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  1. If you're talking about the Declaration of Independence quest... it starts at the Capitol Preservation Society in Rivet City.
  2. No kidding. Her gun is the most powerful automatic weapon I've found yet. Well, besides the minigun. But I'm not a big guns guy, and miniguns are pure annoyance to use outside of VATS. That "charge up" time is killer. Despite Sydney's death, though, I didn't find the Declaration of Independence quest all that hard. Unloading with the combat shotgun worked pretty nicely, well, and the fact that I was loaded with stimpacks. And the fire resistance from the Greyditch quest, helped by some fire ant nectar I still had around, was useful against the flamethrowers and gas leaks that inevitably blew. I'm also going around the capitol as the virtuous knight in shining armor. If I play the game again, I'll have to go for a mow-everyone-down dude with a testy attitude. As absorbed as this game has me now, I have little doubt I'll go through it again. The portrayal of the nation's capitol in post-nuclear ruins is just somehow so compelling, chilling, and yet awe-inducing at the same time. I mean, seriously. A group of ghouls living in the Museum of Natural American History? An entire city inside a beached & broken aircraft carrier? A skyline that always seems to include the swiss-cheese remains of the Washington Monument? What other game gives such a surreal experience as that?
  3. I'm definitely attending just on the OneUps' presence. Is anyone else gonna be there for the VGXPo itself, though? I'm debating whether or not to partake in anything beyond the concert.
  4. Wow, no kidding. I've never heard of these Runaway Five, but after checking them out, man, they've got to be one of the slickest fan VGM bands yet. Sweet, sweet jazz.
  5. Oh wow, I had no idea that song was from a Christmas movie. The only place I've encountered it is on Nightwish's Oceanborn album; they do a wonderfully evocative cover. Hope your version can stand out after hearing it done so well. ^^ I don't usually buy holiday albums, though, since it's akin to hearing Terra remixed for the millionth time. I'll have to think about it.
  6. Oh, there's no way you weren't nitpicking my request. But that can't stop me from wholeheartedly agreeing.
  7. Check out the group Afro Celt Sound System. They do a pleasing blend of world instruments & voices with deep electronic soundscapes. EDIT: Bah, that's right, you hate vocals. Well, most of the vocals are foreign, so you won't understand what they're saying, if it's lyrics more than the human voice that ticks you off. Also, do you ONLY go for electronic music, or are you a soundtrack fan too? If you haven't heard it before, Bear McCreary's soundtracks for the new Battlestar Galactica series have some real gems (aside from all the ambient tracks).
  8. You would confuse Nightwish and Dream Theater with The Black Mages!
  9. I vote for a metal-opera rendition, in the vein of Dream Theater and Nightwish.
  10. For the actual story, and a more balanced perspective on what the Orphan Works Act really does: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20081001-orphan-works-copyright-reform-fails-in-wake-of-bailout-bid.html It's actually pretty sensible legislation, now that the requirements of a "diligent search" are more strictly defined.
  11. Don't you guys even dare tempt me back into this time-hungry vortex of a game.
  12. Curious, does that mean there was *less* crackling when you did that, or exactly as much? Also, what happens if you turn on the EQ, flatten it all to the middle (zero) position, and then put the EQ's pre-amp way down. Can you hear any crackling after you do that?
  13. If none of these other posts are of help, I have another question: What audio player do you use? If it's WinAmp or something with an EQ, do you have the EQ enabled? If you have an EQ digitally raising the frequencies, it may cause the sound to clip.
  14. In before the close: http://www.ocremix.org/info/ReMix_Changelog
  15. Moguta

    Car Audio

    I have a JVC KD-G730 MP3-CD player as my receiver, but stock speakers. The JVC player is the only one I could find, at the time, that displayed the Artist, Track Title, Album, and Track Time all at once. Yes, that really is why I bought it. Especially if I'm previewing some newly acquired music, I like to know the details of what's playing. EDIT: Oh, sweet. Now I have a motive to upgrade my speakers!
  16. Sure! Uninstall Windows.
  17. No... it's odd, I keep getting the same result. OCR flashes right up in Fx 3.0 but it takes a couple seconds to re-render the entire page every time I navigate OCR in Chrome. And I'm experiencing sporadic but significant (5+ second) delays in tab response. Perhaps its because I'm on a single core PC, rather than one that takes advantage of the separate processes? Anyhow, no matter how Chrome turns out, I'm sure we'll see the more useful features make their way into Firefox some time down the line.
  18. For some reason, Firefox 3.0 loads OC ReMix pages noticeably quicker than Chrome. I really have no idea why, as I've noticed just the opposite on other websites. But I have to say, this is a pretty intriguing Google experiment. Hope they flesh it out, and it doesn't end up in a perpetual beta like Google's other famous experiments. The UI truly does try to make the browser as unobtrusive as possible, making way for the actual web content. Hell, at first, I was looking for an option to enable the status bar before I noticed that it pops up on demand.
  19. Linux is pretty neat, and it has become surprisingly mature over the past years. A few months ago I installed Xubuntu onto a buddy's old laptop computer, when his WinXP install corrupted & he lost the disc. And WinXP should also have never been on that laptop, it literally took 15 minutes to boot up. Ubuntu's package update feature is the easiest, most seamless upgrade system I've ever seen. However, I find myself clinging onto a few particular Windows applications I love. WinAmp & Exact Audio Copy have their equivalents, for example, but nothing that works quite the same. In the end, it's the available applications that hold me back, not the Linux OS. However, I think the trend of cross-platform development is beginning to finally bridge that gap.
  20. Calm down here, Mr. Asimov. All we're talking about is the ability to beam power from your wall to your TV. Not from San Francisco to LA.
  21. Y'all just need to build a Faraday cage. For sound.
  22. I'm pretty sure the power transmission is done via EM resonance... i.e. it will only resonate with the tuned coil of the receiving device, not your body. There's no reason to think it unsafe. Unless you worry too about all the TV, radio, and cellphone waves traveling through the air. (But you shouldn't!) And everyone's right who mentioned Tesla, such things have been proposed since the dawn of electric power. The recent breakthroughs are about doing it efficiently & on a miniature scale, I believe.
  23. Moguta


    I Love You All!
  24. Zombieforce: I have Klipsch Pro 2.1 speakers, which deliver nice crisp quality and certainly can give off some hefty bass & volume. I would recommend them to anyone. However, I've heard good things about the top model Logitech speakers (like the Z-2300), and some comments that the Klipsch models are overrated. I can't really find any fault in my Klipsch speakers, but you probably should check out the Logitechs too. If you're going to be hooking high quality speakers up to a laptop, you also might want to invest in a PCMIA sound card. Laptops' built-in soundcards are notorious for low SNR (sound-to-noise) ratios because the built-in speakers are so low quality & distorted that it won't be noticed. At least, they used to be notorious for this. If modern laptop soundcards don't have this problem, someone feel free to correct me.
  25. I must say, it's disappointing to think that I missed hearing orchestrations of old-skool C64 chiptuneage.
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