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  1. Zubaru

    Best Midi breath controllers?

    The only one I know of is the one from Akai. AKAI EWI USB. There is also model with a built in synth, so you can use it without a computer. The USB one comes with samples and such for using it with, so I think looking into that one might be worth it. I don't really think there are any other options on the market.
  2. Ahahaha, I see. That's fair enough, I didn't know you had a good closed pair already. Thankfully there are some headphones that just last forever (my AKG cans). I think HD600 was the right choice between the two.
  3. Zubaru

    Cinematic Studio Strings

    Let's not throw accusations or anything, I do agree with it not necessarily being true that PLAY is. Both sides of the table are anecdotal (And saying the conclusion is wrong because it's anecdotal would be fallacy fallacy xD) and besides the problems with PLAY could be fixed now, the other side of the discussion wouldn't know because they've dropped this. I think the obvious benefit of CSS is the practicality for smaller producers like me. It's smaller in size, it's easy to learn and it has a much more affordable price
  4. Zubaru

    Cinematic Studio Strings

    I do agree that a specific string library is not cinematic, you make it sound cinematic with the composition and mixing. I expressed myself badly, I meant I wanted a library with a lot dynamic range, that can do both subtle and grand sounding things. I think I'll go with CSS because the price is right and I love Kontakt, works very well I think.
  5. I would probably get a closed pair of headphones for mixing and mastering, since it has better low end response. The wide soundstage on the open headphones mostly good for mixing and setting your stereo image up. But I would go with a good pair of closed headphones with a replaceable cable. I heard the SRH1540 from Shure are an amazing choice for around the same price as the HD 650.
  6. As far as I know, YouTube can take up to 256 kbps. Bandcamp is probably your best bet, or else try and search on google, there are many sites.
  7. This looks pretty awesome, I wish I had more money xD
  8. So I've been looking for a good string ensemble library for a while now, something that is versatile but sounds cinematic. My price range is not very high, so that disqualifies most of the libraries, I looked at Cinematic Strings 2.0 and they were priced well and sounded great to me. Then I discovered that the same guys that made Cinematic Strings 2.0 made something even higher end in this new "Cinematic Studio" series that they are creating. So basically I was just wondering what you guys think about this library, it's only 400$, so 100$ more than cinematic strings 2.0, they sound great to me honestly. Would you recommend these for a someone new to composing with orchestral sample libraries? They're supposed to be easy to use and such. Link to library: http://www.cinematicstudioseries.com/strings.html Good demonstration video:
  9. Zubaru


    Well, it all depends on what you need them for? If you're looking for synths and such for electronic music, I highly recommend Synth1. I'd also suggest SPAN for Spectrum Analysis, for balancing your mix and such. For other things, I'd suggest just looking at the top rated plugins on vst4free.com in the different categories EDIT: For a free piano sample library, to get you started I would really recommend using http://ivyaudio.com/Piano-in-162, use it with the free sforzando sampler and put a good reverb on, it's close to giving the paid Kontakt libraries a run for their money.
  10. Zubaru

    Hans Zimmer's masterclass

    Saw this some time back, looks really interesting, though I'm not sure if it's more of a thing where he just shows off or if it's actually helpful for learning, all depends on how much he talks about everything he does in detail and shows it. I'd be interested to see a review. I've considered enrolling, since I'm a fan of Hans Zimmer and would love to learn more about creating cinematic stuff.
  11. Zubaru

    VST Plugins (Acid 10 needed)

    This might be a bit of late reply to the question, but I can warmly recommend the free synth vst called Synth1. It can do a lot, even though it is simple, but it's very solid and has an awesome sound. You can also find a lot of preset packages for it. http://www.kvraudio.com/product/synth1-by-ichiro-toda
  12. Well, me and one of my friends at my school had a bunch of fun, making a song together, it turned out pretty good we think. Though I would like to know what others think. I feel a bit nervous posting this, since I'm pretty new to making music, and I only have 1 year of music experience. All critique is welcome, though constructive critique tends to be the most useful... I really hope it's okay that I post my song, hopefully you'll like it... https://soundcloud.com/oliverbilgravnisgaard/breathe-my-atmosphere
  13. Something from runescape would also be awesome
  14. Zubaru

    Tales of Phantasia-Mystic Forest

    I think you're right, the song had made a great atmosphere, not only peaceful but also very mysterious. But which direction would the remix go? the song could be converted into many genres.
  15. Zubaru

    Tales of phantasia: Raising a curtain

    Well its good but does not quite have the epic and long journey feeling, just isn't the same, its not quite energetic enough. Edit: i guess you can say its too calm so it does not have the same feeling.