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  1. more like calm down ben and AWEEESOMOMMEEE I'm so fuckin excited
  2. I think the question that's going to be on everyone's mind is: can we just have a zip of these tracks immediately? like, if you're busy which is totally ok, I WILL DO IT MYSELF SEND ME THE LINKS ANY OF US WILL DO IT WE WILL FIND A WAY
  3. holy shit I only have an hour and 45 minutes to polish this um brb
  4. DRUNKEN 16 BAR LIMIT METHOD endorsed by Main Finger
  5. clockin in at just over 3 minutes with a solid solo section and outro yummy.
  6. hah you just keep getting better and better this is badass! edit: I take that back. this is motherfucking AMAZING still on the first track
  7. thanks to this awesome remix I am now playing through this AWESOME GAME!!
  8. I will be sending in my song on sheet music to be performed by an orchestra
  9. I'm pretty sure he just altered the game code to transpose the instruments up or down a few half steps
  10. this song is the greatest moment of my life edit: "master edition fucked the music up on purpose to annoy you and mess yu up in the level" now I want this romhack
  11. I normally would be, but I just got WAY too excited about this competition hahaha
  12. I worked on my track for 14 hours straight yesterday good luck to Xenon Odyssey and everyone, by the way!
  13. I do not have time to read this thread at work, but I absolutely would love to help write new remixes for this awesome awesome awesome mod just wanted to express my interest in the general idea... I'll get down to reading this whole thread later tonight and also what Phonetic hero said.
  14. so I just checked the dates... and... I get to start tomorrow?? and the robotnik bracket starts on my birthday??? HOW CAN I BE MORE EXCITED HOW
  15. aww, our team's picture is so full of brotherly love snake man looks like he's having fun :3
  16. fun fact: this song actually samples the original game music track! not something you usually see in an ocremix ;D congrats to drew on the album release, and a big thank you for letting me help out!
  17. quoted for emphasis super excited to get started on this shittt
  18. this song moved me changed me forever
  19. yoshi's story for clarity this game falls under the category of least satisfying
  20. nahhh, then I wouldn't be able to make a themed remix album with my tracks ;D
  21. after I beat diddy kong racing I felt that I no longer needed to beat another game in my life
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