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  1. Music, music, music! Been at it a lot this week! 

    I might start a new original dubstep track soonish. It's been a while since I did anything involving the wubwubs.

  2. I'm glad there's a place to share original tracks. I had a bit of a tough time deciding on which one I wanted to share first. I've been making a bunch of cool original stuff this year, and this is just one of the for fun ones. At the time, this was my first time ever in playing with 8-Bit elements. There's an 8-Bit section on Rytmik Ultimate (percussion, FX, bass, leads). Rytmik is a really nice and user friendly DAW. I bought it off Steam some months back. I don't regret my purchase in the slightest. ^.^ Really, when I was putting this together and seeing what I could do with these retro old school game type sounds, I kept thinking, "hey, this reminds me of EDM music." It's got that energy and rhythm. The morphing arp melody was something different I did. I'm often trying out and doing different stuff when it comes to making music. That electric guitar-like synth, yeah that's different and fun as well. I'm curious to know what your feedback would be!
  3. Whoa, I really like this one. From the very beginning, my eyes went wide. I felt like if I didn't pay attention to all that was going on, I'd miss something. So much cool action-packed energy here! As I listened, I could picture a ferociously cute cat dressed in black like a ninja, turning those killer robots to scrap metal. Anime style? Definitely. (If there's ever a reboot of Samurai Pizza Cats that could be produced, this track should be included in the soundtrack.) I unfortunately don't have the the time or patience to make animated videos, but I hope someone does come up to you and ask if they could make an animation to go with the music! The synths sound so fun. That peaceful sounding break in the middle, that's pretty and interesting of a part. Great work!
  4. I'm not sure about the direction you went with this piece. It sounds nice, but I agree with what TorchForge said at the beginning. It also might help to include a beat. I think a nice soft beat is missing here... The instruments are in really nice quality. Nothing's off key, and the audio quality is very good. Your track sounds a bit jazzy, but it's lacking something. Maybe a bit of saxophone could go well here. Try it! I think you have potential as a composer. Keep at it, and keep developing in practice.
  5. This is well orchestrated. The reverb fits so nice here. It's so floaty, spacey, and atmospheric. Pretty bells! The strings here sound great too. I think this is well mixed. Very clean and high quality to me, someone who listens to music on the headphones a lot. xD Keep it up Souperion!
  6. I feel really confident about this piece. I know I've improved on the structure and pacing better than my first attempt at a Darius Twin remix (of the main boss theme). I went overboard, too crazy with the first one. Some of the beats were off-pace. I find it to be a cool listen from beginning to end, but it's also messy in places, and some of the transitions aren't very good. I'm going to have to redo the entire track one day. This time, I'm sure I got it right. I already filled in the remix submission form yesterday with the 192kps mp3 attached before making this thread. That's how good and accomplished I feel about my newest completed remix. Did I make a mistake here? It's my first time sharing any music I do on this forum. ^^; I normally share my music on both Soundcloud and Newgrounds. After listening to my track "Narukinians at War" enough times, I think I'll link to where you can hear it on NewGrounds. Yeah, the track sounds a bit better there. It's got the timer on the track at the bottom, similar to Soundcloud, so we're good on that. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/988306 I say more about my remix in the description. I don't mind extra feedback. And, I don't remember hearing a remix of the Narukini theme done by anyone else. Would any of you know of anyone else who did, or attempted to? I'm just curious. If so, I'd like to hear the music! There's not many Darius Twin remixes in existence, as far as I know.
  7. This is very clean and high audio quality. Well mastered of a mix. The synth harmonies bring a pleasant surprise to me. Great synth work here! Just beautiful. What a groove. I love the synths in this. Very fun on the ears to hear! Nice fade out at the end.
  8. Wow, this is blowing me away. The intro is so ambient and atmospheric in addition to orchestra elements. I love it! Nice touch with the bells, and you don't overdo them. The vocals sound so good and clean, and that static/stutter effect to them make it unique and special. There's a wide variety of sounds going on. Again, wow! My only suggestion is to make this a bit lengthier (at least a minute longer), before that interesting end point. Try some more various things with this beauty of a track. Best of luck in your submission.
  9. Hello OC Remix! I've been a long time listener here and there (a lurker), but I haven't chosen to interact on the forums until now. My real first name is Marianne. Anyone reading my post may also call me Kitty or SFJ (short for my artist name I've given myself off the top of my head ages ago; SilverFox Jams). I'm not new to instrumental making or remixing. I've been into music making since summer of 2003. I've first done a handful of original tracks through an older version of Acid Pro. I accomplished my first ever remix on Acid in 2014, but sadly it's not exactly a game remix, lol. I found out early on that Beatdrop's mix of the Mortal Kombat Techno Syndrome was moved to archives, and remixes like that or similar in which weren't directly from a game soundtrack were no longer welcome. So, I moved on and tried hard to make my first gaming remix, of the boss theme from Darius Twin; a 1991 SNES game tune. Although, it didn't turn out as good as I had originally hoped. I knew that "Killer Hijia" (my crazy and overboard attempt of remixing the boss theme from the game) wasn't OC Remix worthy, not long after I completed and read some good constructive reviews on Newgrounds. Although my brand new Darius Twin remix/remake is much better; the music for the planet stage Narukini! Yesterday, I filled out the submission form in good detail via email. Now all I do is wait. ^.^ Some of my favorite remixers who have contributed their talents on this community have been bLiNd, posu yan, The Wingless (the "Godspeed" StarFox Corneria remix is an epic classic), and Ailsean. ...I don't remember how I first discovered OC Remix so long ago, but I've known about the community since I was a teenager. Now I'm in my mid-30's--and I don't feel old yet. xD I've noticed there's a Discord server. I'll join when I'm ready. I'll change my display nickname there to SilverFox Jams when I arrive.
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