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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Bundeslang in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Did a quick mix from the source selected by Colorado Streets. Perhaps anyone else can do a remix as well.
    Bundeslang - The Afternoon Song (Kingdom Hearts 3).mp3
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Eino Keskitalo in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Massive respect to everyone who reviewed every track from this huge round! Wow! Thanks for all the nice comments. I sure intend to finish my track. It would be nice to get posted in 2025, come to think of it ūüėł
    I'm proud of every wooden spoon I've received from PRC! (And I'll be honest, my ego is inflated seeing myself so high up in the hall of fame ūüėÖ) Such good times! Once again a big thanks to Bundeslang for running the compo for so long.
    Congrats to coloradoweeks! That's some saccharine Shimomura right there ūüėł
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to colorado weeks in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    so, shout out to Hemo and HoboKa letting me know on two separate occasions during MAGFest (sorry, the internet was bad!) that my silly little city pop romp won this round of PRC. thank y'all so much for the love! it was my first time attempting the genre for a track from a silly game that meant so much to me. i'm sending all of my love to you, suspended on silver wings! you all did such amazing tracks.
    i've been thinking about my winner's pick for quite a bit. while it was tempting to suggest another city pop-leaning piece (lookin' at you, hazure02!) i wanted something sentimental, something to spark inspiration while we're all feeling sentimental.
    my source pick is "the afternoon streets" from kingdom hearts, by Yoko Shimomura.
    midi download link (VGMusic): https://www.vgmusic.com/file/12681e383f82817929690513b1ea8f39.html
    hope to see you all around! keep making bangers!
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Unknown Pseudoartist in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Hey, it's sad to see this is the end for PRC. I'd really like to be involved more. On the other hand, these 472 compos full of cool stuff won't be in vain; that's a lot of stuff for everyone to enjoy forever, so thanks everyone for so much of good music!

    Also thanks a lot for the reviews! Some of these were unusually long and detailed, and it's helpful to have more opinions like that from people who really took the time to listen to everything with full attention. I'm glad some people even considered mine worth giving some vote considering you can vote only 3 songs. I'm used to get into the latest places in compos like DoD and PM so that's somewhat refreshing, and even more so since that was a solo work with no actual talented artists recruited haha. I'm aware that while often having good and interesting ideas for arrangements I still suck at mixing and I think of that work more as a unpolished demo than the actual finished product. In a future I might have someone playing guitars and flute and maybe more improvements in drums programming and backing synths so that will sound a lot better.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to APZX in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    @TheVideoGamer Yes, Annals of Neon was the remix I did specfically for this round. And yeah there are a few notes that are out, but it is entirely intentional. As I said in the summary I did a lot of subtle things with voicing changes throughout and I really wanted to put in some melancholic undertones to this and I felt that some slightly off kilter notes actually helped. I tried really hard to get a balance from the beginning, but I just couldn't get a good blend with the piano at the end so I ended up mixing this track back to front as it were. The middle section and I know a few others pointed it out, and @The Vodo√ļ Queen mentioned it too so here is a more indepth summary plus some of the technical notes.
    The idea I was trying to invoke here was sort of an introspective portion. I tried to imagine going back into some of the earliest and highly cherished memories would sort of sound like. That section is what I came up with. Partially inspired by the scene in Contact where the protagonist finds themselves on a dreamy beach. The crashing waves set much of the background ambiance. Like how memories don't often come back all at once, but in flashes or excuse the pun, waves. So, that is just a sample from somewhere on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Then I put two layers of kids playing at playgrounds mixed reasonably low level to try and place into frame that is section is about youth. And I just happened upon an excellent field recording of fairgrounds, and I just sort of used it for some more cacophony and highlighting. There are also only two synths here. A nice soft pad, if memory serves it is just Sylenth1's Meditation with an absurd amount of reverb. Then there is just an arp again bathed in reverb, something from a DX7, it might just be bells or such (I don't 100% remember).
    The transition to the entire section was done simply by decreasing the send level of the tracks to their respective buses, but then increasing the send level to the reverb & delay. For example the pre-delay on the reverb becomes very noticeable. The notion was to make it seem like one was slipping into their memories and the thunderclap was there really just for something to sort of mask the transition and be something to listen to other than hearing the sounds sort of fade into the abyss. The entire section is then mixed primarily into the reverb and then controlling the amount of dry send that goes into their buses. That is what gives it that feeling of distance and space. Coming out I used a simple sine lead, again drenched in reverb to blend it and pair that up with bringing in the regular piano using velocity. Really the inspiration for coming out of it is Jean MIchel Jarre's Ethnicolor. Glad folks enjoyed it! It was a ton of fun to work on and really pushed me into trying to communicate the vibe and thoughts I was going for here.
    Also, TVG Departing for the Unknown is pressed really hard up against a limiter. Unfortunately, this didn't make it past panel. Something about the ending and how it felt aimless despite that fact that was exactly what I was going for ūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ. Anyway, the original is in 3/4, but I tried to place it into 4/4 by doing some extension work. Not perhaps the best translation, but the sort of sloppiness of it is why I called it what it was. The off kilter nature really fed into the idea of about going off into an adventure sure and ready, but not being certain where or what that'd entail.
    Okay, enough about that stuff. AWESOME STUFF!!! And lets all give @Bundeslang a round of applause for running this compo for so long and really without much or any fanfare.
    Thank you Bundeslang for your digligence over the life of this compo. It will be missed.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Bundeslang in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Hall Of Fame:
    PRC Winners: 472 Editions
    TheVideoGamer (30 wins)
    OneUp (24 wins)
    PlanarianHugger, Rexy, S|r Nuts (17 wins)
    Hoboka (15 wins)
    Evktalo, Sggod89, The Orichalcon (11 wins)
    Showroom Dummy, Supercoolmike (10 wins)
    Bundeslang, Esperado (9 wins)
    Bladiator, DJ Mokram, Hylian Lemon, WassupThunder (8 wins)
    Dex, Gercr, Ichitootah, Souperion, Trism (7 wins)
    Chickenwarlord, , V___ (6 wins)
    APZX, FreakyT, GCJ, Hleet, NinjaPenguinDan, Setokaibracket (Hartbeat Acolyte) (5 wins)
    Alex Smith, Binweasel, Chalis, Emperor, Just64helpin, Nutritious, Opk, RoeTaKa (4 wins)
    Analoq, ArseAssassin, AxLR, Beckett007, Blak Omen, Cash, Dewey Newt, DrumJ8, Hemophiliac, JerryTerry, Jorito, Prophecy, TheoConfidor, Xsquader, Yami (3 wins)
    Amphibious, Andy Jayne, Chavous, DJ Siamey, Dudley Ghost, DZ Composer, DzejPi, Flurry of Flames, HarlemHeat360, Jeremy Robson, JH Sounds, Joystick, Kat, Less Ashamed of Selfs, Marcusg, MindWanderer, Mythril Nazgul, NintenJoe64, Starphoenix, Studionimbus.org, SubNormal J3, Theory of Nonexistence, TheVodouQueen, Thu, Toilet Goat, Txai, YorkshireLakeside, Zerothemaster (2 wins)
    0x25ec, Alfredofreak, Aluminum, Ambient, Anachromium, Anorax, Another Soundscap, Arcana, Aurelien Castel, Blakeingram, Blueenvy, Coloradoweeks Darkbrandflake11, DarkeSword, DimWiddy, Ding888Ding, Diotrans, Divinewrath, Dragonlord, Elsalluz, FiremanJoe, Flexstyle, Fxsnowy, Gario, Garpocalypse, General Slicer, Ghetto Lee Lewis, GrapplingHook, Grauw, Hetcenus, Hexen, Hollow, Inrade, Ivan Hakstock, JoxaDaii, Kapden, Kholdstare, Klevarkoopa, Lidawg, Majeliss, Mark Sparling, Moseph, MushroomSword, n0mad, Nasenmann, Necrox, NormallyRetro, Obtuse, Ophanin, OverCoat, Overkillius, Popoi, PriZm, Sadorf, Scott Peeples, Shido, Strike911, Tensei-San, Thomas Neil, Trenthian, Unknown Pseudoartist, Villainelle, YoshiBlade, Zackparrish, Zorrakh (1 win)
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Bundeslang in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    For the last time, it's results time
    Hopefully everything is counted correct (just added the voter bonus, assuming that nobody voted twice for the same song or for his own song, the winner is clear.
    The final last wooden spoons go to Evktalo, Silverpool64, BRKPNT, Jorito and (again) BRKPNT without any points.
    The 18th place is for both Sadorf and Treyt with two points.
    8 Songs tie for 10th place: AlchemicJay, TheVodouQueen, Jorito, Wassup Thunder, Unknown Pseudoartist, (again) AlchemicJay, JH Sounds and AZPX with 3 points
    The 6th place is for Hemophiliac, Yami, Bundeslang and HoboKa with 4 points.
    The fourth place is for Souperion and HarlemHeat360 with 6 points.
    Third place is for TheVideoGamer with 7 points.
    XPZA got second place with 10 points.
    And the winner of PRC472 is Coloradoweeks with 23 points.
    Congratulations Coloradoweeks, even if I miscalculed half of the votes you are still in the winner of the final PRC round. Well deserved, and close to an unanimous win. You still may pick a source but it will not be used for a further PRC. You can send it to me by PM or just post it in this thread. Some followers might reward your win with a remix, or I might organise a special round somewhere in the future.
    Even tough Coloradoweeks is the winner of this round, I think we all have won this one. A fantastic amount of remixes resulting in the end of PRC. Big thanks to all remixers, voters and listeners, the OC Remix and ThaSauce Community
    http://sites.google.com/site/bambombim/prc for all rounds and winners.
    https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/prc472 for the votes and comments.
    If anyone is interested in any old PRC songs, I have them somewhere so I can share them if there is any interest. Everything from PRC94 and later is at the ThaSauce site.
    This is the end of PRC, but not from my visits to OC Remix. I Will Return (but not as PRC host).
    Thank You
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to The Vodo√ļ Queen in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    I just put mine through... xD
    ...4.5 hrs consumed in listening to everyone's stuff and giving some substantial review to each... D:
    HOWEVER--all of them were WELL worth the listen. :) ‚ô•
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Bundeslang in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    We don't have that much votes, so I give another week to vote. New and final voting deadline January 17th.
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    TheVideoGamer got a reaction from The Vodo√ļ Queen in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Wow 24 entries. This is the most i've ever seen in a remix based compo. Voting is....gonna take a while lol.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to AxLR in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    I'm sorry I was so busy these last times that I couldn't have time to submit my vote.

    Y'all made such great entries. It was nice to compete with you guys for one last time.

    Good luck !
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to AlchemicJay in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Ah, thank you. I appreciate it. Got lost in the holidays. Quite a large round haha!
    Ok, voted! Phew, that was alot of great music. I enjoyed listening to all of them, it's great to hear creations of people honing their craft. Best of luck everyone and Happy New Year!
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Bundeslang in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Welcome to the voting stage
    The mixing stage is over. This round has 24 songs.
    To vote, do the following:
    Visit https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC472 and listen to all the entries
    Scroll to the form at the bottom of the screen or click PM.
    Fill in the entries from first to third in the ThaSauce form or fill in your top 3.
    State a reasoning for it.
    Participants are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. They get a 3 point bonus, but they are not allowed to vote for their own track.
    Always look in this thread to find out who's the winner of the round after the voting stage instead of only looking at ThaSauce for the results.
    You have until Wednesday January 17th 2024 10:59 AM ThaSauce time (11:00 UTC, 12:00 GMT) to vote. One week extra to vote, this will be the final deadline.
    If you vote by PM make sure that your top 3 is clear. I prefer something like this:
    PRC 472 Vote
    1: (remixer A )
    2: (remixer B )
    3: (remixer C )
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Bundeslang in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Uploaded the second songs by AlchemicJay, AxLR (BRKPNT) and Jorito.
    Voting will start tomorrow and end at January 10th 2024.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to AxLR in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Same, you can find mine in the thread.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Unknown Pseudoartist in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    I have a couple of WIPs I started this month and was considering to submit as bonus/alt entries, but I hesitated to do because, unlike the one I already submitted, these weren't done with PRC in mind but more like "I got the inspiration to start this and gonna do it", so that'd feel like I'm spamming the site for merely self-promo purposes. Still since I see the compo is open again I might consider sending them today, tho.

    I also hesitated to recruit artists (instrument performers specfically) in my track because, for what I see, nearly all tracks are solo projects done by one single artist. But just seeing/listening to Vodou Queen's track and the awesome musicians involved and that sounds real nice :)
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Jorito in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    You can find mine 3 posts above yours :)
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Bundeslang in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Voting starts soon. If anyone had problems with uploading a (second) entry please post a download link in this thread so that I can add them. To wait for that, voting starts in a few days and will probably take two weeks.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to AxLR in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Voting already? It feels like time passes too quickly.

    Btw some of us added a second entry but it seems that they weren't added.

    G'd luck to y'all !
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to APZX in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    19 entries to sort through? Like, I mean I already wrote down my thoughts as this progressed. But picking only three? I don't know even know how to approach the voting on this one lol. Honestly? it almost feels wrong to even vote such is the nature of this particular PRC.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Jorito in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    I wanted to submit a for-fun bonus track, but turns out ThaSauce doesn't allow me to. So here it is, again... just for fun.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to H36T in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    I also got something in albeit an older tune. Like Hemo said, this has been such a great place for learning and I can't believe all the progress I made through this compo and mnp. Every piece I've gotten into accepted into OCR at this point has gone through either MnP or PRC. I hope in the future, we have other things for new artists that will be as influential to them as PRC has been to me. Thanks for all the hard work guys!
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Hemophiliac in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Got a last minute entry in.
    This compo was a great learning ground for me when I was first getting started.  I'm grateful that I had the compo as a means to experiment and get feedback as a new arranger.  Knowing that it this was coming to a close, I had to do something even if it is small.
    Thank you to @Bundeslang, @Doulifée, @Rexy and anyone else I may be forgetting who ran PRC at some point.
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to The Vodo√ļ Queen in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Mine's in... :)
    Original plan didn't completely pan out...but seemingly this holiday season, quite a bit has been a lil' fucky-wucky on my side of the aisle. :|
    But something was indeed done, despite all that.
    Uh...happy rest of the holidays, ladies and gents. ‚ô• Speak soon. :D
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    TheVideoGamer reacted to Jorito in PRC Final - The Last PRC Round (Free Round)   
    Subbed a simple chiptune cover myself, I needed an excuse to try this new Furnace Tracker anyway ;)
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