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  1. An initial WIP, any WIP at all -- people who already turned one in are good. This is more for the majority of remixers who haven't turned in anything over what will be a 9 month span come September 12
  2. I think monetization is only applied to each new upload after it's activated. That could explain why it's just the last month of uploads that are monetized. If a publisher had instead done it, it would have been all of the videos under the umbrella of that publisher. I'm all for waiting to see the answer, that was the purpose of the thread, not to get everyone to jump down their throat, though if this is something they'll be doing now the community deserves to know and have their input....just don't know why it hasn't been mentioned over the last month. Did we all really miss this be
  3. I found the first mix to be monetized -- Super Mario 64 ReMix by Emunator & Chimpazilla: 'Ripples of Hope' [File Select] (#3366) Every mix after that, that isn't a trailer, seems to be monetized. Started monetizing on June 14th. Started almost a month ago and nobody noticed. (note: I forgot it was August)
  4. Every video I checked was monetized with ads, so unless every publisher claimed every video, I don't think that's the cause. Not asking anyone to take my word for it, open Microsoft Edge or any browser you have with no ad block, and look for yourself.
  5. This is something that needs to be addressed now that OCR has taken the plunge into monetizing the work of remixers on YouTube. This is the latest stop on the slippery slope of monetization that has been taking place on OCR. As far as I know, nobody was made aware that this change was going to be implemented. In short, it would be nice to know when this started and why.
  6. What zyko said is absolutely true, anyone who doesn't have a WIP in by September 12th will lose their claim -- this applies to everyone Good luck!
  7. Sad news everyone, it seems like Zyko's claim is a little bit more unstable than I thought, not sure if we'll ever see a finished song from him that is good I still have pretty high hopes for it though. On the good news side, a new WAV from Jorito for the airship theme. Really creative and interesting arrangement.
  8. Haha, those are nice similarities. I actually asked Jeremy Soule about if he was involved in that FFXV thing. He said he wasn't involved but that "it could be a case of subconscious parallelism " More like subconscious PARA-THIEVERY!
  9. Thanks Jorito. I think I need to check my subscription settings cause I missed your note. I'll check it fairly soonish when I don't feel sick and it's bed time. But I just wanted to stop in to say, something really special happened. A brand new friend on Facebook just happened to post a link to her arrangement of Elia's Theme... It wasn't a claim, and she didn't know about the project at all, but now I have a brand new WAV in my hands of this really key track... very, very special sequence of events. Of course RiverSound's version -- if it ever exists -- is also going to be really r
  10. I actually would like to know what Soule thinks of this, and whether he had any involvement in creating this theme. It hasn't been public yet, none of the OST details are, so while it's really unlikely I guess it'd be possible that he's involved.
  11. I'm reviving this thread rather than making a new thread. Listen to this... something sound familiar? (0;27) It's been weird that I've known about this theme for a long time, and I've never seen anyone talk about this. (hint: it's fucking elder scrolls haha) Of course this isn't the most iconic theme from FFXV, Somnus probably is, or "Gratia Mundi" (probably not real title) from the Episode Duscae / various, multiple several trailers. But I'd easily put this theme in the top 3 of recognizable themes from FFXV despite it being from... an existing series, but with a few note
  12. I don't remember doing it or them asking, but it's been so long, and I tend to forget a lot of stuff. So it was totally surprising to see them on there. I was a really good looking baby. Even when I was crying my head off, which is 1 of the pictures.
  13. Wow, my baby pictures are all over that artwork too And it's cool because those 3 pictures were some of the only pictures I have of me as a baby, unfortunately. I think there's 1 other in a frame at my parents' house. I guess my folks weren't too big on saving baby pics. The song I actually made for this album got cut for being too dark around 2014, and I got too bummed to ever finish it, but maybe someday. Glad to have donated Rabbit to the album though and it fit.
  14. Pretty excited for this As an aside Mr. Dude, I sent your BioShock Cohen chiptune to a friend (from your 3 week old youtube upload) because we were talking about the upcoming remaster. He said it was brilliant and outstandingly good, but you probably knew that already.
  15. Oh cool, you guys are doing this again? I may have to turn in a traditional Christmas song at some point.
  16. I wouldn't just trust Valve like that. Gabe is a petulant dude with a short temper, and Valve has some of the worst customer support of any gaming company. So if you do get screwed by them, you're going to get screwed hard. I wouldn't worry about putting mixes on youtube though. Everybody does it. Just don't be trying to sell your remix as a product unless you get it licensed.
  17. Any way you want it, that's the way I need it! Any way you want it. I can mix/master your song, or you could send it mixed/mastered. You've passed that there panel before so you probably have a handle on it.
  18. Edited the thread to reflect current info. Very excited for this game - coming Early 2017!
  19. This is my favorite anti-OCR fan arrangement! I always come back to it and it was the first thing I thought of.
  20. The urgency for the participants mainly is do it or you get cut, deadlines are kind of old hat. This isn't a job, people remix cause they love VGM. Or they don't and someone else does. There are so many resources for remixers now. Yes, someone should send me an audition, best work, if they want a claim! We can work together with feedback to make sure the song is up to OCR standards for those who pass the audition phase As a last note, they have many albums scheduled for release, and there's no line skipping. Being done sooner is better, but it doesn't mean this could come out in
  21. A large portion of the claims are lost, in terms of not getting contact with people or them being gone, or their quality not being up to OCRA. That's why it's still in the check in and recruiting phase, more importantly recruiting. There's a lot of people I've never heard of on the roster, and the handful of people I'd say are dependable to pass the panel, are people who are really busy and committed to other projects and/or real life stuff... Gonna have to wiggle, wiggle like the early worm, and hope some birds fly by.
  22. I have no wip and I'm working too much
  23. Sean Bean is only in the movie, although as for whether the character dies in the game, well that is getting into spoiler territory I'm not sure anyone would be too fond of. But it's a different actor from what I've heard -- actually I think the character in the movie and game is modeled after a completely different actor, possibly the one who does the voice for the game, I'm not sure. They changed Noctis's dad design at some point from what it used to be. Sean Bean lived in that Silent Hill movie. I was amazed. Also totally not pointing out that it's a different voice actor in the
  24. So everyone knows -- I fully intend to finish both of my songs, 1 that is arranged but missing instruments. I haven't started on "Zombies on your Lawn" at all. I am open to someone taking it if they can do a better job and can do it SOONER. Otherwise I intend to make it. Chimpazilla isn't bluffing, the album could be cancelled if people don't step up. I want to see this album happen...
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