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  1. Awesome. I know as this track is right now that it has no chance of passing the panel. Hopefully it can eventually get to a state where it can pass the panel. i want to somehow recreate the Dragon chanting heard in Dragonborn but I don't think that's possible, unfortunately We need to seperate all ranges (so the lower strings are their own track)
  2. Awesome. There's the midi, FL doesn't export pitch bends for some reason for midis..... What program do you use? I can use Cubase again, which is awesome. (For context my new MODX 6 came with a full version of Cubase AI, have not set it up yet nowever)
  3. Since you seem to be very interested, how would you feel about helping me with this mix?
  4. Hi SubNormal! This track is far from finished, the chord at 0:08 is something I put in because I thought it sounded cool, it's original. 1:29-2:03 is original I want it to sound as close as I can get to 'Dragonborn', however I know that I won't be able to recreate the dragon tongue chanting. (Unless somebody can help me with that?) So I suppose a orchestral arrangement would be good. I use Fruity Loops, have been for at least 3 years and I'm just now, very slowly, figuring out the playlist.
  5. Hi all! I worked on this mix over the past day, and I've spent most of today editing it. It's pretty bare right now, but the basic structure is there. Sources (going off of FL time) 0:00 - 0:17 - original/Skyrim drum opening 0:18 - 2:54 - Twilight Princess Title Theme/original 2:55 - 3:02 - Skyrim opening drums/one note 3:04 - 3:41 - Dragonborn (Skyrim main theme) B 3:41 - 3:47 - original 3:48 - 4:13 - Dragonborn motifs/original 4:13 - 4:16 - Zelda main theme cameo 4:18 - 4:32 - Twilight Princes Hyrule Field A 4:32 - 4:47 - Dragonborn A 4:47 - 5:06 - Dragonborn C 5:06 - 5:23 - Hyrule Field B 5:23 - End - Original Tell me if anything needs added/fixed!
  6. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! edit: GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!
  7. Kinda hoping for a surprise midnight drop but since the deadline is at noon tomorrow....maybe not.....
  8. Okay. The album drops tomorrow, dude!!!
  9. Awesome as always, Coop! And what do you mean this isn't as long as the others????
  10. (why do gifs not show up) Anyway, good to know. @The Nikanoru my brother knows how to do HTML and a bit of CSS. PM me for more details.
  11. Can I be co director? Noticed the slot was open. EDIT: I think you left out Sol on the track list.
  12. Sector Y is now claimed, right? Might want to fix that. Also you can put my post about the discord link in the main album post if you want Also you need to fix/add another deadline. @The Nikanoru
  13. Everybody, If you have not been added to the discord channel, please join ASAP. PLEASE JOIN ONLY IF YOU ARE PART OF THIS PROJECT.
  14. I had to make a pun man! It was perfect! Anyway, yeah, really wondering what you're gonna think of my new WIP
  15. Also we may need to have someone take over Blind's track since he lost everything. EDIT: I also volunteer to take on Fortuna.
  16. Nice. You got that Pm right? i think people just need their tracks to be mastered and record some stuff. Not 100% sure but I'm sure they'll contact you on Discord or on here. And if you want to rename the project, sure. Also, I was thinking that, if you want, we could change SCRAMBLE to that WIP I sent you. More...uh..."action...urgency", I guess.
  17. Hi GSO, what you mean by collaboration by passing midis back and forth?
  18. I discovered Zelda Classic (thanks to 744) and I want to use your track as a battle theme of sorts for a quest I plan on making. I shall give you full credit for the track.