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  1. Don't worry, it will still be there when you are able to play it. And I'm not sure how much anyone could spoil a game with no story that is just a big series of epic boss fights and exploration of environments. Atmosphere, lore (item descriptions), etc. Really hard to actually spoil it.
  2. You might have to find a way to finish all of your remixes before that little squirt pops out. Good luck
  3. Dark Souls 3 is like making remixes. You just keep trying until you can get through it without a lot of problems. ..............though you'll still get rekt on occasion. As evidenced by the dang song I have on the panel right now that has so many NOs and so many YESs that they don't even have any judges left to yes or no it, so it's in limbo. I gotta send an update to it so it can pass. But yeah, solid analogy Who all is working on a remix for this?
  4. Why is it clicking, is it clipping? Are you boosting around 60Hz for a subby kick or 80Hz for a punchy kick? None of that should be adding clicks, that's more around the 3500Hz range for the high end click depending on your kick
  5. Drum libraries need pillow control. I want to be able to control how much of the pillow is in the kick drum, and how heavy the pillow is. Also drum libraries need raw recordings instead of processed stuff.

  6. Hey Cosmic Sounds or...........whoever you are... Sorry for the lack of movement on this project from me. I haven't done stuff on other ones too. It's been bad. Real bad. I don't want to drop though, and I dunno how lenient you can still be at this point. I understand if you want to cut me. But I really like my "Don't Cry" source and would really like to tackle it. Things are difficult because I took on more than I could handle, and then stuff came up on top of that. I don't even remember all of the stuff I said I would do, and if people don't tell me then I don't know. But I remem
  7. I didn't even bother buying the season pass. I treat DLC more like a payment plan, where if I like the game, I'll pick up the DLC when it actually comes out. If the DLC is done when a game drops I usually don't bother with the DLC at all and judge the base game strongly on what content is actually included. Though DS3 is awesome, I may get the DLC, especially if there's trophies attached to it Gotta get the platinum to prove I am gud and hold it over my friends' heads. After killing King of the Storm and the Nameless King, the game has definitely flipped on its head. Running aroun
  8. So was it because of the word "update"? I had no way to confirm cause apparently I wrote the post on my work laptop and not at home, and I won't be back there until tonight. I am able to confirm that I did say update in the post I tried to post that didn't work.
  9. Is it in Englais yet?
  10. The torrent download link in both the announcement and the above post is broken. The real link is http://bt.ocremix.org/torrents/Final_Fantasy_V_-_The_Fabled_Warriors_~II.WATER~.torrent album! Downloading now that I've found a real link
  11. Unless you want to get someone else, Geomancer (heavy and rhythmic) could be fun to do! I guess I'll wait and see if you go with someone else before putting too much thought into what it'd be. Could probably alternatively do Beastmaster too (aggressive) if Geo gets taken If you can get Sir Jordanius to return, that would be great. Haven't seen him since last year, wished him a happy Christmas, ain't heard anything.. in months.. I miss him
  12. Will IX, XI be an inside job? Looking forward to those albums, dunno why X was missing, maybe cause it'd just be empty space between the tower-like structure of the other volumes? I still think it'd be cool to be an Arm of the 8ths, but was there another thing I could possibly do too? Aren't you worried about the flow of the album if its going from an acoustic thing to a "djent" ?
  13. I never said we should keep remixers from joining the project, I just said if they want to, they should do so LEGALLY
  14. Phuc Those People! And Phuc Hiatuses! Let's Make Street Great Again
  15. I think I can confirm that it doesn't work, though maybe it's a fluke. I had around 10 hours into the game yesterday (Don't judge me). And a total time of around 36 hours, and I couldn't find a new circlet anywhere. Scoured every inch of the starting area. I didn't use the Dried Finger anymore and I didn't get any crashes, so maybe it won't be an issue, but I'd really like to use the Dried Finger. It was the best part of the game IMO. Hopefully they either patch the finger or add a better way to get circlets.
  16. There is no trailer I need visuals as well Visuals are good
  17. I think if his music was available on Youtube I might have heard it, and I think that did/will do more damage to his legacy than anything, despite his intentions being in the right place. Actually being able to hear the music and remember the artist is important but much less feasible when you can't actually listen to their music. That's why I have so many remixes on here for free so you guys can finally listen to them when I'm dead, cause I know y'all ain't doing it now!
  18. That's what you get when you ask me to pick a source while I'm playing Dark Souls 3 Man, I love Motoi Sakuraba's work, it is so diverse. When I first heard he did music for Dark Souls I was like "What? My Star Ocean guy, did Dark Souls? Does it sound like Star Ocean? Or even Tales of?" Such a talented composer that isn't often spoken of, sadly, though it is deserving. Hoping to see some good stuff from this compo!
  19. I find pvp really funny in this game. People are as bad at it as usual, just hiding under enemies and healing, but using the Dried Finger is the funnest thing of any Souls game. Getting 4 versus 2 and having mad phantoms running around... Spamming hello carving and "call out" gesture. Clapping after every kill even though it's so unfairly stacked against them. But it's their own fault for being bad and also invading unsuspecting (or not so much) adventurers. My favorite place to do this was at smoldering lake boss door but now I can't do it anymore cause the boss died. Leave snake
  20. I'm so confused, I don't know whether to bandwagon mourn or bandwagon bandwagon, but Red Shadow's post almost made me spit my coffee
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