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  1. Sunsteel Strike is not a fire-type move, as it dealt neutral damage to Salamence. Dragon types are resistant to fire. Most likely it is actually a steel-type or psychic-type move, as legendaries tend to get STAB from their signature moves. Did anyone else see that the new Pokedex seems to be using the Sugimori art instead of in-game models for the Pokemon?? So cool!
  2. this is what I get for posting while tired, lol. There's some kind of broadcast happening today in about 15 mins. Hoping there'll be some new information but we've been let down before...
  3. Also, the code apparently will not work if you've gotten the Mew from earlier this year already.
  4. Actually, all the sixth gen games come pretty close. X/Y has an amazing wild Pokemon selection and OR/AS reshuffle the wild Pokemon lineup in post game.
  5. Shiny Xerneas is available online right now until the 17th! Go get it!
  6. If you look closely at the heads of the new legendaries (for instance, the super large boxart copies Serebii has), you'll notice that they seem to have the same kind of translucent, domed figure with eyes that look like holograms within. Are they robots maybe?
  7. For the US, there'll be a Shiny Xerneas and a Shiny Yvetal given away online this month! May 11th through the 17th for Xerneas, 20th through 26th for Yvetal!
  8. Zygarde event works for ALL 6th gen games! So go get it! Darkrai also starts today. For those in the US, you get codes from Gamestop. As predicted, I was able to get my codes with no problems today!
  9. Oh man, with the Gamestop codes I had the problem of the places just being straight-up cleaned out of them. Mind you, we have them EVERYWHERE here, and yet enough people seem to show up to each individual location to just take all of them. We had to go across town to get codes for Mew. I'm hoping that since this is Darkrai and is one of the more less-beloved ones, it'll be less of a pain this time.
  10. Honestly, yeah, I think part of, if not THE, reason why he faded from the limelight to the extent that he did was due to his efforts to keep his music off of online services. Practically impossible to get new fans without it. And well...intense eccentricity without good music to back it up (because remember, they can't go out and listen to it!) tends to just turn people off from a person. I've been living in Minneapolis since July and I honestly had NO IDEA that he lived here. His passing is huge...every billboard on the routes I take weekly have tributes to him, the giant screen at the M
  11. https://t.co/n0YmbKaPXJ Spoiler: the music is awesome, as always. Due for a simultaneous PS4 and PC (Steam IIRC) 2017 release, Darren Korb is the composer as always, and Logan Cunningham is involved in it somehow yet again. Because awesome. Apparently they'll be having an actual playable demo at PAX East, which ought to be interesting! :V
  12. To take one interpretation, I can't name a single JRPG I like that didn't start out kinda boring but got amazing later on. All the main series Pokemon games...you spend the first couple battles spamming Scratch or Tackle, and then you catch more and your party levels up and finally learns moves of other types that do damage. Personas 3 & 4, but especially 4...battle features that slowly get introduced over time (such as number of party members, number of Personas on you at a given time, interesting Persona fusions) and a plot that is generally front-loaded with character developm
  13. A game trailer that seemingly channels Evangelion within the first ten seconds? Added to my wishlist.
  14. I have it, though it bugs me that you can't just add people without also having them on social media. It's cute and...very weird. One of the most Japanese things I've ever played, and I'm including the Shin Megami Tensei series! Playing pachinko by literally using your friends as the ball is surreal.
  15. Yeah...I've heard nothing but bad things about SAO to be honest... Rurouni Kenshin is really rad. It has a 90s dub so the English dub isn't all that up to snuff by today's standards, but it's known as a series with wide appeal. But avoid season 3, it doesn't follow the manga and is exceedingly stupid.
  16. Eh, Trigun is kind of this weird hybrid of a shonen and seinen series, and even as a seinen series it's really tame on the "objectionable" stuff compared to a show like Black Lagoon. I saw the show when I was in middle school and liked it. Cowboy Bebop might be a bit heavier but again, it's downright tame in a lot of ways compared to things like Kill La Kill, Black Lagoon, and even Evangelion (particularly End of Evangelion). I might hold off on it in an official capacity for legal reasons though...there is a little bit of fanservice in there. Anime nowadays...I dunno wtf is up with
  17. I've found Pokebank to be pretty useful for trading between games you own, at least. So it's actually very practical in that respect. You also need it to import from gen 5 games. Plus, for Sun and Moon, they'll have apparently implemented functionality to import mons from R/G/B/Y to those games. It gives me hope that maybe they'll put up Virtual Console releases of Gold and Silver and I can import my re-created team from when I was 9 to Moon version...
  18. Adding myself to the "OCR is what prompted me to start trying to make music" pile...though in my case OCR was one of the major factors!
  19. Eight years? Wow, that explains the massive difference between the games. I personally didn't think Link's Awakening aged that well (far too much moon logic), but I've been replaying Oracle of Ages for the first time in over a decade and it holds up.
  20. I've actually heard some of those demos and they're more low-fi than you'd think :V IIRC some of the Sonic 2 demos actually got released on disc.
  21. Damn, I got beaten to the info about the cameo! ahahaha... The Oracle games are way more polished than Link's Awakening...I wonder how much they changed the underlying engine to make it so. Especially since Oracle of Seasons started out as a Zelda 1 remake.
  22. I'll finish my batch soon, sorry for the wait...I had a bunch of things happen (web commission started + new job + really sick over Christmas) and I'm now just getting back into the groove of things.
  23. "With all due respect, sensei....THAT IS A LOAD OF SHIT!" I'm really digging this show. My friends and I have been watching a few episodes of Attack on Titan every other weekend, and man have I needed a happy show like this. The animation is fantastic too, and Genos is one of my favorite humanoid robotic character designs in ages. I like the cues taken from both western and eastern superhero works. Saitama's wearing an inverted Anpanman outfit* and has superficial trappings of Superman without the god imagery that keeps being foisted on that character, Genos has some delightfully Ir
  24. Happy birthday, OCR! So I was in my sophomore year in high school, so 2006-2007 range, and I was a very prolific regular on the Sega of America forums at the time. Someone had posted a link to Project Chaos in the Sonic subforum, and that's what got me into OCR at the time. But at the time, music wasn't nearly as important to me as it is now, so I basically became a hardcore listener of the site in 2011, which was the time where music took over my life and my free time (thanks, Vocaloid. Thanks, deadmau5. Thanks, Pendulum). A year or so later I began "collecting" video game music to play w
  25. The instant I sat down to listen this song, I immediately knew it was from the guy who made the FTL: Faster Than Light soundtrack. Those drums with those bells: a dead giveaway. I really, really, really, REALLY dig the drums in this song. I also really dig the interesting route taken for the Phendrana Drifts theme. It would be so easy to go with something smooth and quiet like the actual song, but instead, this particular version is very energetic, more along the lines of the second theme for the area than the first one.
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