions? (I'm still checking out the links provided). And what's a good price range for them so I can come up with a plan over time to work towards them. [Old Question: I deeply apologize for asking of this, but I seriously want to further my pursuit in music. And trust me, if I financially could, I would. But support would be appreciated. I started a gofundme so I can raise funds to get a midi piano & a decent orchestral vsti. [gofundme link] I know this may seem ridiculous, but I honestly need the help.]
  8. Cosmic Prism

    EP Dream! My First EP is Out!

    Released my first EP 'Dream' today (! So Excited because I've been wanting to accomplish this for a while, and it's only the first step on a long road to come Critiques are Definitely welcome as they help one to grow in life. The Visual Effects in the videos below were created by me from scratch using what I've learned over time too! The Abyss - Drifting Through the Cosmos:
  9. Cosmic Prism

    April Fool's Gold

    But wait , that can't be determined without a Special Council Investigation. I nominate @Malcos, one of the Judges of OC Remixes past, to mitigate such an investigation
  10. Cosmic Prism

    April Fool's Gold

    I literally was about to post this topic "(OC Remix Home Page Error) Red Russian Language". Then I decided "Well, hmm, it might be helpful if people knew what it said." And that's when the glory of the best joke of 2018 fully hit me xD. Kudos *golf claps*. "Сначала мы взяли ваши выборы, теперь мы пришли за вашими ремиксы видео игр." "First we took your election, now we came for your remixes of video games."
  11. Cosmic Prism

    (Recruiting Album Director) The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    UPDATE: We're still searching for artists to join in on the album!!! Just want to let everyone know that this project in No way is dying off or ending
  12. Cosmic Prism

    (Recruiting Album Director) The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    @Thirdkoopa It's absolutely fine man. I definitely understand different life scenarios can and will pop up out of nowhere. Hope your families doing okay, and yes you're still on this ! @andersla Mmmmm, that's grey territory to be honest. Considering that there are whole albums dedicated to pokemon; I'm going to say no. Unless, there's an instance to where a Pokemon game was based off of an anime that came first. In which case I would say, absolutely :). (And just to clarify, this only applies to the Pokemon Anime/Games as it's unique in the fact that it's super represented on several other albums here). @justKey Just inbox (PM me) your requested game or game source that you will be remixing and you'll be added onto the roster on the first page :).
  13. Cosmic Prism

    (Recruiting Album Director) The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    That would be amazing @Earth Kid !!! Definitely keep me posted !!!!
  14. Cosmic Prism

    (Recruiting Album Director) The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    EVERY ANIME GAME ACCEPTED FOR REMIX!!! That's right everyone! ALL anime related video games are up for remixing. Opening up the possibilities for everyone in what can be remixed. As such, the final deadline of this album has been extended out to this Summer. We are also in search of album artists as well! (Don't hesitate to reach out to me either ). I know this has been an insanely long journey with hurdles everywhere along the way, but we'll definitely make this happen! Let's rally towards the finish everyone!!! Much appreciated man!!!
  15. Cosmic Prism

    (Recruiting Album Director) The Anime Remix Album: 1st Edition

    Hey All! We've all made fantastic progress and strides during the Albums' Life Cycle, but we are reaching a close !! I apologize for being behind on the October 10th deadline, this is partially due to the event that took place in my Hometown Las Vegas on October 1st. The deadline for the Finalized WAV has been extended to November 30th for the completion of the Album. Whatever we've got on that date we will be moving forward with :). Thanks for the hard work everyone!!!