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  1. Is the Sinistral Battle Theme available, Gario?
  2. works for me and good to know this is still going on. I'll finish my WIP soon.
  3. wait wtf that *hasn't* been taken? ... Hi my name is Thirdkoopa and I'm so in for Into The Thick Of It
  4. boop though I already sent a message about that edit: And I think I've found the one I want! Hopefully I can take it since it's on the unclaimed list.
  5. chiptune/orchestral/psychobilly hybrid I have a vision for this and it'll be probably one of the shortest remixes on the roster. (dragon god link removed)
  6. Definitely! Depending on who's interested and can give me good quality, I could make this arrangement much larger in an ez. Sheet music is how I typically get things done for games, lol.
  7. Molten Galaxy.mp3?dl=0 meh here's a WIP. I'm digging where it's going so far even if it's pretty rough; IDK how I'm going to get fancy enough sounding samples to pull it off (Or two crazy performers but ATM it's pretty odd on actual guitar)
  8. just for that i'll add a french horn part to this track working on my WIP some tonight and we'll see how far this goes
  9. Anyone else plan on doing Dragon God? If not, I'll get working on a big ol' WiP
  10. Melty Molten Galaxy - Duo Flamenco's and maybe a clap. What are the other deadlines?
  11. i'd love to be on team knight personally but let's see how the assigned positions go
  12. Thanks! Had I been here earlier I would've picked Star Wolf but this is going to be even better since hardly anyone's covered this, honestly.
  13. I'm game. I heard compo's are like, the best way to improve thanks to you lovely people at the PAX West panel, so I'll give it a shot.
  14. Hi, I'm Lucas Guimaraes, and I'm a composer that's dabbled into a few games: Just finished college recently. Excited to meet some new people and improve my art a LOT!
  15. Hey all, I'm excited to be here; I'm really hoping to get some of my mixes officialized by OC Remix so let's start here. I'm looking for whatever critique's you have. I like to use one defense first to preface it so I'll preface it here by saying: I didn't really do much mixing and my speakers are currently in a bad position. I went for a newer more synth version of jazz... so lots of synths and chiptune stuff here. Please enjoy. (or enjoy ripping it to pieces)