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  1. This is my remix of the neptune tank theme aka cold water from the original Resident Evil (1996) and Resident Evil Remake (2002). I always enjoyed the original very much as it is relaxing but also haunting. I remade in 4/4 instead of 5/4 and added some new instrumentation and melodies. (And there is even a Kantele involved ;).
  2. This was on my todo list for a long time. Finally I made a cover/remix of one of the greatest videogame soundtracks of all time: Parasite Eve! It is the stunning main theme of the game, featuring my favorite parts of the short and orchestral theme. I added some deeper tones and dramatic voices. Hope you enjoy it!
  3. thank you so much for your comment! 😊 I always loved the Tomb Raider themes and i finally wanted to share my tribute.
  4. This is the edited version of my original instrumental piece "back and forth" I arranged a while ago. It has a more "foresty" and mysterious emotional undertone. Thank you for listening!
  5. It is too hot these days, so I remembered I composed this piece a few years ago for a music school project. At the time I tried to compose in the phrygian mode, but it turned out in another mode in the end :). Thank you for listening!
  6. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. Yes and no :), played on my Clavinova but with a plugin that I finally am happy with.
  7. The classic Tomb Raider series and Lara Croft were a big part of my childhood and I still love to play the classics this day. I tried to make a different approach on the main theme of the first game solo on the piano :).
  8. This is my piano cover of the Hero Quest Ingame Music from the Amiga version. I made a cover of this 14 (!) years ago and it was very well received so I revisited it and recorded a new version. Hope you can feel the heroic fantasy mood with this. Thank you for listening!
  9. Thank you!! I had the pianoversion of this one laying around for years and always wanted to give it a deeper and richer sound with some rockelements, synths, cembalo and also some mystery.
  10. A modern, dreamy and airy remix of the main menu theme of the SNES version of Sim City with piano, strings, synths and drums! It will always be my favorite version of Sim City. The nintendo soundtrack had something very special and comforting about it.
  11. Hi there, I am just curious if anybody has some tips where to share original music and/or covers in general? Or how you do it with your own music and remixes? (forums, platforms, …). Thx in advance!
  12. A new original instrumental song with piano, cembalo, synths and rock elements.
  13. This is a collection of my solo piano covers of my favorite video game music. From Sim City to Silent Hill 2 - I hope I can share some nostalgia with you, let me know if you like the covers. Timestamps in the videodescription!
  14. My cover/recreation of the save room theme of Resident Evil - Code Veronica (a moment of relief). In my opinion it is the most "happy" one of the save room themes and very soothing and relaxing. I am still hoping for a remake of Code Veronica one day. It is the longest and also one of the hardest Resident Evil Games. Always loved this one but everytime I forget the fire extinguisher … I popped up my Wii with Code Veronica X to film this scenes for this video, hopefully it brings some nostalgia!
  15. I really enjoyed this, thank you for sharing 😀. I guess the synthsounds gives it even more nostalgia! (I also prefer the older games much more)
  16. original music for a mysterious horror adventure game. This is one of many themes I composed for an abandoned videogame. Initially planned for an investigations scene.
  17. A little piano cover of the title theme of the SNES version of Sim City. It will always be my favorite version of Sim City. The nintendo soundtrack had something very special and comforting about it.
  18. My cover of the Save Room Theme (Save Haven) from Resident Evil 1 (Original/Remake/Remaster). I just love this game series so much and all the save room themes, this cover/recreation was long overdue! Builded from the ground up, I wanted to give it a more orchestral and richer feeling and took inspirations from all the different versions (original, remake, deadly silence). Let me know if you like it!
  19. Thank you very much for your comment! Yes I made the part you are talking about richer with more melody-accompanying middle notes/chords. As the original PC-version also has a similar "crunchy" sounding I find it to be very fitting and personally love the Amiga/lowres sound. I understand what you mean with the voices, guess I could have flexed them more and could have worked out the general sound of them more, but I wanted to use them as original as possible and mixing is still a thing I am working on. Anyway I am very happy you enjoyed it!
  20. Hello *extremely*! I hope you like to *play*! This is my lowres-remix of the hyperspace theme music from Star Control 2/The Ur-Quan Masters featuring incoming messages by the orz! Built from the ground up. For the most part I took the PC-version as reference and the ending with the modulations from the 3DO-Version. Do not forget to *enjoy the sauce*!!!
  21. I always loved the Resident Evil soundtracks, especially the save room themes from the older games. This is one of many themes I composed for a hypothetical mystery adventure game and it turned out very inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill.
  22. aka "Brambles" aka "Stickerbrush Symphony". Playing the Donkey Kong Country series on the SNES is one of my fondest memories of my childhood and this is another magical track by David Wise and my favorite of Donkey Kong Country 2.
  23. My piano remix cover of the ecco: the tides of time title theme. I recorded the different voices all with the piano and combined them later, so it has a similar feeling to the original version. I only played the first few minutes of this game but I played through the first one and was very impressed by it’s dark and mysterious tone, even after so many years. But man, I guess it’s the hardest game ever made, even with cheats I barely got through it - but it was worth it!
  24. This is one of many themes I composed for a hypothetical mystery adventure game. (This song is also a loop, that's why the ending seems a little sudden.)
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