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  1. congratulations Jordan! truly a worthy opponent good luck in the rest of the competition everyone!
  2. halc subbed his track already and he don't even know it yet
  3. well, the only remixes of mine that are available as lossless are all of my album tracks and Spoiled R0tt3n you made it sound like you've already got all of those, so I guess that's it. my older songs' project files are LOOOONG gone
  4. if it is any consolation, I've tried to include it in both of my entries so far, but with very little success. any time I get it to fit in, I have to change so many notes that it's no longer recognizable. it IS a very pretty melody, but it's hard to retain it without also retaining its original chord progression well, I mean, willrock could do it.
  5. I've submitted my track, but I'm currently about to replace the file with a better mastered version. I will send you another PM with the proper link
  6. "almost done" is not a phrase I would use to describe my remix stocking up on red bull, powerade, potato chips, and cigarettes... excited to hear how you combined these two awesome source tunes Jordan
  7. that's pretty much what I'm gonna be doing tonight
  8. I have a cat and a dog they are shitty in the sense that sometimes they shit
  9. in 48 hours I have not slept nor have I started my remix this is worth mentioning for some reason
  10. I mean, if the original mp3 was 320k and you re-encoded it at 320k as well, the quality loss is negligible so I wouldn't worry about it unless the original file was 192k or something, in which case you should at the very least re-encode at 320k to minimize quality loss whatevah
  11. unless you re-encoded it to a lossless format there will be a loss of quality from double encoding not tryin to be a know-it-all or anything, but it's a useful fact for any musician
  12. Sir nuts what the hell happened i am saddened as fuck
  13. so excited to start mixing and then listening and then voting and then waiting and then mixing and then listening and then voting and then
  14. now I feel dirty for thinking about it edit: haha, nice vote nonamer ;D
  15. hey, you read my post correctly, btw. I ninja edited it right before you posted

    I did originally think I only had 45 minutes for some reason

  16. APPARENTLY, nintendo doesn't even sell licenses for their music. it's not something they offer. so even something as high-profile as ZELDASTEP has made it 2 full years without so much as a cease-and-desist letter. that dude made a LOT. of money on zelda step.
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