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  1. All the way up in Boston? ...ah, what the hell. Registered. Why not see what this PAX craze is all about.
  2. Why was this song renamed? I have it as: Dream-Shore Sonata-Fantaisie. I believe this spelling is not uncommon in classical pieces, and doesn't seem to be a mistake to be corrected. EDIT: Nevermind... seems that MC used "Fantaisie" for VGMix and "Fantasy" for OCR. My mistake.
  3. Looking forward to this album. But, sorry Mustin, I just can't see where you're coming from with the N64's Rainbow Road. So what if it's not uber-fast? It's cute Mario racing, not Need for Speed Turbo. Plus, I just have a special place for it after hearing Prozax's take on the theme. In my view, calling N64 Rainbow Road cheesy is akin to calling Mario 64's Dire Dire Docks cheesy.
  4. That blog post is an interesting stab at the subject. For a detailed overview of musical perception research, I'd recommend the book "This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession" by Daniel J. Levitin. (Just skip past the first parts if you're already familiar with musical terminology.)
  5. I wouldn't put it past her. Then again... there weren't certain mind-altering substances present at Brushfire's, were there? ;P
  6. Exactly. Who needs to wait a whole year when we can crash Steveo's place anytime the desire strikes!
  7. Indeed, but the last night was pretty awesome... Getting to see the hilarity of DBZ Abridged which I must now see in full, how good Starla/Injury/"I've-never-played-this-game-before" is at MegaMan 2 even while tipsy, and Steveo's pretty face post-coitus. (Wait, what?) One sucky thing is that I didn't realize people would be heading out as early as they did. Party 'till only 1AM? Ffffeh! And ironically, I happened to pass a Quebec license plate on my drive back home. It did little but remind me of previous company, and just how spread out we all are with few chances to gather like this.
  8. This announcement is While I appreciate all zircon and pixie have done for this site & its people, and wish them well in their future endeavors... I hope OCR was not merely a stepping stone to greater things. Don't stop spreadin' the VGM love!
  9. Wait, are you worrying about social graces in a thread full of nerds? Just think about that for a moment. I'm down. May need to crash, depending on what deathly hours of the night (morning?) this goes 'till.
  10. Sorry to hear about the tough times. Good thing you came to MAG after all. It can whisk away the worst of your worries -- at least for a few days! Also, I think I speak for everyone in saying that nothing seemed 'sucky' or abnormal about your voice, or about your appearance. In fact, the long hair & glasses look was rather slick. Don't be too self-conscious, bro. Excellent.
  11. Sure, I'll go for this grab bag shindig. Why not?
  12. The TARDIS plate, hands down. Though now, I'm disappointed there was no plate with IDIC or something similar.
  13. I live not too far away, and am off work today and tomorrow (Mon & Tues).
  14. MAGFest rocked, as usual. Unfortunately, D-Lux, his lady, and I had to depart Sunday night before the concert. But even with the regret of not seeing all the bands, it was quite a blast. First, a shout out to everyone I had a chance to hang out with: Obtuse, Level99, q-pa, Kizyr, Arrow, Will, AeroZ, and anyone my faulty memory may be neglecting. Sorry I didn't get to hang out with folks as much as I'd have liked, but since MAGFest has a musical experience quite unlike anywhere else, I tend to soak up as much of that as I can, often to the detriment of hanging out & chatting it up. And that's a darn shame, because you're all so chill and down-to-earth. I wish there were more than just a weekend to get to know everyone. The moments that made my MAGFest had to be the entire OneUps set -- no one grooves out to video game tunes quite like this group -- and the dance party held afterward. I was probably sloppy as all hell, but I rarely get the chance to all-out dance, so I really appreciated that. Looking forward to the pics, vids, and anecdotes sure to follow!
  15. I have a feeling more people will notice this if you make a new thread about it. And you never know, some people have pretty quick turn around time on slick beatz. *Looks over at zircon*
  16. Wow. When this music came up in the background, I thought to myself: "Did it just switch to the Genso Suikoden Piano Collections? I thought I was playing OCR music?" Lo and behold, my Winamp had not spazzed. And this music, which was smooth and tempered enough to fool my ears into thinking it was from an official album, was an OC ReMix. I absolutely adore the chill, laid-back vibe, the slow, deliberate pacing, the light touch of expressiveness, and the heavy dose of interpretation. The skill and emotion is plainly evident from both players. Excellent job!
  17. Oooo, thanks. I had no idea about this. Awesome news on the 2MB filesize increase, too. But, DarkeSword... you say that the Changelog is not just for removals, but removals are all that I see there?
  18. Mmmm... Afro-Celt Sound System... A healthy part of any musically-balanced breakfast. Also, the CD in your first post sounds so pretty. But it doesn't seem to be available anywhere online. Sad face.
  19. Happy birthday, Brendan! We all appreciate what you do for the community. (And happy b-day to you too, Starla/Injury/whoever-you-are. )
  20. Wow, Steve-O. This is pretty danged awesome! Seems you found just the right cult classic to make fans come out of the woodwork at all levels!
  21. What about that Solstice track with Steve Pordon? I'll shoot the FLAC your way if it got lost or something. Also, Brendan (MrMAGFest) might want to know which songs are & aren't VG remixes, considering the nature of his project.
  22. C'mon folks! This is the perfect opportunity to harass contact the remixers of your favorite songs that are a bit muddied by 128Kbps (or less) MP3 encoding. I, for one, am definitely going to message DigiE and hope they have that slick 7.5+ minute Castlevania II mix in lossless (as opposed to the 105Kbps it is on OCR).
  23. Awesome, Brendan. I fully support this endeavor. Also, I was just about to comment that Children of the Monkey Machine totally released some FLAC tracks a while back... but they beat me to the punch!
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