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  1. There's definitely a negative influence it's had on writing songs with a lot of repetition. I've been writing music for a movie the past couple months, and the director is wanting a lot of repetitive and ambient tracks. However even with this I still run into problems with thinking "The chords need to change now to something completely different" or "If I don't put a new instrument in here it's going to get boring" Even though that's completely untrue. The real truth to everything is that you should be able to have diversity in your writing. Having an ability to be complex when you want and simple when you want is probably the biggest freedom to composing songs. Doing work on this film has taught me that you can make something beautiful and interesting with only 3 tracks. Or with repetitive rhythms and lines (I will say though that if you're writing repetitive music, having a melody that's complicated will get INCREDIBLY grating after a bit). The problem with repetition is when it's done on accident or out of laziness. Like a rock song probably needs to be developing a melody in a very obvious way, but a trip hop or ambient song can develop one slow and subtly. I guess it all comes down to the context of your track, if that makes any sense. And yeah, I agree that OCR doesn't hate repetition. I've heard a couple things from here that sound like they take influence from groups like Boards of Canada. If you listen to MHTRTC at first it seems like everything is just cut and pasted for 6 minutes a piece. But if you really listen to it you can hear that things are changing and developing, it's just happening very slowly. Like a different chord every once in awhile, or the drum sample being cut up and moved around just slightly. You shouldn't be confusing that for somebody who just copies and paste's a generic drum loop they made with some vengeance samples for 3 minutes and calls it a house song. EDIT: Also a couple of people on OCR have seriously helped me a lot with my mixing abilities. It's a great place to learn and develop and people really shouldn't be scared of posting mixes here.
  2. I can perfect multishine and shield drop both in Melee, and in real life.
  3. I love my Sennheiser HD 380's, wonderful for mixing, as far as I know doesn't have any heavy EQ on them. If you can't get studio monitors I'd really recommend these.
  4. Really happy you like my stuff man c:

  5. Hey everyone. I've been listening to Flying Lotus's Cosmogramma for the last couple weeks and I'm just in love the his drum programming. I'm wondering if anyone knows how he gets such a heavy and clear bass kick in his song " " (starts at 0:25). I believe he's using a mix of an 808 kick and a sine being glissed down, please correct me if I'm wrong though. I've tried working with 808 kicks but they never come out very clear like this, and if they do they end up clipping. Does anyone know how I could get it them to sound very upfront in the mix and still keep the rest of the track sounding clean? Thank you for any advice.
  6. Woo Klonoa! I would absolutely love to make a remix of for the album if there's any space. Definitely my favorite VGM from the PS1.
  7. Looks really cool! I love Omnishere and its samples, I hope this one is even better.
  8. Is Ness solid in 64? I haven't seen to many top level matches where someone goes Ness sadly. It'd be awesome to see Isai try to pick him up for Apex at some point like he did with Jiggs.
  9. Definitely going to enter this, I love the Traverse Town theme.
  10. Has anyone seen Cynical Brit's new video on game journalism? I think it's probably the smartest and most level-headed take on all the salt and drama from this whole thing:
  11. It is a little strange how I didn't get an auto-confirm message, but I won't worry about it. I'm just happy you guys got my submission! Thanks for letting me know!
  12. I'm wondering if you guys have gotten my submission email yet? I submitted it on 8/12/2014 with the subject "Unknown Alias - Submission", but after 3 days I didn't get an auto-confirm email. I tried sending it again yesterday, but still no email in my inbox or junk. I sent both my emails to submissions@ocremix.org. Did I do something wrong at all? So sorry for the inconvenience or confusion.
  13. Oh Boy! I can talk about old analog synths for hours on end and never get bored. If we're talking emulations, Tal has some of the most accurate roland synths I've ever heard. The Bassline-101 is a great emulation of the classic SH-101, and his U-NO-LX does the Juno-60 equally as well. He also has some great free versions of these on his site. I'd also check out Korg's Legacy series Which has a great MS-20, Mono/Poly, and PolySix. The Wavestation plugin has some great FM sounds too. Memorymoon Also has some great emulations of analog synths, although they are made with synth-edit, and they are a little old, don't let that fool you. These still sound great! Especially the CS-80 emulation, which is way better than Arturia's if you ask me. Plus his plugins are very affordable. The Jupiter 8 is just wonderful, sadly I haven't found a plugin that really does it justice yet, although the Arturia Jupiter 8V does come close at times. And finally U-He's Deva, which is very pricey, but I have heard nothing but amazing things about it, it does a great Minimoog, Juno-60, Jupiter 8, and MS-20, and is very versatile. If you have some cash this is a great one to check out. Now if we're talking real deal here. I'd say a great synth to track down is a Roland SH-101, due to them still being very cheap, and being able to produce so many great sounds. The Jupiter 8 is also good, although very expensive, same with the Yamaha CS-80 (which is worse because it's also unbelievably heavy). The Yamaha DX7 is pretty much the pinnacle of FM synths, also very easy to find, and very affordable. It's hard to program though, so get ready to look up some guides. The Roland D50 is also something to look into due to it's unique character. If we're able to go more modern, Moog's Sub Phatty is amazing sounding, and has that "moog" character that their synths are known for. If you can't afford a real deal Minimoog, this is a great 2nd place for me. Korg also has the MS-20 mini out now, which is very similar to the late 70's synth, and due to it being new is a lot easier to find, and much better on your wallet. Hope you got some good info man!
  14. If I can add another track from Switch Force. is so up beat and happy and it makes me feel really good when I hear it. Also the bassline in it is brilliant.
  15. Ahh why not, I'll make a fun little cover of this! First time doing something for one of these, so I hope I'll do alright.
  16. I really like some of the tones used here, and I personally enjoy the way you arranged it a whole lot. The guitar sound you're using though is very obviously fake (except the slides, those actually sound very good). I think it sounds a lot less noticeable when there are other instruments there later on. When I first hear it at the beginning though, it sounds very "midi". With some EQ and mixing though I bet it could sound a lot better! I love the triplet notes at 1:36. and again, a lot of the other tones are very nice to me, and while some others might find issues with them, nothing personally struck me other than the guitar.
  17. I think the longest I've ever gone is around a month and a half, Not 100% sure though. Usually after I'm finished with an album I take a small one month break to relax and free up my head so the songs I write for the next one will feel fresh and interesting. It's important to me to not feel bored when making music, because I think if that happens it will show in the composition and the production. It's also important that I don't take breaks that are too long otherwise I'll forget things and I might end up feeling overwhelmed by not having been working. It's always important to find a nice middle ground for me.
  18. Happy birthday WillRock! Hope you have a nice day/evening.
  19. So far it's pretty groovin'! The only thing right now that stands out that I would change would probably be to make that open hat a little quieter. Happy Birthday, by the way! I hope you have a good one. c:
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