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  1. This will be a very hard compo and I'm actually glad I can't contribute
  2. I bought your last book, haven't quite read it yet, did a little bit but not far. You're asking me to buy this just based on..... what, our "friendship"? The fact that we're both on OCR? The fact that I don't take no shit? Telling me on facebook, "Go buy it you horsecock"? Did you really think any of that stuff is a legitimate reason for me to buy your book? ....'cause maybe it is. But you had BETTER pay it forward.
  3. Dude you goosed me with your moderation, I thought you were posting some news about FFV
  4. 3 days left and a little under 3k to go, give it a look Doesn't seem like anyone from OCR gave a gosh-damn, it succeeded anyway
  5. They're not moving beyond their formula but I'm sure it'll be OK and a lot of people will probably like it. That still makes them one of the best indie devs around.. here's to hoping some gems on the soundtrack!
  6. Is that garritan personal orchestra? Has that fun synthetic sound, just goes to show you don't need expensive samples to make an orchestral mix! This mix is a lot of fun and energetic, it reminds me of the good old days.
  7. Daaang So I need to think of a source that also has a MIDI file for it.. and then the next round will start from when that's ready? This'll be tough to figure out! Thanks for the votes you guys! Very nice work all around!
  8. Yeah Jokes that make us look bad are always hilarious Though I love joke songs and I wish a site existed specifically for those...
  9. If he was banned from talking in-game, it wouldn't affect messages or party. Test that. After update 3.50, certain microphones don't function properly anymore and there will probably be a fix. Try it out with the original microphone that came with the system, or the PS4 Camera if you have it. Both of those should work. If they don't, try turning your PS4 all the way off (not rest mode, but actually OFF) and then turn it back on when safe. If after all of this you think you might have been banned by Sony from using voice features due to.. what I can only imagine is the worst vocal online
  10. Hi! I am here to share the news of my friend's Kickstarter for Liberty: Deception Vol. 1. You all know and love him, Careless from the duo Careless Juja, previously the Accordion player for Random Encounter. This is a passion project of his, and it has taken a lot of work across many years, and he does so much stuff out of pocket that he could really use some help, he deserves it. I'm not involved in any way with the Kickstarter apart from being a backer, though we do a podcast as well called Liberty: Critical Research. Right now they're doing a series between-seasons of horror stories c
  11. Thanks everyone who posted a WIP on the private subforum! Please share feedback on the WIPs, guys, don't just leave it up to me! Let's make a nice little community effort out of it. I'm thinking the next good WIP date may be June 20th, unless anyone has objections. That's a little over 2 months worth of time to put into a nice WIP or even a finished mix. If anyone specifically asked me for feedback, please hold on until I do so, life is pretty busy sometimes
  12. I noticed a lot of mixers had the same type of note inaccuracies in the lead melody, was that from the midi or a coincidence that everyone wrote it differently? Not making a but just curious whether it was the MIDI or an altogether unique occurrence, which in itself would be pretty impressive if that was the case. Really digging the entries but I have no idea how to vote between them. I don't know what to pick... gosh... I felt like everyone put in great efforts, so it's kind of a disservice to have to pick a numbered list of the other 3 entries.
  13. My mix is done and on the page, as well as links to mp3 and wav Haha, didn't mean to rhyme.. What is my title: something some people can never do... (sad)... or maybe an apology for past poorly rolled r's Maybe both.
  14. It's because your instinct is that you're gonna want to parry. I beat DS2 without ever parrying. It's really kind of stupid. I tried parrying in PVP earlier because a friend and I got invaded, and I kept parrying and the guy just kept hitting me and it didn't seem to do jack squat. Soo.... no... not too useful. And visceral attacks were cool in Bloodborne but DS is all about the back stab, which is arguably a more convoluted system than Bloodborne had. You gotta be right perfect behind the dude, hit the button and not any other button at the same time, and it has to be someone you can backstab
  15. Massive improvements to Dark Souls' movement, a lot of inspiration from Bloodborne graphically and control-wise while keeping to the old controls. Things are just faster and more refined, but not as refined as Bloodborne -- that's my opinion. I take the silence to mean that you all either embraced the darkness, or need to git gud. I'm looking for the 4th boss I think... Interesting places. Actually I may have missed a boss cause I got lost, but I found a bonfire with a couple friendlies at it along the road.
  16. That sounds good. Have you put the final version of that mix on the subforum? That would be a good place to put it. I can give feedback on it as soon as I can, about to get ready and leave for work.
  17. Oh man, that is awesome Hoboka! I was just about to work on the song again, but I think by the time I was done with heavy guitars it would have been too late to reamp them, so this will definitely be a nice change (for my neighbors!) Apologies to anyone who may feel that this is unfair to them Definitely if I had decided to enter sooner I wouldn't have had to try to wrangle what minuscule amount of time I have left around work and being considerate to the neighbors so it's my bad. YES! Please enter too, Hoboka! Fancy front page mixpost-having competitor! Alright, so the 3
  18. I'm in. However is 1PM on Thursday the best you can do? If I need to reamp heavy guitars the neighbors might get pissed if I do it too early. I just got off a double. I happened across Larry's post even though I had read the thread before a couple times. I must have missed his post. So that inspired me to write the song this morning. I am a HUGE NIER fan, of the actual game AND its soundtrack, and I was wondering what would finally drive me to remix the unremixable music, and I guess it is this. I wrote the whole thing and started doing modulation on the LASS violins before I got rel
  19. Yee, I looked at it and it's not as extensive as they said. I know as much about the beginning of the game as I did before. I mean we all know that Kingsglaive the movie is taking place at the same time as the game, and that Noctis is not in the movie because he's on the road trip with his friends while the other people are at I'm guessing Insomnia where the kingdom of Regis or whatever is. If you watched the first episode of the anime (which I recommend) it also filled in some of that exposition, as well as what happened to Noctis as a kid. So I dunno, TC's view is completely reas
  20. So interesting situation.. I was playing a game and kept getting a popup "The game will be suspended in 15 minutes" because the license is no longer valid. So I restored my licenses but while I was in the menu I noticed that my PS4 wasn't set as primary anymore. Someone has set their PS4 as the primary using my account. And as the account owner and PS4 owner there's nothing I personally can do right now in order to re-activate MY PS4 as the primary. Anyone have this issue before? It doesn't seem to be affecting anything and I am still able to download Dark Souls 3 and stuff.. it just kin
  21. https://www.gameinformer.com/p/ffxv.aspx game informer doing a month of FF 15 reveals. A few already up!
  22. I loved the draw system. It made it so easy to make your guys OP by drawing 100 of the right stuff and slotting it. I think the platinum demo shows the magic being sort of like "items" which is kinda cool I guess. Maybe it's similar to draw in that you use a magic like a consumable item rather than with MP. In which case it's not specifically similar to FF8, I think most of the FF games have had some form of magical item where if you use it, it casts a certain spell. This reminds me of that. Though it's the acquisition of the magic that will determine how similar it is to ff8. How do you get t
  23. Double-posting because deal with it We're getting good stuff in. WAV of "Let Me Know The Truth" from RiverSound, and "Prelude" from Rexy, two of the key songs we needed for the album. I am trying to get in touch with some other people to see if they're still doing stuff. The list of unclaimed songs got removed, recruitment is over. I think I'll end up doing "Deep Under the Water" since it's one of my favorites and it ended up on the cutting floor. Hopefully I don't have to do Elia too, I am still trying to find out what's up with kate and see if she's going to do it. A
  24. Those are some great pics, great. Lately I've been taking iPhone video of ducks.
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