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  1. Hey SlashBib! I just listened to your track, it is really nice! You manage to keep the original kind of desperate feeling of the track with a twist, and I think it's great! I do have a few minor issues though,if you are open to feedbacks: The first one, i think, is inherent to the post rock genre to some extent. I sometime felt lost in a see of sounds and harmony, and was not really able to focus on any particular melody. I think maybe the issue here is that your rythm guitar is a tad to loud? Maybe you could try to tune it a bit down to leave some room to the other instruments? As I say, it might genre related, and I am not particularly into post rock, so I may lack references regarding the sound you aim for. My second point is about your piano sound. It feels a bit out of place, mostly when it enters at 1:10. I don't know how to explain it. It's like it's totally not blending with the rest. Maybe the sound is just a bit dry? Like it need some EQing or something. It also sometimes feels like it is played at high velocity but with a lowered volume, and maybe it would gain to be played louder but softer, if that makes any sense to you? But except those few points, I really liked it! Have a great day!
  2. Hello everyone! New version here: Even though I was really proud of my track, I felt there was still room for improvements, mostly regarding the "chorus" of the track, which was rather repetitive. I added a few variations, and got closer to the source regarding this part, with a little more orchestral parts. I also worked a little bit on the lead guitar mixing by automating the levels, in order to flatten the loudness variation between parts where only one guitar was playing and the parts where both were. I also added a few bpm to the tempo to get a bit more into heavy territory (nothing too fancy, going from 120 to 126). I know OCR is more skewed towards old school OST (and so I am, I all honesty), but I hope you'll enjoy it, even if you are not familiar with the source!
  3. JulienMulard

    The Best Video Games of This Decade

    A lot of great games have already been named. I was going to list a few of my favorite, but I quickly realized it would be too skewed towards the last games I played, and also not really original (Hollow Knight, The Witcher 3, etc... You don't need me to tell you these games are great ^^) But for me, the most influencial game of the decade is clearly Dark Souls. Is it the best? Probably not. But man, this game has redifine some of the industry standard, from the difficulty player were willing to tackle to the cryptic storytelling.
  4. JulienMulard

    2. ready for review FFVI - Terra's theme

    It's really chill and lovely, and at the same time epic and sad. The arrangement and the production are on point. But damn, it's short! Around 1:35, you start building up with your drums, and then, it just deflate instantaneously, when I was hoping for the B section (major part) to begin all bright and shiny. I find this a bit anticlimactic. You maked this as ready for review, so maybe you'll be willing to add a few more ideas in your track (one can dream ^^)? But except that, it still a very solid composition, highly cinematic and emotional! Good job!
  5. Hello djRyoji! I just listen to your track, and from a pure production perspective, I have nothing to say really, it's rather solid. The arangement is on point, with an expected but well executed choice of orchestration. The source is great and you are complimenting it perfectly. The track might be a bit quiet? But I don't quite have neither the ear nor the equipment for judging audio levels anyway, so take it with a grain of salt Regarding the quality of your track as a remix (and I am not sure wether it's your goal here or not, but hey, we are on ocremix here ^^), it is really short and overly conservative. I think you could learn a lot from trying to build whole tracks (I am talking at least 2-3 min long here) rather than "just" playing the source with realistic instruments. The source here is really short, it's a ~20s loop, so it is a really challenging thing to do, but you could try to change the rythm, compose variations based on the original harmonic progression, mix in another song to add material, hell, compose a brand new B section, add soli (it might not be the genre here, but you could also change it), etc... I think you are on the right track regarding production, so don't be afraid of creating new things, bend the source to your will, and you'll be quite the remixer! Have a great day!
  6. Hello everyone! I've been working on this remix of the Rotten Vale theme for the past few days, and for once, it came together really quickly (~10-15 hours rather than the 60h++ I usually spend on tracks). I know I suck at mixing/mastering, but what do you think about it? https://soundcloud.com/julienmulard/the-heaviest-monster-of-the-vale-v1/s-0Jp7R The original version can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFBXcl6FW6M About the track: I wanted to remix a track from the Monster Hunter games for years, as it's one of my favourite video game series. And when I heard this track the first time hunting in the Rotten Vale in MHW, I knew I found a solid candidate for a remix of my own Regarding the source, this remix focus on the very first riff and on the "heroic/epic" melody (starting at around 1:35). I used a few other parts as well, but without really trying to keep the original structure of the piece, as I felt some of the part were not conveying the right energy. So this is a rather liberal reinterpretation of my favorite parts of the source rather than a "by the book" cover. I had a strong Arch Ennemy vibe from the "heroic" theme, so I went into that direction. The track in general has a strong melodic death/metalcore vibe. The thing I am the less confident about, from a composition point of view, is the weird clean guitar/cello part near the end of the track, wich is clearly a reference to the song Nemesis from Arch Ennemy. If you find it out of place, I am open to suggestions regarding how to make this part better Thank you for your feedback, and have a great day!
  7. I'd love to participate! Any problem with the use of VSTs? I am not exactly a guitar player, and I'd rather use my keytar or my mouse to write some sweet parts (and if you need a keyboard solo, I can help too :D). Here is a sample of the kind of stuff I can provide.
  8. Still alive and working on things! This track will be updated someday, but I have more critical things to do in the near future. First, thank you Gario, and thank you Rozovian for your feedbacks. I did work on things since Gario's eval, but there is one point that I feel will be more complicated: I only have the Kontakt factory lib regarding orchestral sounds. So no control over the swelling (attack is at the minimum). I will probably ask if someone care to record some horn tracks for me, as I noticed a few people who play the french horn on the board. For the choir, I did a few modifications on the mixing. There is nothing more I can do right now, as I can't afford a better orchestral lib at the moment. I'll post an update ASAP! EDIT: Change the prefix back to WIP, as it has been already reviewed twice
  9. Okay. I think it's time to go through Evaluation, because I want it done, and I am really proud of where I am in term of mix and composition. Here we go!
  10. Ok, so I left everything (almost) untouch regarding the master track compression, but I did change compression on the choir and the horn (which I almost hard limited, foolish me learning compression 6 month ago), so now the orchestral part should breath a lot more. I may have lost something like 0.2db in the fight, but I am not a fierce loudness warrior, so it's OK for me I think. @timaeus222 does this sound acceptable to you? Edit: Just noticed the file is 7min++ long, but the track stop at around 6:30. I'll fix it in the next version
  11. Hey Timaeus! Thank you for offering to mix it yourself, I did think about asking for help on this end during the last few months. But when I see where I am right now regarding the quality of the mix, I feel I can try a bit harder and achieve something cool on my own (given some direction) So let me try one more time! I'll be back soon! And thank you for the quick answers!
  12. Thank you for your feedback Timaeus! It was exactly what I was looking for! So I've been checking all your points. Please note: I am using Shreddage 2X for the guitars and Shreddage picked bass for the bass. The drums are EZDrummer Metal Machine. So nothing recorded here. True, low passed at 7kHz, so I tried opening it. As the lead don't have a lot of energy beyond that point, it sound more open without hurting anything. Wich is nice I did put different high pass on all the lower end sounds (guitar, bass, kick, etc...) to kill the unneeded energy. All those sounds happen to have very little energy in the very low band (20-50). I tried moving the filters towards 20Hz rather than 50, but can't seem to hear or see a huge difference. Ah, the hawk! I couldn't get it to work as I wanted, but let it be anyway, hopping for this kind of comment. I killed the frequencies around 4.8kHz, and it sounds way better! Still not exactly happy about the result, but I will tweak my delay/reverb and try things to get it work nicely, or discard it, as it's more a joke thing than a really important part. So I did that, and tried to calm my drums a bit regarding dynamics to avoid clipping, plus adjusting my limiter on the master track to get a nice saussage I think I manage to get to that kind of audio level without to much audio damage. You'll tell me, as I can't really tell if a track is slightly over compressed or not (I don't have the hear training on that end yet). So yeah, limiter on the master track. But I think the ceil was badly set, so I adjusted it. Regarding orchestral dynamics, I'll try working on it. I did use comp on every instrument to bring them in front, but kind of killed the dynamic in the process. It's all Kontakt factory samples BTW, so I don't have lots of control over the sound. But I'll experiment with volume automation to give the orchestral part more life and see where it leads! So here it is! Oh, and BTW , I think Soundcloud uses internal comp on uploaded tracks, so i may provide a DL link if anyone wants to analyze it in a DAW.
  13. Hello everyone! I am back with a new version! On the menu: A whole new mixing, with a lot more power (and maybe too much bass?) A cliché ending 6:30 of pure heavy metal trope stuff (well technically, it 4:35 heavy metal, 2:00 heavy ballad, but hey, a story must have a conclusion!) A hawk ('cause metal you know ? (still not totally convinced by it, but I found it funny ^^)) I am waiting for your feedbacks, mostly on the mixing/levelling, and the low end of the spectrum, as I can't tell if there is too much bass or not (and I have neither the ears nor the monitors to test it properly). I will happily hear what you think about the ending too! Or on anything really! Thank you for your time and have a nice day! Note: I know the song is very long, but I won't cut anything or change the composition in any major way. I can't. I want it done. I don't want to work on this piece anymore :'( ^^
  14. Hi everyone! Just posting here because The Nikanoru extorted a WIP from me, and I thought it would be fair to share it with everyone Enjoy the systematic slaughter of everything moving under the sea on Aquas! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0QpOgRYCqN3VmxCa3hqLXlheFE If you fancy the second part of the mix, I suggest you check one of my favorite artist of all time (a fellow frech guy) going by the name of The Algorithm. I really wanted to imitate his style for a long time, and this ReMix seemed to me like a good occasion to try a lot of new things. EDIT: The guitar solo at the begining is a placeholder, I am well aware that it contained a lot of mistakes
  15. Hi! If by strings you meant the stab synth (which sound more like brass than strings IMHO), I think you have a good start by using a saw (not detuned) with an almost open filter, and maybe a really short enveloppe on the cutoff of a lowpass filter (fast attack, from everything cut to almost nothing cut). For the bells, try a square in high pitch with a "percussive" volume enveloppe (i.e. instant attack, long decay and release, no sustain). Add delay and/or reverb and play with the filters to adjust your sound (keep in mind you want a brillant sound so try not to touch the highs). You may or may not want to add a saw or a triangle in the mix to add some spectral information (but mixed lower). You seem to struggle with sound design, which is a difficult and critical part of music creation (making the perfect sound from scratch, or just copying an existing sound). If you want to learn more about synth sound design, may I suggest you try Syntorial? The software itself is rather costly (around $130), but the free demo (including a lot of lessons) may give you some basic understanding of the key parts of a classic substractive synth (oscillators, filters, enveloppes, etc..). I found this software to be really interesting. I did not buy it though, so I don't know exactly how much you can learn if you do spend some money for it. I hope I could be of some help! And sorry for the bad english, it's not my mother tongue. Edit: Typo