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  1. Wait, i think I know the problem! Did you just drag your vsts into the channels? (replaced Snare with whatever you replaced it with) Copy each track, drop a random plugin into the channel rack, paste the notes into that channel and see if that works Wait version do you have? This is version 12.4 (yes I haven't upgraded to 20 yet) EDIT: I tried messing around with the arrangement thing for basically the first time - I have no idea what I'm even doing, so maybe this is out of my league....
  2. Hi everyone. I've started writing again and I've had this idea for a while about a Zelda/Skyrim crossover. I've decided to bring those ideas forth and write something. Here it is, if anyone wants to take a look, only 2 chapters are up right now, but chapter 3 is in the works. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13006275/1/Legend-of-the-Dragonborn-Includes-DLC
  3. Try going to Tools and selecting 'Dump score log to selected pattern.' If you played notes on your keyboard, it saves what you played and you can dump the notes to the pattern. If you recorded....Not sure how to help you on that. Hope this helps. Also try copying your tracks to different ones and see if that works. (drag another Snare to the 4 channel thing to create a new one, and copy your notes to the new channel.) Also make sure nothing is muted. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me!
  4. Thanks, Meteo, I'll ask them if they do custom shirts.
  5. I'd like to have a white t-shirt, medium, with the OCR logo on the front, in orange, and my name and avatar picture on the back, also in orange. If this is possible, and if someone makes custom shirts for members, I'd greatly appreciate it if you would point me in their direction. Thanks in advance.
  6. I am 100% going with my dad. I only live an hour away (as it says under my name) Is anyone else going and on what days? . Also will there be an OCRemix booth there, possibly? Also, I would like to have a custom shirt made IF possible in time for the event. Who do I contact and is there a price for custom shirts?
  7. https://i.giphy.com/media/rl0FOxdz7CcxO/giphy.webp I can do the ambient music. IT'S HAPPENING!!!
  8. MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKKEKEEEEEEE Thanks to Nika, I am now able to use my keyboard as a controller for Fruity Loops. SAC is acting weird with my keyboard, though that might be because I have the player version of Kontakt instead of the full version, oh well. I shall put up some demos soon of random stuff. (To be added to this post)
  9. Will try to convince my parents to let me send him my MM6, as I feel as if it'd benefit him more than me, as I rarely use it now.
  10. I still need lots of people to join the Discord. Here you go. https://discord.gg/M2gVqU8 ONLY ENTER IF YOU ARE PART OF THIS PROJECT, THANK YOU.
  11. What I said about the choral post - I was just wondering how he got that put together? Also, yeah, I had the mega mix planned all along as a bonus track (check the spreadsheet) Basically, all sources are welcome, any style (as long as it flows well into other tracks!!) TABH and Zonesssssssssssssss have been picked, Finally. Welcome, GCJ!!! EDIT: Meteor Base's font is messed up, might want to look at that....
  12. I've started on the Staff Roll from SF1. (Kontakt can't pitch bend on its own....Nor change volume of the tracks unless it's assigned to a midi channel that previously did so-note that it can only pitch bend 1 semi pitch if sent to a midi track (at least in FL)) Not sure how I'm going to go with it, might combine SF2's title with it too..... Already talked about it on the Discord. But I can post what I wrote here, I guess.
  13. O-O EVERYBODY! I have an idea. We create a massive remix using SAC. How about it? EDIT: 22nd page, woohoo! Last week of school (forever, unless I go to college), so yay for more time to work on this!
  14. I have interest in taking up a track, if need be. I can probably do all the ones that need done, I guess. But if you want to just get this out the door, that's fine.
  15. Yes, get on the discord, people. Please. If you want, anyway. Also- voice work. We need to talk about that too.
  16. OMG hello inbox! Glad to see that everyone's still alive and stuff. Yeah, working on lots of stuff atm. Will have to redownload all my soundfonts again..yyaayyyy...... I might as well send my old hardrive off to try to get everything back. Lot easier than getting everything again and remaking everything from scratch.... Edit: Also I'm Ness now....Yay?
  17. Skyrim, Witcher 3, Okami, and Grim Dawn are my most played games Grim Dawn is 337 hours Skyrim is 122 hours, and that's without modding Witcher 3 is 54 hours Okami HD is 42 hours
  18. Helloooooooo???? Oh well. Nika - I remade Clipped Wings AGAIN. if you're ever on, here it is- it is far from being done, I got the introduction started, though https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jxTwbPXdSw0KBy_f8weBNAqmH_C0e7U9
  19. ATTENTION: My hard drive died. All of my album work is gone (until I get the drive fixed). HOWEVER. I have at least one copy of the SCRAMBLE flp on my Drive. I have no idea what version the flp is, but if you want it, PM me. Until then, I shall make do with what I still have (everything from 4 years ago).
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